Hisense HS205 Review: A basic soundbar with acceptable sound

Hisense HS205
Hisense HS205

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In general, low- and mid-range televisions offer low sound, which usually presents problems with content that is more demanding in the sound field. For this reason, many brands offer sound systems, which are also divided into categories, since we can find very powerful options and other more basic ones.

Hisense HS205
Hisense HS205

Today we will talk about the second, and that is that Hisense has recently released an attractive model, especially for its value and certain features it offers, which we want to analyze in a little more detail in this article. Obviously we will mention the disadvantages that we have found, since our idea is to give you a good review of the Hisense HS205 .

Exterior design of the Hisense HS205

Aesthetically it has a correct construction that can perfectly blend with almost any environment

We are talking about a simple bar that maintains the classic appearance of other models, therefore, there will not be much difference. Possibly the biggest change is in the dimensions , since this equipment tries to better fit the space you plan to give it.

The placement will be simple, we simply have to place it where we want. In addition, it usually has a good combination with almost any television thanks to its black chassis that generates a better presence, likewise, it seeks to provide a more elegant environment with better integration .

This bar has a total weight of 1.5 kg, which compared to other models is easier to move, obviously it is not portable equipment, but if we require it, it makes it easier to move. It really has a very clean aesthetic that we must highlight , since it offers a more attractive view.

The back has a small space where the available ports are placed, which do not get in the way of the design at all. The only disadvantage found in this section is that the construction has simple materials , therefore, we must be careful when moving it.


It includes an HDMI 2.0 input that we can use to connect those devices that will be used to transmit the audio, whether they are televisions, computers or laptops. Thanks to its version we are going to receive an adequate experience, so the performance seems optimal to us.

It also offers a USB 2.0 port which we quite like as this does allow content to be played as we have reviewed some systems that only use this connection for updates. We can connect memories or external disks where we usually store music.

It caught our attention that it includes an output for headphones , an interesting option for certain moments, especially if we seek to give it a more personal use. An extra connection is the coaxial digital input that works great with DVB players or audio receiver.

In the wireless section, it has Bluetooth 4.2 , which is very useful, especially for the comfort it gives us to use some compatible devices, since it will not be necessary to use annoying cables, thus keeping the space clean. Which is very striking.

Sound quality and more functions in general

Let’s talk about the most important issue, we have already seen that it defends itself well in design and connectivity, however, none of that will matter if your audio is not as expected . And saying this does not mean that we want incredible performance, since it would be illogical considering the value it has.

The first thing to note is that the Hisense HS205 offers 2.0 channels, which might not draw much attention given that most mid-range TVs offer the same thing. However, the difference is noticeable in the power delivered, since this model gives us a total of 60W .

That would be double the 20W that televisions normally have, so we are talking about an important quality. It has a proper optimization , which we have tested with movies and video games obtaining a correct experience without reaching the incredible.

Something important to consider is that there will be no enhancement technologies, which limits the attractiveness of the bar quite a bit, since its competition at least includes Dolby Audio or DTS, so this does seem to us to be a significant disadvantage . For the rest, the audio quality will be somewhat acceptable.

What we do include are several sound modes that are adjusted depending on what we are or want to see. Among the most notable we have the cinema mode for movies, the music mode and the news mode that normally improves the dialogues to hear them more clearly.

Performance and some notable features

It is a bar designed to make it easier to use, however, it offers an acceptable quality that we rarely find in the low range

There will not really be many other features to mention, however, we must make special mention of the Bluetooth that we have used and we think it is the best in this soundbar, since it connects quite easily with compatible devices , and that is not 5.0 .

Another benefit of connecting through this connection is that we do not need to connect cables that sometimes become annoying, so order and cleanliness is greater and makes its appearance even more attractive . We certainly recommend taking advantage of its Bluetooth.

Now let’s talk about whether the Hisense HS205 is really worth buying . To begin with, it has a cost close to 55 euros, although it may vary a bit in the different sales stores and possibly in the future you will find it at a lower value, which would be much more attractive.

It seems to us a suitable sound bar for televisions with very low sound, since you will not notice a significant difference in mid-high range models. It really suits you if you don’t want to spend and are looking for a slightly higher quality than what you have. Otherwise it is not suitable.

Hisense HS205: Pros and Cons


  • Design
  • connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • acceptable sound
  • cost


  • Does not include subwoofer
  • No enhancement technologies