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JBL PartyBox On-The-Go Review: Delivers a solid punch

The main option for connecting to the speaker is via Bluetooth. It’s fast, simple and convenient. You just need to click on the button with the corresponding icon, and on the device go to the connection settings. Smartphone, tablet, laptop – it doesn’t matter, the JBL speaker works with any device. Pairing takes place in a split second.

In this case, you can play tracks from your hard disk or from streaming audio services, for example, Spotify or Tidal. Even on YouTube, it’s easy to find tons of videos with music videos or compilations for hours of uninterrupted sound. Or you can just watch a movie: with such a speaker, adventure movies will sound especially epic. By the way, louder or quieter can be done directly from the  PartyBox by pressing the plus and minus buttons on the case. You don’t have to constantly pick up a smartphone or reach for a laptop.

JBL speaker throws a light show disco

The speaker power of the JBL PartyBox On-The-Go is 100 watts, which allows you to reproduce music with deep bass. Thanks to this, you can arrange a disco anywhere – even in an apartment, even in a country house, even on the beach or by the pool (however, you have to wait until summer). The main thing is not to interfere with the neighbors’ rest, because the sound is really powerful, and at maximum the speaker can be heard through two closed wooden doors. And the bass – even through the interfloor overlap. Yes, we checked. And to make the device even louder, simply pair the two speakers via Bluetooth TWS.

The BassBoost function adds bass to the party atmosphere. Just press the button to activate the mode – no tinkering with the equalizer. The sound will be interrupted for a split second before returning with renewed vigor. Impossible not to dance! Fully charged, you are guaranteed a minimum of three hours of playback at full volume and powerful bass.

The speaker also has its own lighting system that creates a dynamic show. The LEDs light up and flash in time with the music, and also change colors. To do this, you do not need to install any programs and deal with complex lighting settings.

PartyBox On-The-Go can be connected to a microphone and guitar

Via Bluetooth, one or two microphones can be connected to the  speaker to sing karaoke together. One microphone is already included, which is very nice. As you may have guessed, it is wireless, that is, you can even sing or perform with a stand-up on stage, without thinking how not to get tangled in the wires.

JBL PartyBox On-The-Go speaker review

The process of connecting the gadget is extremely simple – insert the batteries (they are also there) and press the button on the microphone. If at this moment music is already playing, it will also disappear for a short time, and then you can immediately sing along to your favorite compositions. The microphone volume is adjusted using the rotary switch at the top left. Directly below it is a second switch of the same type – it will add an echo to your voice.

The microphone works at a distance of up to 10 meters, pierces through two floors, and when you carry it, you can hang it on the speaker case – it is fixed tightly, it will not fall out, even if you have to run. Although you won’t run for a long time – the PartyBox still weighs decently. On the other hand, who are you going to run from with a column on your shoulder? Perhaps from angry neighbors!

And when you make peace with your neighbors and want to add a bass guitar, that too can be easily done. True, you can’t do without a wire, you have to insert it into a special socket.

Easy to carry and splash proof

If you need to carry the speaker frequently, you can use the included shoulder strap. By the way, it has a bottle opener on it, which will help out if you suddenly have nothing to open lemonade or other drink with. Well, why not?

Of course, three-plus kilograms (which is how much the JBL PartyBox On-The-Go weighs ) won’t work for a long time, so it’s easier to put the speaker in the trunk of your car. However, there is a possibility of manual carrying, and it pleases.

The buttons on the speaker are rubberized, all ports are closed with plugs. You don’t have to worry that it will stop working due to splashes, or if you switch tracks with wet hands. Light rain and snow are also not terrible for the column. IPX4 protection covers these situations.


The JBL PartyBox On-The-Go  is a great option for those looking to rock the party whether at home or at a picnic. Let’s reiterate the main advantages of the system.

Firstly, it is really powerful and loud sound with good bass that can be added separately. Secondly, battery life, the charge of which lasts for three hours when using the speaker at full: with maximum volume, a connected microphone and guitar.

In a quieter mode, it will work up to six hours. Thirdly, the ability to connect a variety of devices via Bluetooth or listen to music from a USB flash drive. Fourth, multi-colored backlighting to create a dynamic show. Finally, a wireless microphone is included for karaoke lovers and splash protection for outdoor enthusiasts.

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