LG S75Q Review: Powerful and affordable soundbar with subwoofer

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LG S75Q is a very nice affordable soundbar and subwoofer package, quite powerful and with a little bit of everything when it comes to compatibility, support and features.

Exterior design

LG has opted for a very conventional design for the sound bar and subwoofer that make up this dual body system. They are perfect prisms in black , with lines that are neither very soft nor very regal.

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The set with its measurements

The soundbar stands out because two of its loudspeakers , with an upper direction, are visible, forming an aesthetic part of its design (they are two circles located on the upper face ). The sound bar is of average size and weight, with figures of 890 x 65 x 119 mm and 3.79 kg respectively.

In the image that we see below we can see one of the speakers that we are discussing as well as the general finishing details of both this and the general mesh and the different faces of the device.

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Detail of the soundbar finish

On the other hand, there is the subwoofer , which follows the same design line, being very simple, vertical , in black and without frills. It measures 180 x 394 x 290 mm and weighs 5.8 kilos .

LG tells us about the design of the LG S75Q as an element of perfect harmony with its televisions , designing its products so that they can be combined perfectly, giving more style to the decoration of your home.

sound of this bar

The main bar has a power of 160 W and is accompanied by a subwoofer with 220 W and 85 dB; the total is 380 W and is given in a 3.1.2 channel system . HiRes support brings the sound system up to the sample rate of the standard, which is 96 kHz at 24 bits .

Remember that to achieve full surround sound LG has built its soundbar including two of its speakers in the vertical direction . In addition to this, we can customize said envelope a bit by having a wireless subwoofer , which will allow us to place it at will. Of course, we always advise that it be close to the sound bar and, most importantly, in the same line.

Of course, to help make this possible, the LG S75Q has support for DTS:X and Dolby Atmos , which are the highest quality standards for both brands. This allows you to see content with these standards without loss of quality, of course, any other with lower standards.

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LG S75Q offers super surround sound

The touch to this audiovisual experience is provided by Meridian Horizon technology . This also helps to gain immersion in what we hear, although it stands out for maintaining the highest clarity and, of course, preventing distortions from reproducing. Naturalness and realism will be the characteristics that describe your moments in front of the LG S75Q.

This bar sends content to TV in the highest resolution, with HDR 10 support and HDR Dolby Vision without loss , which LG defines as Passtrough . Thus, the highest audio quality is still maintained.

Additionally, we find three audio modes, News, Sports and Concert, as well as a night mode that controls that the parameters do not exceed certain values ​​and that others are not activated.

We cannot fail to say that this model includes the already famous IA of LG AI Sound Pro , with which the best sound adaptation is achieved while maintaining volume stability even when the music tracks or other content have different volumes. .

Finally, when we talked about harmony, we were not referring only to design. These bars have been built in such a way that they are capable of improving the sound performance of the firm’s televisions .

Connectivity and compatibility

The connectivity of the model comes with an optical input, a USB port and two HDMI 2.0, one input and one output especially recommended for connecting to the TV. The latter is because it includes support for eARC and ARC. In addition, it presents a bluetooth 4.2 BLE as an element of wireless connectivity.

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The physical connections that are on the back

With this, in addition to the support for what has already been mentioned, we realize that we also have compatibility for VRR and ALLM , two essential points today for the living room gamer, since they are elements that facilitate fast movement. It’s great that the soundbar offers such compatibility so you don’t have to give it up when gaming.

We also find that it is configured and controlled with the LG app for bars, which is compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems. With it we can do things like activate and deactivate the automatic volume control option or synchronize via AV.

Sound Bar Accessories

LG S75Q is a simple and accessible model of medium power and some extra functions. Even so, it includes as an accessory, and very interesting in my opinion, the mounting system to place it on the wall . In this way, the audio output source is better adjusted and, of course, you do not have to have it on top of a piece of furniture, saving space.

Like any self-respecting bar, and I think it goes without saying, it has a small remote control with batteries included .

LG S75Q Soundbar: Pros and Cons


  • Recycled materials
  • Meridian Technology
  • ALLM and VRR support
  • lg artificial intelligence
  • Wall mounting accessory included
  • HDR support
  • Quality/price ratio


  • Smart features


LG S75Q Specifications:

Make model LG S75Q
Bar/subwoofer dimensions 890 x 65 x 119mm/180 x 394 x 290mm
Bar/subwoofer weight 3.79kg/5.8kg
Color Black
  • 380W
  • System 3.1.2
  • Meridian Horizon
physical connections
  • power input
  • optical input
  • 3HDMI 2.0
  • 1 USB2.0
Wireless connection
  • Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
  • 4 modes
  • AV sync
  • automatic volume control
  • LG SoundBar app
Decoding and Audio Formats
  • DTS:X and below
  • Dolby Atmos and below
  • Sound bar
  • quick start manual
  • Access to complete manual online
  • Warranty
  • RAV21 remote control
  • AA batteries
  • WallMount

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