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Canton DM 101 Review: Looks good and sounds great

The three EQ presets on board the Canton DM 101 provide easy sound adjustments to optimally adapt your sound deck to the three most common settings. At the push of a button, Canton optimizes for a freestanding Canton DM 101 with a wall-mounted TV (EQ1), for a TV-mounted DM soundbar (EQ2), or for a soundbar rack-mounted (EQ3). Bass, mids and treble can also be adjusted using a small remote control to optimize the sound to your liking.

Canton DM 100 lifestyle 1.jpg

Four slim 100mm woofers act as a subwoofer at the bottom of the cabinet. For stereo sound and surround sound, there are two 50mm mid-range drivers and a 19mm horizontal D’Appolito tweeter located on the left and right of the front panel.

The three-digit multi-function display will briefly light up with each command input, allowing you to control the front surround system. The display turns off during operation. To control your sound deck and TV with just one remote control, Canton DM 101 can learn the infrared code of the TV remote control. The 2.1 Virtual Surround system offers lip sync function, can reduce volume differences when dynamic range compression is activated, or improve speech intelligibility with tone function.

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The auto on / off switch detects the presence of signals on the optical or coaxial digital input and automatically starts the Canton sound deck when the source device is turned on. After turning off the source, the Canton DM 101 enters standby mode after about 30 seconds. The Canton DM 101 carries basic Dolby Digital and DTS decoders, and is acoustically configured as a triphonic. If the power or bass depth of the built-in subwoofer is lacking, you can connect an external subwoofer using the low-level output. Switching to a signal source is very simple: analog RCA, optical or coaxial inputs.

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The Canton DM 101 soundbar-stand has dimensions of 100 x 6.95 x 33 cm, and is designed to accommodate a large diagonal TV (weighing up to 40 kg).


If you’re looking for a TV speaker with stylish looks and great sound, you should definitely check out the Canton DM 101. It’s easy to use, prettier than the competition, and the sound quality is best in class.

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