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Harman Kardon SB 20 Review: Comes with everything you need

Large flat-panel TVs have practically replaced cinemas - you can watch movies on them with the same pleasure. For one drawback. As…

Large flat-panel TVs have practically replaced cinemas – you can watch movies on them with the same pleasure. For one drawback. As a rule, TV panels are equipped with not very good speakers.

But fortunately, the sound problem can be solved quite simply The Soundbar is the perfect match for the TV. And the Harman / Kardon SB 20 is a two-channel soundbar that creates spacious living room sound, complete with a powerful wireless subwoofer.

The new Harman / Kardon SB 20 soundbar will take your living space into the digital age. The shallow depth of the matte black body makes it an excellent companion for flat panel TVs. Extensive HDMI connectivity, as well as Bluetooth for connecting with smartphones or tablets (both Android and iOS), learning the commands of the TV remote control – all this will keep the home entertainment system relevant for a long time.

Kardon SB 20 lifestyle 2.jpg

The soundbar is designed with two-way, dual left and right modules, each of which consists of two 89 mm (3 “) midrange drivers and one 25 mm (1”) dome tweeter. Developed by HARMAN audio engineers specifically for soundbars, the Virtual Surround Mode creates a realistic soundstage without rear speakers or wires.

The Harman / Kardon SB 20 soundbar decodes Dolby Digital formats. One HDMI output with Audio Return Channel (ARC), one analog stereo input and one optical digital input provides easy integration into your home entertainment system. When connected via HDMI, an on-screen menu is available where you can visually check all the settings.

Bluetooth wireless connection allows you to listen to music directly from your smartphone or tablet. The panel is also compatible with the new Harman / Kardon mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android, which means you can start playing music anytime while connected to your home network.

Harman Volume technology monitors the volume level when changing source and video (for example, when playing a movie, TV program or commercial) and maintains the sound level for a comfortable viewing.

The soundbar comes with a remote control, which is also used to adjust the volume of the subwoofer and to perfectly balance the soundbar and subwoofer. The Harman / Kardon SB 20 is learnable: it remembers the TV remote control commands (volume, on / off, source selection) so you can control your entire home entertainment system from one remote.

Kardon SB 20 lifestyle 1.jpg

HARMAN engineers have taken care of even such small things as an infrared signal backup for remote control of the TV. If the space allows you to place the soundbar only in front of the TV, with the IR receiver of the latter overlapping, install a duplicator on the back cover of the soundbar and make sure that it is in front of the receiver of the TV IR receiver.


The Harman / Kardon SB 20 kit includes everything you need for quick installation and connection. Truly, this system is a combination of perfectly matched components that deliver superior sound without taking up living space.

The Harman / Kardon SB 20 comes with a credit card-sized miniature remote control. However, it is so smart that it can match your TV remote so you can control the volume of the soundbar.

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