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Magnat Transpuls 1000 Review: Speakers Made for Rock

In recent years, the design of loudspeakers and electronic components has seen a definite turn towards the classic solutions from the 1970s and 80s. We are once again seeing dial gauge amplifiers, turntables in large wooden cases, and even cassette decks hitting the market. Speaker manufacturers also did not stand aside, and the German company Magnat a couple of years ago released the Transpuls 1500 model, which looks indistinguishable from vintage speakers of the seventies and is equipped with a 15-inch woofer. And now this fruitful debut idea has received its logical development in the form of the new Magnat Transpuls 1000 with a ten-inch woofer.

Acoustic systems Magnat Transpuls 1000


Structurally, the novelty is a three-way system in a bass-reflex box, designed for floor installation. Although each speaker is only 79 cm tall, the cabinet is tilted back 5 degrees to direct the light directly to the seated listener’s head. The three-way configuration includes a 25mm woven dome tweeter loaded onto a small, proprietary SC-Horn. A lightweight paper cone with a diameter of 135 mm works at the midrange, while the bass is provided by a woofer with a solid magnetic system, optimized using the Klippel computer simulation system, and a 260 mm cellulose cone on a woven surround with impregnation. The bass speaker is loaded onto a bass reflex, two large round ports of which are located at the bottom of the front panel.

The Magnat Transpuls 1000 speaker crossover is tuned to frequencies of 3.8 kHz and 750 Hz, with a 2nd order filter between the tweeter and midrange driver, and a 3rd order between the woofer and mid-range speaker. The body is made of medium density fiberboard and finished with vinyl film, imitating the structure of wood veneer. The overall system sensitivity is 92.5 dB and the nominal impedance is 4 ohms.

Acoustic systems Magnat Transpuls 1000

On the back there is a pair of screw terminals that allow the connection of large speaker cables. Each speaker weighs 20 kilograms. Interestingly, since the heads on the front panel of the Magnat Transpuls 1000 are installed offset from the centerline, the speakers are marked with the L and R indexes, so that the buyer will end up with a pair with a symmetrical arrangement of the speakers on the front panel.

Acoustic systems Magnat Transpuls 1000

Being a big fan of classic hi-fi forms and vintage design, I started listening to the Magnat Transpuls 1000 with certain expectations, some of which were confirmed, and others – not quite. The overall handwriting of the speaker turned out to be exactly what I expected it – the system paid much more attention to general macrodynamics and accurate reproduction of scale than to subtle audiophile matters like attenuation of percussion sounds and three-dimensionality of images. At the same time, the sound was modern and smooth, without that additional boost in the midrange and relaxation in the treble, which is sometimes characteristic of certain models of old speakers.

Acoustic systems Magnat Transpuls 1000

Loudspeakers paint the musical scene in large strokes, using a bright and catchy palette, creating their own version of the “wall of sound” so appreciated by fans of rock music. Whether you’re listening to classic hard rock from Nazareth or Aphrodite’s Child or the more modern Franz Ferdinand and Muse, the Magnat Transpuls 1000 should be on your list of buying candidates. The same applies to electronic music lovers – the speed and depth of the bass from the speakers are simply outstanding for the price. So the positioning of this model by the manufacturer for fans of dynamic modern music is absolutely justified.

Acoustic systems Magnat Transpuls 1000

And now about unfulfilled hopes – despite their rather high sensitivity, the speakers turned out to be quite demanding on the power of the amplifier. Let’s just say – with the aforementioned stereophonic receiver the combination turned out to be very harmonious and pleasant to the ear, but only until you decide to “turn up the heat” for real. No, the volume was quite enough, but the speakers refused to “start”, gently limiting the dynamic peaks.

To make sure we feel right, we hooked up the speakers to a proprietary high-end integrated amplifier with twice the power. And they immediately delivered luxurious bass with excellent articulation at maximum volume, fulfilling any material without the slightest hesitation. So, if you decide to sound a large enough room with the Magnat Transpuls 1000, be prepared to spend time selecting an amplifier. And it is quite possible to start the journey with the Magnat MR 780.

Acoustic systems Magnat Transpuls 1000


Lovers of classical forms can rejoice – than wasting time looking for an inexpensive vintage pair in good condition, and then – time and money for bringing it to mind, it is better to just take the Magnat Transpuls 1000 and immediately enjoy the music.

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