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Optoma ML1050ST: Convenient Pocket-size projector

The first of these conditions is to come from a reputable manufacturer, which, incidentally, does not have standards that would be an obstacle to the presentation of such a product. How many times have we seen advertised portable projectors, small in size, that can accompany us everywhere and play content from the usual sources and from the smartphone? The cost of such products is very low and their performance is indulgently controversial. If you have ever seen such a projector, then you know exactly what we mean.

Let’s see now what the Optoma ML1050ST offers and why it differs. Its size is literally tiny, such that it does not predispose to the performance that it can and does offer. The use of reflective chip -DLP with single DMD, 1280 × 800- for the creation of the image, enables the compression of the size and at the same time allows to achieve those characteristics in the image that can be considered as a basis for the development of a durable general purpose projector.

Basic of this projector is the integration of Ultra Short Throw lens that makes it possible to project an image with a diagonal of 100 “from a distance of 1.7m, while from a distance of 1m it creates a 60” image. Almost anything can be used as a source, as the ML1050ST has HDMI, with MHL support for smartphone playback, USB port for USB stick connection, memory card reader, VGA input and audio output to mini-jack. Of course, the projector incorporates a media player for playing the material as well as an office viewer for playing slides. Optionally, the LM105OST can stream content wirelessly over a local area network by adding an Optoma USB wireless adapter and using the HDCast Pro app.

At the office

The basic use of the Optoma ML1050ST is professional. Comes standard with a special case that includes the necessary power supply for its operation. The weight of the projector is 420 gr and the total weight, together with the power supply does not exceed the 0.5 kg. The Optoma has taken care for the ease of use, the speed of “installation” – practical, plug ‘n’ play – and the reliability. The ML1050ST can start operating immediately, by connecting it to the power supply, as well as disconnecting it, without damage. This is achieved by using an LED light source that does not require cooling and is supported by the overall engineering of the projector. It is worth noting that the projector can operate without problems on a 24-hour basis.

At home

If a professional product can easily be used for home entertainment, why not? Of course, it is understandable that the two worlds are difficult to “match”, that’s why some compromises must be made. They are therefore made in the home nature of the projector, which a few minutes after its ignition has reached its maximum brightness, which, according to the manufacturer, is 1,000 nits

The latter is sufficient to display content in a dark environment, or even in an almost dark environment. The built-in loudspeaker, the size of the projector, its brightness and the ease of transport that it displays, make it suitable for indoors and outdoors use in summer, in the countryside, on vacation, where it can replace the small screen of a low-cost TV with bigger picture.

Τhe compatibility with 24p content ensures that downloads from the USB stick are displayed correctly, without “back and forth” in the motion. The brightness of the projector is impressive for its size and sufficient for the uses we have described. Not by absolute criteria, but by relative, based on the use and type of the device, the colours are characterized by vibrancy. We emphasize that the description of grey is very satisfying – always based on the type of the device. As one might expect, absolute black does not exist here, as the main goal is adequate brightness. But the balance in performance across the entire brightness range is what dominates and ultimately satisfies the viewer.


Things are simple and clear regarding the Optoma ML1050ST. If you are tempted by the various gadgets called “pocket projectors” that are offered from time to time, then you must forget them. Because if you need a small, truly portable, projector that can reproduce material from any source, including your smartphone, there is only one thing to do. The only smart and cost-effective move is to pay some extra money for the ML1050ST and you will get a product that will be useful to you in a non-negligible range of applications, from the office to the improvised cinema in the country house.

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