JBL Boombox 2 Review: Portable and powerful

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Today we are talking about a  wireless portable speaker that stands out first of all for its price. If you want to take it home with you, you will have to make a fairly significant outlay, but is it really worth it? Let’s see it. Today we put on our overalls and get down to business, to talk at length about this device. This is the  JBL Boombox 2 , a jewel from  JBL that wants to take away the prominence at parties in exchange for making you enjoy yourself much more.

Is it worth paying this amount of money for this speaker? We find out all about it below. Its advantages, its disadvantages and its best offers. In cases like this, it is even more important that we look for the cheapest price possible to save a good amount of money.

JBL Boombox 2 Design

This JBL Boombox 2 has a size of  484 x 256 x 201  mm  and a weight of  5.9 kg . As you can see, it is quite forceful, so it is not a device that we can carry comfortably in a suitcase or backpack. Power you can, but obviously it is not the most suitable model for this purpose.

It comes with  IPX7 resistance , which makes it quite resistant to water, although not dust. Therefore, you can use it in the pool with peace of mind, but not on the beach or in the countryside. Or, in case of doing it in these areas, always very carefully. What if it starts to rain? Nothing really, because it also resists this type of splashes and jets of water.

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In the upper part we have the  button panel , with six buttons to control our music from here and that anyone can increase the volume or change the song. At the rear we find the charging port, protected by a cover, precisely to make it more watertight and prevent water from entering.

It also highlights its  handle  so that we can take it from one place to another in an easier way. This is important, since, as we have commented, it is a fairly heavy model. It does not have a screen  and  does not include a remote control , two points that we would have liked to see included in this speaker.

We have it available in various colors such as black and camouflage. It depends if you want a more sober touch or a very original design. Are you more daring or more classic? You decide which one to buy.

Sound by JBL Signature Pro Sound

If we talk about its sound quality, it is worth noting first of all the  JBL Signature Pro Sound technology , which offers us scandalous sound power. We could not expect less considering that we are dealing with a premium quality speaker. In addition, we also mentioned that in this device, special emphasis is placed on bass and bass, which are more powerful and clearer.

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It includes  two 40 W tweeters and two 40 W woofers each . In total, 160 W of power to shake the foundations. The dynamic frequency response is 50 Hz – 20 kHz . The result is a clear sound, without distortion even at very high volumes and with great quality, especially in those bass lines that we have mentioned.

We also want to highlight that it incorporates  JBL PartyBoost . What is it? It is a technology that allows us to connect several JBL speakers together in order to multiply the sound power. You will have no limits.

Connectivity and battery

We are now talking about two other very interesting points in this type of speaker: connectivity and battery. As that famous advertisement said, power without control is nothing, therefore, these two sections are very important and must always be taken into account before choosing a new speaker.

We can use it wirelessly. To do this, we can make use of its Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity . It does not have WiFi, NFC or AirPlay. Something fair in this section, but, in any case, enough to be able to enjoy music without cables. We would have liked it to have other options, such as the aforementioned WiFi or NFC, but, as it is not the case, we have to settle for Bluetooth 5.1, which gives us a very stable connection, without interference and without unwanted cuts that would cut us off on the Internet. party.

For its part, the battery offers us very interesting data. It has a brutal capacity of  10,000 mAh , with a  USB port to charge it. The charging time is  6.5 hours and in return we will have a range of  24 hours . Spectacular. You will not have anything to reproach for in this section, since you can even use it while it is charging, so that these six and a half hours will become less heavy for you.


  • Spectacular bass
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Charge devices via USB
  • Very good sound quality
  • very generous battery
  • various colors available


  • Really expensive
  • A little heavy

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