Gauss Smart Light Review: Very convenient and very addictive

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- Jonas Müller

Smart home penetrates into our lives from everywhere. Speakers, personal assistants – literally every manufacturer has tried himself in this area. Let’s say you made up your mind. Where to begin? For example, from the light. It’s simple, convenient and not expensive.

Seemingly ordinary, but smart on the inside

Despite their functionality, such bulbs do not differ in appearance from ordinary lighting devices. The same E14 or E27 base, the same device – the magic will begin later. What made me happy was the weight of the bulbs. Even the most advanced with RGBW color space coverage weighs no heavier than the classic options. My previous smart light bulb could not boast of such a thing, which all the time led to the overweight of the lamp. There is no such thing here. In general, if you do not have the opportunity to adjust the light bulb, at first you can use it anyway, just screw it in and … voila. There is light.

All the power in the app

The clear WiZ Connected app can be written as a separate plus for the Gauss bulbs. Firstly, the setup is intuitive and quick – you create a room, turn on the light bulb, the smartphone looks for it for exactly a minute and connects. Secondly, the program interface is simple and logical – your devices are displayed in the selected room, for each of which you can adjust the brightness and temperature of the light, activate a certain mode (“Party”, “New Year”, “Halloween”) or set a specific color, if the bulb allows it. In the settings, you can change the name of the device and the speed of its switching on and off. With the settings, as they say, “out of the box”, the light goes out slowly, taking about five seconds of your time. I lowered this value to 0.25 seconds and enjoy life.

In the WiZ Connected app, you can also activate Vacation Mode, which will turn on the lights in the room on a schedule every day to simulate your presence. I’m not the only one who remembered Home Alone at this point? The program also allows you to set up “Scenes” – a procedure that will be triggered by a voice command. For example, saying “Siri, turn on the first scene” will light up the kitchen, and “Scene 2”, in turn, will mean the hall. Gauss bulbs support smart homes not only from Google and Amazon, but also from the more common Yandex. This is useful for voice commands – you can, for example, say “Alice, turn on the light in the kitchen,” and it will light up there. Synchronization with Apple devices is carried out through “Commands”, which, in general, is also quite convenient, given that


There are simple, complex and colored

Gauss smart luminaires can now replace almost all lighting in the house, since ordinary and filament lamps, smart tape, recessed and wall-ceiling lamps are available … Interestingly, all this variety gets along well with each other and is controlled from one smartphone.

Having received various light bulbs, I was able to completely transform the usual understanding of lighting in myself. For example, by combining two colors, you can set any mood. Red and Green – Happy New Year! Blue and red are Jedi and Sith. Purple and pink – la romance. That is, the company’s slogan “Control the light – control the inspiration” is not accidental, since different lighting can create a particular atmosphere. Here I would like to separately mention the number of presets built into the application, which is surprising. Basically, you don’t even need to slide your finger across the color map to do what I’ve listed – you just scroll through the list with modes: candles, sunset, greenhouse … there are dozens of them. Dynamic modes created in Paris by lighting experts take you to different corners of the world.

If you’re not a fan of parties and color music, Gauss has bulbs for you too. These can be either filament versions with a 360 degree dispersion angle and a beautiful design, as well as ordinary LED lamps. They allow you to adjust the brightness and temperature of the lighting. Surprisingly, even these parameters are enough to create a mood. However, I found myself using minimal brightness and warm tones more often. In this mode, the light bulb creates a pleasant atmospheric light that does not bother with its presence. Cold tones, in turn, help me wake up in the morning. A similar system operates in the new cars of the Moscow metro – in the morning the light in the cars is cold, in the evening it is warm.


Recall after two weeks of use



  • Easy to set up and even easier to use.
  • Integration with popular smart homes.
  • Pleases a huge number of preset modes.
  • Cool modes that simulate natural light sources.
  • If you wish, you can choose the color yourself.
  • There are interesting features like Vacation mode.


  • Addictive.
  • There may be a desire to transfer the whole house to such bulbs.


Smart bulbs are a thing from the future that you can try now. You quickly get used to controlling the light from the bed through an app or voice, changing the color according to a mood or an event and, in the end, not thinking about whether you forgot to turn off the light when leaving the house or not. I am especially pleased with the opportunity to install a light bulb in each room and get full control over the light in your home. In this respect, the Gauss Smart Home has proven itself to be a no-compromise option with a wide variety of models that will cover the needs of most users. All the devices of the manufacturer boast excellent brightness, a huge number of preset modes and an understandable, but still functional application.

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