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Harman/Kardon Enchant 1300 Review: Delivers high quality surround sound

The new line of soundbars from Harman / Kardon is intended to be a real discovery for lovers of quality surround sound. Unique MultiBeam technology provides a patented method of directional sound reproduction from an array of speakers for the most realistic surround sound experience. DSP-controlled, angled speakers create directional sound to create true surround sound across the entire frequency range. When forming such a flow, the location of the listener and the re-reflection of sound waves from the surrounding walls and objects of the room are taken into account.

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To get the maximum effect, Enchant soundbars use Automatic MultiBeam Calibration (AMC). Thus, Harman Kardon Enchant will provide any content on screen with phenomenally realistic surround sound without any additional components. Two models, Harman Kardon Enchant 800 and Enchant 1300, differ internally with 8 and 13 channels, and 180/240 watts of power, respectively. The built-in Google Chromecast technology will allow you to connect the soundbar to Wi-Fi for the first time, then stream music from more than 300 applications without using your smartphone.

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It’s also worth noting that the Harman / Kardon Enchant 1300 has three HDMI ports; 800 has only one such connector. Both models support Chromecast technology, can be connected to a Wi-Fi network, and are also equipped with Bluetooth. According to the company, the devices simulate a surround sound field as realistically as possible and are excellent partners for building a high-end entertainment center.

The peak power of the Harman / Kardon Enchant 1300 soundbar on all channels is 240 W, and the average (RMS) is 120. This speaker array plays in the range from 76 Hz to 20 kHz. If there is a lack of bass, a wireless subwoofer can be added to the soundbar. In it, a 400 watts peak (and 200 watts constant) amplifier drives a 10-inch speaker and plays from 40 Hz.

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The Harman / Kardon Enchant 1300 has more than enough connectors. There are optics and a 3.5mm analog input, as many as three HDMI inputs (all with HDCP 2.2), one output with support for an ARC return channel and USB. All of them are located in niches on the rear wall of the soundbar, there are also wide bass reflex ports, reminiscent of the exhaust pipes of supercars. Wireless connections are available Bluetooth 4.2 without support for high-res codecs and Wi-Fi with Chromecast.

The case with rounded edges is decorated with soft rough plastic and delicate fabric – it is pleasant to feel, although there is no need for it. His color is not entirely black, rather dark gray, graphite, which will make him friends not only with black TVs, but also with silver ones. From the unbalanced horns at the ends, slightly sparkling speakers peep out welcomingly, added to create a more spacious sound picture using the MultiBeam technology. The same technology analyzes the room in which the soundbar is located and optimizes the response to the room, aiming to “surround the listener with sound, not speakers.”

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There are four buttons on the top of the Harman / Kardon Enchant 1300 soundbar: one to turn on, two to adjust the volume, and another to select an input. The set comes with a weighty remote control, with which you can also adjust the bass and treble response, select the sound mode, switch tracks, adjust the screen brightness, turn off the sound, and so on. The remote control itself has no backlighting, but the buttons are felt well and are located logically, so it will be quite easy to operate it in the dark. By the way, Harman / Kardon Enchant 1300 is ready to listen to remotes from TVs LG, Sony, Samsung and a couple of other manufacturers – but if you want, this function can be turned off.

Next to the buttons on the top of the soundbar is a surprisingly bright sticker that says “13 channel soundbar”. In fact, the Harman / Kardon Enchant 1300 does not have 13 channels, but 13 speakers. Two of them, inch tweeters, are just at the ends, while on the front panel there is one more tweeter, now with a diameter of 3/4 “, and ten two-inch midrange / woofers. Ceiling channels and, accordingly, support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X are not here.

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The body of the Harman / Kardon Enchant 1300 soundbar is flat – only 6.5 cm high and almost double the depth. These proportions are perfectly combined with the softness of the lines of the case and the pleasant, calm shade of the fabric that covers the front panel. A small screen is visible through the fabric, shifted slightly to the right relative to the center. The screen is convenient: it shines in white letters, displays the names of the tracks being played and greatly simplifies navigation through the menus and settings. The brightness of the screen can be adjusted, it turns off itself after a couple of seconds. When turned off, the screen is completely invisible and cannot be seen in any way. The very fact of its presence is a huge plus, since it is not very pleasant to blindly search for settings and adjust the volume, and the screen displays this information unobtrusively and without interfering.

The Harman / Kardon Enchant 1300 soundbar has five sound modes: Standard, Music, Cinema, Voice, and Custom. In the “Music” mode, the midbass is raised, but not to such an extent as to hammer out slightly more embossed voices, in the “Cinema” mode there is an emphasis on epic and dialogues with brighter bass, “Voice” really improves the sound of dialogues by cutting off the low frequencies, but the standard mode makes the soundbar sound like a normal broadband. In the custom modes, you can adjust the bass and treble response, adjust the volume and memorize the values.

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There is also a special night mode, displayed on a separate button on the remote control. It reduces the dynamic range so that the sound remains clear even at low volumes. A couple more buttons are given to setting the audio signal delay, which allows you to perfectly synchronize the track with the picture.

Remember that the soundbar is a compromise. It makes no sense to expect a clear spatial scene from it, as from a full-fledged home theater, serious sound pressure or ultra-detailed sound. The soundbar is the first step from the sound of your TV’s built-in audio system to something better.

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The proprietary surround sound system fills the room well with sound and adds fullness and liveliness to the sound, both for music and films. The only pity is that the soundbar is ready to work with Dolby Digital to the maximum and does not understand Dolby TrueHD, while other products in this price category are already equipped with this codec, there is not much relevance for Atmos and DTS-X for bars.

The second problem lies in the fact that the Enchant 1300 for watching movies would be nice to supplement with a subwoofer – and it costs like half a soundbar. The gain in scale, solidity and richness of sound with a sub is, of course, colossal, but, again, other soundbars for this price are equipped with subwoofers, and sometimes even wireless rear channels.

Features: Harman / Kardon Enchant 1300

Achieve a truly immersive surround sound experience without the need for additional speakers or wires. Enjoy the finest sound from TV, music, games and movies.

Harman Kardon’s Enchant Series soundbars use exclusive MultiBeam ™ technology to deliver truly stunning surround sound without the need for additional speakers or wires.

Enjoy deep bass without an additional subwoofer, or take your bass to the next level with the optional Enchant wireless subwoofer.

With support for Google Chromecast technology, you can stream high-quality music from over 200 streaming services over Wi-Fi.

Harman Kardon Enchant Series soundbars are equipped with HDMI ports and support 4K resolution. Their sleek design makes them the centerpiece of an entertainment system for all your 4K devices.

Calibrate your soundbar to achieve the optimal surround sound effect for your room layout.

Use the Enchant Series soundbar as a true entertainment hub for all your 4K devices with HDCP 2.2-capable HDMI ports. HDMI ARC simplifies setup with just one cable to connect to your TV.

Easily change various soundbar sound settings at the touch of a button. Use your TV remote control to control the soundbar. Stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet.

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