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Denon DHT-S217: Compact and affordable soundbar

Denon DHT-S217
Denon DHT-S217

Soundbars have become very important in recent times, since they are the perfect option to improve audio quality on medium or low-end televisions. Previously, the prices of these systems were high and meant a significant expense, however, there are more and more options that we have in the market, therefore, they also begin to compete in prices, granting economic alternatives that will be enough for an adequate experience. Today we will talk about Denon that recently introduced the Denon DHT-S217 .

Exterior design of the Denon DHT-S217

Being a thin bar, its design stands out a little more, although it does not have details that make a significant difference either.

It seems to us that aesthetically it looks good due to its compact design that will be adaptable to any environment, in addition, its black chassis provides a better presence that usually integrates better with televisions . We recommend placing it in front of the TV for the best appearance.

It will be easy to assemble, even if we want to position it on the wall using the support that will be included. It does not have many details that will make a difference compared to other models that compete for price, so we have a regular design that becomes acceptable .

Derived from its price, the materials used for its construction are somewhat weak, therefore, we must be careful when placing it, since a fall will surely be fatal . We must be careful because it tends to get dirty easily and that means that it can cause technical problems.


It will have the necessary connectors to be able to reproduce the audio from compatible devices. Surely what we have to use the most is the HDMI input that provides high definition, and we notice it with the most popular streaming platforms, with a 4K transmission.

Through the USB port we can play music that we have stored, obviously it improves the quality, but to get the most out of said content it will have to be in a format according to the needs. Without a doubt, this connection ends up seeming very useful to us.

We have others such as the optical output for audio and the auxiliary input that allow you to connect other devices, but as we mentioned at the beginning, the first ones will be more useful. Now we have wireless connectivity that greatly improves the experience when connecting devices.

Sound quality and general functions

The Denon DHT-S217 is not the best bar that we can get on the market, but it has what it takes to provide you with good quality audio, yes, we are talking about mid-range or low-end televisions that have limited speakers, for these teams yes it will be more than enough.

Because we will notice the difference, that is, you should not think that you will get good results with better quality models. This bar is designed for users who do not want to make a very high expense. In addition, it offers some enhancement technologies that make the difference.

To begin with, it works with Dolby Atmos that provides surround sound, which will be felt throughout the room, obviously if it is of medium or small size. Otherwise the sound may be lost a bit, but nothing that bothers or causes any conflict.

Another benefit of this function is that we are guaranteed an almost perfect cinematographic experience. So we are going to enjoy improved bass and clear dialogues that are always what is sought for higher quality. So, there will be no complaint regarding the final quality of the system.

As if that were not enough, it has two downward-facing subwoofers in order to enjoy a fairly good listening experience in movies and programs, likewise, it has some sound modes so that they can be adjusted to the needs that you have as users.

We cannot forget that it also has the pure mode that is responsible for eliminating surround processing among other settings so that when playing content it has the necessary purity.

Is this soundbar worth it?

The quality will be good and if we have low-sound televisions we will notice an important change, although it is still a lower-middle-range system

Now it’s time to talk about whether the Denon DHT-S217 is really worth it, since as we have mentioned from the beginning it is designed for regular quality televisions where we normally find 20W. In this case we are going to notice a drastic difference in sound.

Above all because of the technologies that it integrates, now if your television is a little better, the difference in terms of sound may not change much and the improvement is minimal. For those cases we recommend a higher quality bar, thus avoiding problems or misunderstandings.

The price of this bar can be tempting for everyone, since few bars are similar, but we must accept that it has its limitations compared to more advanced systems . It will never look bad on you, but it all depends on the quality you are looking for. So, you have to fix me on that.

In general terms, it is an acceptable alternative due to its performance and characteristics, however, we reiterate that it is more designed for those who want a slightly higher quality without the need to make a very strong investment. Here it is up to your decision.

As we have mentioned from the beginning, there are better options, but it all depends on what you want to spend, and the final quality you are looking for.

Denon DHT-S217: Pros and Cons


  • compact design
  • connectivity
  • acceptable sound
  • enhancement technologies
  • Price


  • Could include more ports



Make model Denon DHT-S217
audio output channels 2.1 channels
built-in decoders
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • TrueHD
TV SoundShare Yes
product color Black
Auto power off Yes
connectivity technology wireless
Bluetooth Yes
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • Digital audio, optical input
  • auxiliary input
Product Dimensions (H x W x D) 67 x 890 x 120mm
Weight 3.6kg

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