Philips PicoPix MAX Review: Portable Home theater with this mini projector

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The projectors continue to surprise us, since years ago they were used only to make presentations or some activities that were more focused on work or school, however, over time more equipment models have come out to the extent that there are currently models that they can compete with televisions in terms of performance. Today we will talk about Philips , a firm that has been taking out interesting equipment for some time, especially for its quality and its cost.

On this occasion we bring you the analysis of the Philips PicoPix MAX , a mini-projector that may seem simple, however, it offers us striking functions that we want to know more about in detail.

Philips PicoPix MAX exterior design

Despite its size, it offers us an interesting design that fits well in any environment

We are surprised to find a nice appearance even though they did not have much to work on due to the dimensions of this equipment. We can see an elegant projector thanks to its black chassis that generates a better presence, which is maintained from any angle .

It does not have a minimalist style, however, with a good placement we can enjoy a more striking appearance , in addition, due to its size we can place it wherever we want without it getting in the way at all, although we recommend an adequate placement.

This means giving it a correct space so that it can also offer a good projection. Another benefit is that it ends up being a fairly portable device that we can take with us wherever we want , in fact, its weight is only 0.85 kg, that is, not even a kilo.

Therefore, its transport is very simple, yes, we must be careful, since it does not seem to have very resistant construction materials . In the back we will find the available connectors and on the sides we will see the ventilation slots.


Only the necessary connections are included, therefore, we will have few ports, although it is normal considering how little space there is. Here we have an HDMI that is surely the most used, since it allows us to connect external devices and send their signal to the projector.

It also offers a Micro SD that is used to play content that we have saved on a card of the same type. Its USB-C can be used to charge the projector, although it also allows us to play video, so we have two very important functions for this equipment.

This mini projector will work with Wi-Fi to have the option of connecting to the internet from a distance. Another option found in its Bluetooth 5.0 that is very useful for us to connect an external speaker, which we recommend, since the included sound is not that good.

Projection quality and functions in general

The Philips PicoPix MAX has a Full HD resolution that we consider acceptable to enjoy practically any content, as if that were not enough, we can reach a screen of up to 120″ without losing much quality. Thus we enjoy more precise and profound details .

Of course, we must be careful with very dark or bright environments, since these can cause a significant loss of quality. The 120″ that we mentioned can be achieved about two meters from the wall , which surprises us due to the power of its lens.

With this we can enjoy a movie almost the size of the screen offered by theaters. As if that were not enough, we noticed that the image is sharp with smooth movements , which is perfect for content with more action or sports that usually have faster scenes.

Likewise, we obtain more vivid colors with adequate optimization, so we will see more precise details. Its projection is supported by some settings that you should know , since some can be adjusted. Among the most interesting we have an automatic focus.

This function avoids sudden movements that harm the projection of the content, likewise, we have digital zoom and automatic keystone correction that offers us a better image regardless of the place. Let’s not forget that it includes its own media player .


We appreciate that you have taken the trouble to integrate two speakers, which offer a total power of 8W . However, it is not enough audio to clearly hear our content, therefore, it ends up being its weakest point. Also, it doesn’t include any enhancements to make the end experience better, so we prefer to use its Bluetooth to connect a soundbar or wireless headset.

Other interesting features of this mini projector

It might seem that it is a basic projector, however, it has features that make it very interesting

We find it very interesting that the Philips PicoPix MAX includes Android, a very complete system that stands out for its catalog of applications. Of course, the most popular ones are already pre-installed, although if you want you can download other options thanks to its 16 GB of storage.

Another benefit that we find is the possibility of connecting your mobile devices , such as tablets, smartphones and even computers wirelessly to duplicate and share any content. It is important to mention that it also works with IOS and Mac.

This mini projector has a built-in battery that can last up to three hours depending on the use and the demand that we give it. Also, we noticed that it includes a touch screen to easily navigate through the user interface. We can play by connecting a controller or keyboard wirelessly.

Philips PicoPix MAX: Pros and Cons



  • Portable
  • connectivity
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0
  • acceptable projection
  • Android
  • Touch screen
  • content streaming


  • Be careful in very dark environments
  • speaker power
  • Price



Make model Philips PicoPixMAX
display technology DLP
native resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Supported Resolution 4K
four corner correction Yes
Screen size (diagonal) 30″ – 120″
Screen distance 31″ – 126″
Integrated media player Yes
Operating system Android
Internal memory 16 GB
  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB-C
  • HDMI
  • Micro SD
Sound 2 x 4W (Watts)
Projector Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 47.5 x 136 x 134mm
Content / Accessories
  • Remote control
  • travel case
  • Tripod
  • Warranty card
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power adapter
Weight 0.85kg