Harman/Kardon Aura Studio 3 Review: Even more powerful

Aura Studio 3

Wireless speakers are more often associated with small mobile speakers. But in recent years, the number of stationary solutions with very decent sound quality has also increased dramatically. Such speakers can be successfully integrated into the interior and used as a home audio system. Actually, they are wireless only conditionally: they still receive power via a cable from the outlet.

Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 is one of those systems. Probably the most original of those that we had to test.


Design and features

The column, frankly speaking, looks ...
The column, frankly speaking, looks unusual. If most of the speakers manufacturers prefer to tighten with a cloth, here a huge transparent plastic cover catches the eye.By the way, the Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 was also covered with a hood, but it had a small open funnel in the center. The third version has lost this spectacular dust collector.

Strictly speaking, the column consists of a stand (just tightened with a cloth), a rubber belt, and that very cap. Underneath is a plastic piece, which can be described as an imitation of a volcano. In the slots of this simulation, there are LEDs that create a backlight, while it is in no way connected with the rhythm of the music or anything else. Perhaps with a playback device: it starts to overflow with waves when connected. Nice, no doubt about it.


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The originality of the column can be traced in the location of the controls. If they are usually arranged in a single block, here they are rather scattered throughout the rubber belt. For example, the power button and Bluetooth pairing mode are on the back, the volume controls are on the front. Actually, we consider the back part of this round-shaped product to be the part where the power wire is connected. In the same place, the manufacturer prudently added a 3.5 mm jack for line connection.


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This is not to say that such a dispersion of buttons is fraught with control problems. All the user needs to do is connect and adjust the average volume level. You can switch tracks, as well as make music quieter or louder, from your smartphone.

The heart of Aura Studio 3 is the low frequency speaker & ...
The heart of the Aura Studio 3 is a 130mm woofer. It is naturally located at the bottom of the system and is directed downward. No safety nets are provided. If you are tempted to put the speaker on something sharp (for example, when dusting and rearranging the device), there is a chance to damage the driver. 

In addition to the woofer, in the same part there are 6 more speakers for reproducing mid and high frequencies. They are arranged in 3 in 2 blocks, and are directed in diametrically opposite directions. If you place such a speaker in the center of the room, the sound quality (not to mention the volume) will be the same in any part of it. By the way, about the volume. Six 5W loudspeakers each + 100W subwoofer provide even an excess level in a 50m 2 room .

How does it sound?

Rich bass is exactly what is lacking in compact speakers . Everything is fine with them here, if not excellent. The main thing is not to place the speaker on an unreliable surface such as a loose shelf. The fall will not fall, but vibration and unpleasant bounce will be provided.

Actually, Harman Kardon has never had a problem with good sound – at least in the foreseeable past. Although Aura Studio 3 looks like a luxurious piece of furniture, it is in fact a complete audio system.


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Sound 360 is really cool. And the larger the room, the better it feels. If a multiroom was invented for different rooms, then Aura Studio 3 does an excellent job within one: no matter how you move through it, the sound picture remains practically the same. At the same time, the column gives out excellent detail in tracks of different genres, that is, it is not just a gizmo for listening to music in the background. A great example of how stereo sound can be achieved with one compact device.

Aura Studio 3 plays out best in large spaces. And in stylish interiors – the column looks very unusual and attractive.


If the sound is difficult to find fault with, then some of the design features of Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 can be criticized. First of all, this is the location of the control buttons: although they are not particularly in demand, they could be grouped more funky. Again, it would not hurt to make the illumination of the “volcano” more variable – if not RGB, but at least with the ability to support the rhythm of the music.

When we connected the power supply, it seemed to us that the bundled cord was too short. Since the speaker is wireless and, in theory, can be installed anywhere in the room, such a “leash” greatly limits your imagination. By the way, the connector could be more modern and versatile – for example, USB-C.

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