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Optoma X343e Review: Packed with a variety of features

If you are looking for an ideal projector quality to create presentations without any effort, Optoma surprises us with a tool that seems perfect for these types of needs. We are talking about the Optoma X343e that is said to be designed for meetings and classrooms. So, its main focus is work-based, although it can be used for more actions.

Obviously it will not be the most powerful we can get in the current market, however, it seems to us that it is well balanced with the price at which it is sold . Especially considering that it adds some features of use that we can take advantage of quite well. Without further comment for now we are going to learn more about what it really offers.


Attractive design that offers us the highest elegance regardless of its position

An interesting look that looks good in any location, especially because of the black color that covers the entire projector case . As if that were not enough, its size also helps to receive an attractive aesthetic that adapts to any surface and is maintained from any angle. Without a doubt, this is the most remarkable thing we find in this team.

If we look at it from the front, we will see that a simple elaboration is implemented that leaves us only a lens with an average size, which stands out a bit, but maintains its good appearance at all times . At the top we find some buttons to control the projector, which are well arranged.

The back part gives us a view of the connectors that we can use, the good thing is that they are well ordered and the good appearance is maintained. Regarding the size, it seems normal , likewise, with its weight . This allows it to be a bit compact and easily carried in a backpack. The only negative is its building materials.


The necessary connectors are included to make good use of this equipment. Here we can highlight that it has an HDMI 1.4 port that is essential to connect the devices that are used most frequently. We would have liked a version 2.0 for more accurate performance. There is also a USB 2.0 that offers us the possibility of transmitting multimedia content from an external memory or disk.

We have other physical options that will suit you in the same way, for example, its audio input and output for PC . There is also a composite video input which can be useful in some cases. We regret that a VGA port is not available, which for these products is more necessary, since there are certain devices that do not support HDMI. Another downside we found is the lack of wireless features like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Projection quality

The Optoma X343e presents an acceptable quality with its XGA (1024 x 768) that will try to give us images with clarity and with a greater number of details. Something that we can highlight about this model is that it seeks to deliver surprising colors , especially if what we will do most frequently are the presentations that will look powerful.

The same is true of the lessons that are routinely given in schools. This is because this projector tries to provide us with reliable performance of the right colors for any content and environment. The sRGB will have accurate colors so that the images achieve greater realism and we enjoy impressive presentations.

Another thing that we cannot miss is that a superior contrast is achieved that adds greater depth thanks to its high contrast. This is usually a bit better than what is offered by the competition . This model seeks to provide us with brighter whites and ultra-rich blacks, so what we see will be seen in a sharper tone.


We are grateful that we have integrated a speaker that gives us a total power of 10W which is not bad at all, especially if we consider that other models offer a lower quality. It is clear that it will not be an ideal sound to enjoy movies or video games , however, if you have the strength indicated to include music or sounds to the work.

In case we want a more precise audio, it is advisable to acquire a sound bar that gives us what is really needed for a good level multimedia experience. Currently there are very cheap options that may suit you . Improvement technologies are obviously not included, so there is no extra help.

More important features you should know

It is a projector with various characteristics that end up being totally useful in frequent use

The Optoma X343e includes some extra features that add more value to its operation. For example, we have the ability to project in Full 3D. Its Eco + function tries to offer us the highest possible contrast with considerable energy savings, thus we achieve a longer duration for the lamp without losing quality .

Other features are the quick restart which is ideal when the projector is accidentally turned off. We also have direct ignition, that is, it will turn on instantly when power is supplied. Likewise, we can turn off the projector directly from the electrical network. Finally, you have the 24/7 operation .

  • Colorful design
  • Good projection quality
  • Various shutdown options
  • Contains some cool features
  • Ideal for work
  • No wireless features
  • Sound a little low
  • Price


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