Lenovo L5 Review: Ideal projector for playing almost anything

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Lenovo is a firm that has released good products, although it has also left us with others, however, we consider it to be a reliable brand. It seems that they want to enter more into the projector market, therefore, they have been releasing new models, which seem attractive to us due to their performance and cost. Today we will analyze what the Lenovo L5 includes, an interesting option for those who want to project their favorite content at an acceptable quality. Obviously we will also mention the negative points.

Exterior design of the Lenovo L5

It could have a better design, however, it maintains details that can make it look good

Apparently its appearance does not stand out too much , since it offers an aesthetic similar to that of other models that were not considered very attractive either, however, a good placement can make this projector offer a more striking view no matter where we are.

To begin with, we have a silver-colored chassis that makes it striking and not exactly for beauty, but for the strength of its shine . However, we noticed that it can offer a good integration in the room or room where it is placed, since it ends up generating a better presence.

It is not a portable projector, in fact, it has a total weight of 2.2 kg, which may seem little, however, when moving it for a certain time, it becomes tiring . In terms of size, it is not very large and can even fit well in a backpack to carry it in case of an emergency.

Of course, we must be careful when moving it, since its construction materials do not seem to be so resistant . In general terms, we have a simple design that if we know how to take advantage of it, we can combine it with certain aspects, thus we manage to generate a more elegant environment.


Now let’s talk about the connections offered by this model, which generate interest for how useful they turn out to be. To begin with, we have two USB 2.0 that we can use to connect mobile hard drives, which we can use to play external content.

We also have two HDMI that will be the most used, since they allow us to connect external devices and send their signal to the projector, for example, computers, laptops, consoles and players, in addition, they offer high definition so as not to lose quality in the transmission.

Other equally striking physical connections are AV for video and its output for audio. In the wireless theme we find the most valuable options of the moment, which makes this projector have a plus. Here we have Wi-Fi to use the internet and Bluetooth for devices.

Projection quality and functions in general

The Lenovo L5 seeks to have a balance when projecting content regardless of the source of origin, therefore, it offers a resolution at 1080P, obviously it will also be capable of playing at 720P. Both definitions allow us to see sharp images with finer details .

Although we prefer to use 1080P mostly, as if that were not enough, it has four-corner correction that avoids distorted or crooked images that we have seen in other models. This way we get better optimized scenes , yes, the experience will not be so incredible.

And this is due in part to its brightness of 650 ANSI lumens, which is acceptable, however, in very dark or bright environments it can lose quality , therefore, we must find a place where this issue is not a problem or condition the room to take advantage of to the maximum the projector.

As for the colors, we notice that these are vivid and intense, which makes the projection slightly more realistic. Something similar happens with the contrast that seeks to be deeper. In general terms we have an acceptable quality , although it is clear that it could be better.


We appreciate that they integrate a speaker, which tries to provide good quality audio, however, we must accept that its power is not the best and can even be considered a negative point. Since for demanding content it does not have the necessary strength . Despite this, it can be an acceptable sound if we use the projector in a more personal way. Otherwise it is best to buy a sound bar.

Analysis of the software / Smart TV and more notable features

The Lenovo L5 has some extra features that can come in handy to get more out of it. To begin with, the most interesting thing is that it works with Android 9.0 , therefore, we will be able to use some features of this system without having to connect an external device.

All we have to do is connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, so we can control popular applications such as Netflix , Prime Video , YouTube , Spotify , Disney+ . Star+ or HBO Max . In addition, we find a good optimization thanks to the processor that it includes.

Which is part of Huawei and bears the name of Hisilicon, this is a new bet for future projectors, and so far it has given good results. Likewise, we can transmit content from our smartphone or other devices . It also includes the Office suite.

Lenovo L5: Pros and Cons



  • connectivity
  • acceptable projection
  • Some enhancement features
  • Android 9.0
  • Price


  • Design
  • Sound



Make model Lenovo L5
kind of product single chip LCD projector
processor type MSD6A358ATG
Internal memory 8GB EMMC
Wifi yes, 2.4
system version Android 9.0
Bluetooth yes, 2.4
Resolution 1920×1080
projection method
  • desktop front
  • back desk
  • hanging front
  • hanging rear
protection lens Optically coated glass lens
focus method manual focus
aspect resolution 4:3 / 16:9
Projector Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 110 x 260 x 230mm
Weight 2.2kg
Screen size 35″ – 150″
Projection distance 1.28 – 4.89m
light type leds
Light source life 20,000 hours
  • USB2.0
  • HDMI (high definition)
  • AV (video)
  • Audio output
  • Ethernet