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JBL Bar 1000 Pro Review: A pure beast

One of the kings in terms of sound systems is JBL , a firm that has been creating incredible models for years, ... Read more

One of the kings in terms of sound systems is JBL , a firm that has been creating incredible models for years, being a highly trusted company, obviously they have had some mistakes, but it is nice that they have learned from them and are improving in future equipment.

Today we will talk specifically about the JBL Bar 1000 Pro , which is an incredible option for all the features it integrates, yes, it must be said that its price exceeds 1,050 euros, but do not get carried away by this, since its quality is really impressive .

For this reason, we created this review to analyze each section in detail and we can give you a better reference in case you want to make the investment.

Exterior design of the JBL Bar 1000 Pro

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It will be attractive for exclusive details that the line has maintained for years, which ensures that its beauty is maintained from any angle.

The JBL 1000 Pro presents a prudent design that does not seek to innovate at any time, which may seem like a disadvantage, however, we could say that it is the hallmark of the house and we find it acceptable, since over time having a similar aesthetic create a reference of these, yes, we will notice that there will be many other similar models.

At first impression they may seem of the same quality, but remember that this model is high-end, therefore, the construction does present important differences, especially in terms of the materials used . Apart from the bar, it includes subwoofers that come with a black chassis that causes a certain elegance and better presence.

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Due to its dimensions, it can be placed in different environments, in addition, its weight allows it to be moved with some ease , which we do not recommend much either because a fall can be tragic, and it is something that can be avoided. Returning to the aesthetics in general, we can determine that it has a classic style that becomes minimalist.


The connectivity of the JBL Bar 1000 will be enough to get the most out of it, in fact, it integrates a total of four HDMI inputs , which are quite a few for a sound system. But it will be something really positive because we can connect different devices at the same time and easily change the one we want to use without connecting and disconnecting.

Includes a single USB 2.0 port for playing audio files. The advantage is that it is compatible with various formats, so there shouldn’t be any major problems. Another physical connector is the optical audio output which is also quite useful, but normally the connections above will suffice, but we appreciate the inclusion.

Besides, it has wireless connectivity that benefits much more. Here we highlight the presence of Bluetooth 5.0 that will be useful for compatible devices, in addition, it avoids the excessive use of cables, which generates cleanliness that improves its appearance. It also features Wi-Fi compatibility which provides other useful features.

Sound quality and functions

The JBL Bar 1000 Pro delivers 7.1.4 channels which are great for hearing clarity at all times. To this add that it has a maximum power of 880W . Here already including its subwoofer, so, it is the total quality. With this we get clear audio, along with deep bass and bass, generating one of the most powerful experiences.

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Mention that it has MultiBeam and four units with top output that are set two in the bar and two in the surround speakers that can be said to be removable. This causes the sound to be surround and cover every space in the room. In theory it is achieved mostly by Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technologies .

One of the biggest draws is the PureVoice technology that ensures clear dialogue, even when other sounds are at their loudest, which we really enjoy because it’s one of the biggest problems with typical sound. Thanks to optimization and other configurations the final experience will be the best.

Other notable features

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Due to the different characteristics that it houses, it will deliver a quality superior to that of many other sound systems that are even considered within the high-end range.

Let’s talk about other cool features of the JBL 1000 Pro that also bring something new to the experience. We start with the JBL One application that allows you to customize the equalizer in order to control all your compatible speakers comfortably. The customization of the sound bar will be simple and very helpful.

It’s time to talk about the benefits of being able to connect to Wi-Fi. To begin with, we can use Apple AirPlay in case you have devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac to transmit the music or audio that you have saved on these devices. Something similar happens with its integrated Chromecast , but for other types of devices.

It even works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control that ends up being really helpful. For quicker access to certain functions.

JBL Bar 1000 Pro: Pros and Cons


  • Design
  • connectivity
  • Sound quality
  • enhancement technologies


  • Price



Make model JBL Bar 1000 Pro
audio output channels 7.1.4 channels
RMS estimated power 880W
built-in decoders Dolby Atmos
RMS speaker soundbar power 440W
product color Black
HDR technology Yes
built-in screen Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Wifi Yes
  • 4XHDMI
  • 1X USB
  • 1X Digital audio, optical input
Sound System Dimensions (H x W x D) 56 x 1194 x 125mm
Weight 3.7kg
  • wall mounting kit
  • Alternating current
  • HDMI cable
  • remote control included
  • batteries included
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Warranty card


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