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Magnat Active 2000 Review: Delivers a solid punch


The new Magnat Active 2000 shelf units are positioned as an affordable and versatile solution for music, movie and game lovers. This set of two speakers with built-in amplification does not require additional equipment – only a source with a wired or wireless connection is needed. The manufacturer promised high-quality sound of the Hi-Fi level, simple operation and seamless integration into any home system – both from a technical point of view and in terms of the interior.


The  new speakers differ from the previously released active shelf  units Magnat Multimonitor 220 with a slightly cut functionality, slightly reduced performance and, accordingly, compactness. Acoustics Magnat Active 2000 received a 25-mm tweeter with a ferrite magnet and a 125-mm midrange / woofer with a paper membrane and a special durable coating. The master speaker contains two 35W power amplifiers and a common preamplifier. According to Magnat, the circuit is designed for maximum performance.


As for switching, the model can receive a signal via Bluetooth 4.1, an optical connector (the built-in DAC supports quality up to 24 bit / 192 kHz), classic RCA with Line / Phono modes (only for turntables with MM heads) and AUX. Source selection is possible both from the remote control and using a switch on the speaker itself.


Among other things, the company paid attention to the relatively small dimensions (speaker height – 29 cm) and durable MDF enclosures with wood finish. The weight of the leading speaker was 4.4 kg.

Breaking with tradition, I’ll go straight to the conclusions made as a result of listening, more precisely, to the one that relates to the quality of the system elements that have a very significant effect on the sound of Magnat Monitor Active 2000. You should immediately know that when using a smartphone via Bluetooth or not the best digital transport you won’t hear is half of what monitors are capable of. Frankly speaking, our recommendation may run counter to the traditional positioning of such speakers, but it’s not for nothing that the manufacturer supplied them with a built-in phono stage.

Magnat Monitor Active 2000 Bluetooth Shelf Monitors

I generally liked the way the Magnat Monitor Active 2000 works with an analog connection. And not only when switching sources to the input on RCA connectors, but also when feeding a signal from a portable Hi-Res player to a 3.5 mm minijack.

Albeit with a slight adjustment for the low price category, the monitors produced a very serious sound with excellent volume, accurate positioning of performers on stage and very punchy bass. I would especially like to note the careful work with the timbres of live instruments, which have always remained recognizable.

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