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Beosound Level Review: Simple and elegant with clear and detailed sound

The European Parliament spoke in favor of the maintainability of the gadgets around the person. In response to the call, Bang & Olufsen has released the Beosound Level modular Wi-Fi speaker. It really will be much easier to fix or simply upgrade: the battery, streaming module and front panel are replaceable.

Bang Olufsen Beosound Level 1.jpg

The flat, rectangular Beosound Level cabinet is easy to adapt to the changing interior – the oak plank surface can be replaced with a dark gray Kvadrat fabric. The battery provides up to 16 hours of battery life, so the Beosound Level is ready to go outdoors. This is facilitated by both the IP54 protection class and the carrying handle. For the convenience of recharging, we have provided a magnetic adapter that can be docked to the back wall without looking.

The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level can be positioned as you like – lay down, stand upright or hang on a wall (a special bracket with a charging function is provided). The speaker will automatically adjust its sound based on the orientation and the acoustic environment around it. If you bring your hand to the Beosound Level, the indicators light up – the proximity sensor will work.

Bang Olufsen Beosound Level 1 16.jpg

Five speakers with class D amplification with a total power of 105 watts are responsible for the sound of the novelty. This is a pair of 4 “woofers, a 2” full-range speaker and a pair of 0.8 “tweeters. The Beosound Level connects to the computer network via Wi-Fi, although there is also a connector for a patch cord. It works with Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast to deliver internet streaming and multi-room functionality, complemented by Google Assistant features. Interaction with mobile gadgets via Bluetooth 5.0 has not been forgotten either.

The powerful five-speaker system delivers absorbing, full-range sound that adapts based on speaker position. Discover dynamic bass when placed horizontally, unrivaled clarity when placed vertically, or an enveloping soundscape when placed on a wall. Active room placement compensation allows Beosound Level to adapt sound quality to any space – large, small, lively or minimalistic. The result: always clear and detailed sound.

Bang Olufsen Beosound Level 9.jpg

Lying on the back, the Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level grabs everyone’s attention. The speaker automatically widens the sound beam to cover all listeners anywhere in the room. Enjoy detailed, diffuse sound when the Beosound Level is upright. The speaker opens up a soundstage for rich stereo sound. An optional wall mount allows you to mount the Beosound Level in a new location. When placed on a wall, the speaker produces flawless sound that fills the entire room while charging.

Bang Olufsen Beosound Level 3.jpg

With its minimalist Scandinavian design, Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level is aesthetics, practical and durable. The organically integrated handle provides an easy grip, and the IP54 dust and splash resistance means you can place it with confidence wherever you want. Boasting up to 16 hours of battery life, this sleek speaker brightens up any room it moves into.

Bang Olufsen Beosound Level 4.jpg

Every Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level detail has been selected for durability. From high quality aluminum frame made in Denmark to modular design allowing battery replacement, fabric and wood paneling and much more. Sustainability and the ability to verify the origin of the material is reflected in the adaptability of the case design, as well as in materials such as our high-tech polymer.

Bang Olufsen Beosound Level 1 13.jpg

Enjoy simple and elegant charging thanks to the clever circular connector. Magnetically snapping into a groove on the back of the speaker is a pleasant experience in itself. Interact with Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level with discreet touch buttons seamlessly integrated into the aluminum frame. The built-in proximity sensor allows the control surface to appear only when needed and fade out smoothly after use. The light sensor always provides the desired brightness.

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