Best High End Speakers 2022-2023

Best High End Speakers 2022-2023
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- Maxim Novik

The High End industry is constantly evolving, and we, as usual, sum up the results of the outgoing year and collect the brightest and most impressive loudspeakers of the season.

The list below (listed in ascending order of price) of the “best” and most impressive speakers are models that combine the latest engineering and great sound.


10. Perlisten S7t

Price – $7,990

Slim Perlisten S7t flaunt not only checkered cones, but also the original design of the HF assembly. As is now fashionable, a whole array of DPC-Array speakers, consisting of a 28 mm beryllium tweeter and a pair of TPCD drivers, is responsible for the expansion from above. As a result, the sound is ultra-transparent, and four Textreme TPCD woofers guarantee sufficient muscle from below, although they only dig up to 32 Hz. The speakers produce an excellent sound pressure of 117 dB and literally jump out of their price group in terms of the quality of the material presentation.

Pros – a record (for High End) price / quality ratio

Cons – slightly limited bass

Verdict : Fast and luxurious speakers by any measure


9. Gryphon EOS 2

Price – $20 800

Gryphon EOS 2 replaces iconic Mojo branded bookshelves; despite their floor-standing design, speakers are designed in very compact cases. However, the Danish company wouldn’t be themselves if they didn’t achieve bass from 26 Hz from such a solution – SB Acoustics’ heavily modified 7.5″ drivers with carbon fiber laminated cones work wonders. A 1.34″ beryllium dome completes the picture from above, and 89 dB of sensitivity at 6 ohms of resistance will not require monstrous amplification in pair with the speakers. An interesting solution for switching the phase inverter to the front or rear plane allows you to easily fit speakers even in small halls.

Pros– finally a beryllium tweeter “on board”!

Cons – two-lane design

Verdict : The replacement of branded bookshelves is clearly successful



Price – $24,000

Past TAD-CE1s lasted almost eight years in the series and were critically acclaimed. And now, a replacement for TAD-CE1TX. The model offers a stunning frequency response up to 100 kHz (this is not a typo), plays from 24 Hz from below and requires a “drag” partner – after all, the speaker sensitivity is 85 dB at a nominal resistance of 4 Ohms. However, if things add up, an 18cm MACS II diaphragm woofer and a CST mid/treble driver (a coaxial assembly of a 14cm magnesium alloy diaphragm and a 3.5cm beryllium dome) work wonders.

Pros – crystal clear sound

Cons – the scale is not so large

Verdict : Possibly the most transparent speakers on the market


7. Graham LS5/5f

Price – $24,995

A new old classic, the Graham LS5/5f was first developed for the BBC in 1967, with a 2022 update. Much larger cabinets made it possible to demonstrate a frequency response from 40 Hz to 20 kHz, and although the sound pressure is not so high (104 dB), these thirty-five-kilogram monsters can literally take you to the atmosphere of Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones of the early 70s. The 12″ woofer, supported by an 8″ midrange driver and 1″ soft dome tweeter achieves 88 dB of sensitivity into a light 8 ohm nominal impedance.

Pros – Sound from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Era

Cons – old-fashioned appearance

Verdict : Classic never gets old


6. Troy Audio Acapulco

Price – $36,000

Another reincarnation of a magnificent model of the past. Troy Audio Acapulco reintroduces the Altec Santana (1960) to the world. The frequency response now starts as low as 26 Hz, 8 ohms of impedance and 97 dB of sensitivity allow even single-ended tube amplification to be combined with loudspeakers, and the GPA 415-8C Biflex speakers with Alnico magnetic system and a heavily modified super tweeter from Fostex can open the door to audio nirvana for listeners .

Pros – the highest sensitivity, live sound

Cons – may not be fast enough for electronic music

Verdict : Another chic re-imagining of an iconic model from the past


5. Magico S3 2023

$45 500

Magico S3 2023 accumulates all the innovations of the famous American firm – previously available only in the millionth flagship M9. There are cabinets assembled from five-centimeter (!) thick aluminum panels, and the latest 1.1 ”tweeters with a diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm, and 5” midrange drivers (the cones are built like a sandwich – a honeycomb aluminum base, coated on both sides graphene and carbon fiber), and the revolutionary 9″ woofers with Magico Graphene Nano-Tec cones (again, graphene is covered with honeycomb aluminum construction), the voice coils of which are made of titanium. Luxury as it is – frequency response from 24 Hz to 50 kHz, input power – up to 750 W!

Pros – technological progress in all its glory

Cons – harsh requirements for partners

Verdict : Magico sets the industry standard


4. Monitor Audio Concept 50

Price – $60,000

Finally something really new in the conservative market. The Monitor Audio Concept 50 uses 3D printed enclosures – two parallel “pipes” contain four 7.9″ woofers (mounted in pairs and radiate towards each other), and The Array (six 4″ speakers and AMT) is responsible for the rest of the spectrum. -Micro Pleated Diaphragm tweeter). Such constructions are always extremely difficult to “stitch” in bands, but the company’s engineers succeeded – against the backdrop of a stunning scale, Monitor Audio Concept 50 demonstrates outstanding timbre accuracy and sound unity.

Pros – a radical new approach and excellent presentation

Cons – the appearance is too futuristic

Verdict : Speakers of tomorrow


3. DALI Core

Price – $110,000

Another ambitious development, now from DALI. DALI Kore flagships play from 26Hz to 34kHz and deliver 118dB SPL. Each speaker weighing 110 kg has a nominal impedance of 4 ohms with a sensitivity of 88 dB. Bass output is extraordinary even by the standards of the price group of speakers – twin 11.5″ woofers with dual Balanced Drive coils and the latest SMC Gen-2 cone material work true miracles. Powered by a 35mm EVO-K Hybrid soft dome tweeter and a super ribbon tweeter, the delivery, as is customary with the company, is remarkably airy.

Pros – big sound

Cons – only dimensions

Verdict : The quintessence of a corporate approach


2. Borresen M1

Price – $100,000

How so, such little ones, but they cost a hundred thousand dollars? But Børresen’s creation truly revolutionizes the industry with the most daring engineering solutions. Børresen M1 play from 40 Hz to 50 kHz and require very serious amplification (sensitivity – 87 dB, impedance – 6 ohms), loudspeakers with zirconium baskets are installed (this required a special 3D printer), proprietary magnetic systems without iron content and unique tape membranes with resonance beyond the measurement boundary. These speakers clearly demonstrate what pure uncolored sound is.

Pros – cost-no-object approach

Cons – only price

Verdict : Børresen M1’s hyper -realistic sound is stunning


1. Wilson Audio Alexx V

Price – $135,000

The grand premiere of Wilson Audio – Alexx V inherit all the best from the company’s ultra-expensive top models. The bass module with two drivers with a diameter of 26 and 31 cm, the new QuadraMag midranges and the CS tweeter guarantee an operating range from 20 Hz to 32 kHz with a pressure of 120 dB! 92 dB of sensitivity and 4 ohms of resistance, of course, will disturb your amp, but if the device is stable, the user can even choose a lamp. The amazing naturalness of the Wilson Audio Alexx V sound literally drives you crazy.

Pros – an open window, not a sound!

Cons – nothing major

Verdict : Wilson Audio Alexx V is a benchmark for its price group

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