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- Jonas Müller

Xiaomi smartphones are subdivided into “shoved into this mobile phone all the functions that are possible” a more expensive MI-series, and “most of the characteristics are maximum, but we have cut some of the parameters that are not important to anyone” – cheaper “anti-crisis” Redmi. You may be surprised, but the picture is the same with Xiaomi vacuum cleaners – Roidmi as a more expensive series, and Dreame as anti-crisis models. And we tested the coolest model of these same “Redmi from vacuum cleaners” – Xiaomi Dreame V11.

A cordless vacuum cleaner is more convenient than a wired one, a vertical vacuum cleaner is more convenient than a conventional one, a container vacuum cleaner is more convenient than a bag vacuum cleaner, and this is already an axiom. And how high-quality cleaning can a cordless hand-stick provide, and not tiresome to use it? It depends on the specific model, so you can’t understand without testing. We have just the right model for testing – the “anti-crisis flagship” Xiaomi Dreame, in which, at least, the implementation should not be sad, as in the similarly priced (already lower class due to the extra charge) vacuum cleaners of leading brands of household appliances.

Well, let’s arrange a “dream” (Dream in translation from English means exactly that) a test drive.

The suction pipe is removable, any nozzle can be put on not only on it, but also on the body of the vacuum cleaner, turning it into a portable one. But it’s one thing – excellent external data (the similarity with Dyson models is not hidden) and the declared functionality, the other is the feeling of technology in the hands: it rarely fails. The materials are of high quality, the assembly is in order, the nozzle change system is convenient: large buttons are easy to press, nozzles can be removed and installed without the slightest effort – it is impossible to injure your finger or break your nails. A trifle, but useful. But in the details, everything is good, we must admit.

The model is light, but not so much as to suspect a cheap “filling”: the body without attachments weighs 2.4 kg. When installing the suction pipe and the main nozzle (1.5 kg more), there is no strong increase in weight. The fact is that the nozzle, thanks to the automatic rotation of the roller built into it, moves forward and as if pulls the user with it: the vacuum cleaner goes by itself, and you just follow it, the hand is strained minimally. The vacuum cleaner is turned on with a trigger button, which must be held: this allows you to economically consume battery power, because the vacuum cleaner turns off if you are distracted from cleaning. However, if you want to unload the brush, you can select the continuous cleaning mode and you do not need to hold down the button. This variability is very pleasing. Because saving, of course, is a great thing, but you definitely should not break your fingers on a vacuum cleaner for such money.

Secret signs

There is a small digital display on the case, which displays the main operating parameters: suction modes (minimum, medium – eco, maximum – turbo), charge level, as well as self-diagnostic signals: battery overheating, clogged air duct, the need to replace the filter and clean the brush, etc. There is an electronic lock button for switching to continuous cleaning mode and back, it is also used to restart the filter. You can choose the language of “communication” with the vacuum cleaner.

Park and charge

The charger is a power adapter and cable that plugs into the socket on both the vacuum cleaner body and the wall-mounted docking station. It is convenient: the vacuum cleaner is not tied to it, it can be charged wherever there is an outlet. The parking station itself is a wildly convenient thing: it compactly accommodates both the vacuum cleaner and all the attachments, and again – no effort when installing, connecting, disconnecting the attachments and the vacuum cleaner.

A full charge takes 4 hours, but half an hour is enough for a short cleaning. There is a warning in the instructions: if the engine is very hot, the device may not start charging immediately. This is exactly what happens: if you vacuum only in turbo mode, use up the charge and immediately put the device on the base, then within a few minutes the display shows 0%. Don’t be scared: after a few minutes, charging starts.

Vacuum everything

That is why the sticks were created: to vacuum at home, in the car, in the summerhouse, books, a computer, all kinds of cracks, furniture tops, the floor and even the ceiling.

Xiaomi Dreame V11 package contents

The “feature” of this model is the main nozzle, in which the main work is done not by a turbo brush, but by a roller covered with a soft high-tech material. Its purpose is to pick up the smallest dust and direct it to the suction port, which it does: vacuuming small debris from spilled cat litter to seasoning from a torn bag: not a trace. But the soft roller cannot “comb through” the carpet, so it is ideal for only hard floors and smooth surfaces (spoiler: we also tried this nozzle on the carpet – on turbo mode, the debris is sucked in, and if there is no absolutely hellish pollution, then the result is quite arranges). In addition, the nozzle rotates 180 degrees, so it fits easily under furniture with low legs. There is a nuance: it is not very convenient to move this nozzle chaotically or back and forth: it is much more convenient and efficient,

The second nozzle is a motorized brush for cleaning mattresses from ticks – it is also a mini turbo brush: for cleaning upholstered furniture from pet hair. He copes well with the latter: the cat, whose fur we borrowed for the experiment, also approved, especially because the vacuum cleaner can vacuum quietly – for example, at low speed. And to collect wool, it is enough. As for cleaning the mattress from microscopic dust mites, it is difficult to assess the result visually. But the tip does vibrate a lot, which, combined with the turbo mode, should help knock out and remove these common allergy culprits.

The third nozzle is “2 in 1”: slotted and for cleaning appliances: if the laptop keyboard, radiators and the back grill of the refrigerator could speak, they would say “thank you”.

The fourth is also a double nozzle, it can be used with and without bristles: walk on shelves with books, drawers, collect crumbs from the table, etc.

In addition to the nozzles, there is a flexible adapter that allows you to attach the nozzle so that you can vacuum high-positioned surfaces, cornices, cabinet tops, etc. To say that it is very, straightforward in general is convenient and allows you to remove all the dust from there, it would be a hoax, but to maintain the normal state of such zones is quite. In addition, the flexible adapter comes in handy for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

But what is definitely very convenient is to vacuum the walls and corners above, as well as the ceiling: after returning to the country house, this is what you need. In ten minutes, collecting the web, which was previously swept away with a broom (God forbid, come to this again!) Is very cool. The center of gravity of the vacuum cleaner is shifted to the handle, so the brush is strained to a minimum, and lifting and holding the vacuum cleaner for a short time on an outstretched arm is not that tiring at all, but with regular use … it forms a beautiful line of hands.

Getting rid of garbage

In a couple of turbo cleanings and one eco cleaning, the container was full. It opens by pressing a button, after which the garbage should be in the bucket (of course, if you substitute it!). Should, but we didn’t succeed the first time. Don’t be like us – greedy and lazy users who were reluctant to shake out the trash after every cleaning and who didn’t immediately see the maximum allowable fill level icon. Well, what – after all, the container is almost full, and the vacuum cleaner continues to suck as it is: the power does not drop! It means more and more! Only now the dust and debris were compressed too much and did not want to fall out. Well, the trees! .. We got ready to photograph the process and the result! It is a pity that there is no magic wand in the kit to remove the trash in case of a bout of laziness from the user.

The next shaking out of debris took place normally – they simply did not allow the MAX mark on the dust collector to be exceeded.


The washable exhaust air filter is a cylinder, the inner part of which is made of foam rubber, and the outer part is a HEPA filter that traps the smallest particles and does not allow them to return to the room. The filter can be easily removed and installed, after washing it must be allowed to dry for 24 hours, as warned by the inscription on its frame.


Dust collection Cyclonic
Battery Li-ion, rechargeable, non-removable
Filter HEPA
Noise level 73 dBA
Working hours 10, 30 or 90 minutes (declared by the manufacturer); 7 minutes / 20 minutes / 40 minutes (in fact)
Dust container capacity 0.5? l
Suction power up to 150 W
Power consumption up to 450 W
Dimensions 26x60x22mm
Weight 1.6KG


The test took place for a month in a small country house: 4 rooms with a total area of ​​about 70 square meters, a kitchen, a bathroom, a hallway, and was used not as an additional “electric broom”, but as the main full-fledged vacuum cleaner while the deserved heavy full-size colleague was on vacation. We have not become dirtier after all, with Xiaomi Dreame V11 it is possible and convenient to clean more often and much faster. But it became cleaner for sure, because Xiaomi Dreame VVN6 allows you to get to surfaces that were usually left without attention due to the lack of the correct attachments and the sluggishness of the old vacuum cleaner.

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