Philips Fidelio B8 Review: Simple and elegant

If conventional soundbars provide sound in two dimensions, then with the Philips Fidelio B8 planes will definitely fly over your head, – this is what the new Philips soundbar pre-release says.

Surround sound is achieved thanks to Dolby Atmos technology, and as a result, the Fidelio B8 soundbar operates in 5.1.2. 18 speakers are responsible for the sound, among them six tweeters look upwards and two pairs of oval drivers to create an Atmos effect, the developers have placed three mid-frequencies on front panel, on the sides relative to the center of the device.

A pair of tweeters set at specific angles at the ends illustrate Ambisound’s technology to expand the scene.


The technology is not limited to the location of the speakers: special patented signal processing algorithms are also used, thanks to which the soundbar with a thickness of 53 mm will be able to produce sound incomparable with its size.

Responsible for the bass is a 220-watt subwoofer with an eight-inch speaker mounted on the bottom edge.

The total system power is 400 W. There are two HDMI inputs, HDMI ARC, optical and coaxial audio inputs, as well as the usual 3.5 mm jack on the body.

Wireless capabilities include a Bluetooth receiver with aptX and AAC support, and fast NFC connectivity.

The Philips Fidelio Soundbar B8, as mentioned, has a total of 18 speakers.

Two speakers are responsible for the center channel, two more speakers are responsible for the left and right channels. In addition, two speakers provide a left and right surround channel for the mid frequencies, and two tweeters for high frequencies are angled to enhance the sound stage.

As a result, the Philips Fidelio B8 has ten so-called surround speakers and eight tweeters and ultimately a 5.1.2 multi-channel system.

Philips Fidelio B8 has a very compact size, and the soundbar’s width is 1058 mm, but the height is only 52 mm, and the soundbar is 120 mm deep. But the subwoofer turned out to be quite massive and its dimensions are 240 mm wide, 510 mm high and 302 mm deep.

These speakers are controlled by so-called Philips Ambisound technology, which can handle all surround sound formats including Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master Audio and of course Dolby Atmos.

The Philips Fidelio Soundbar B8 has a total of 180 watts of power and a frequency response of 190 to 20,000 Hz. The subwoofer has an 8-inch woofer that develops 220 watts of power and has a frequency range of 40 and 190 Hz.

Dolby Atmos® adds a new dimension – in height, immersing you fully in the action and creating a surround sound ambience with realistic reproduction.

The technology transmits any sound, be it quiet dialogues or action-packed scenes, with incredible clarity, richness and depth. Stunning sound is a great experience, awakening emotions and making you feel at the center of the action.

Philips proprietary Ambisound technology delivers immersive multi-channel surround sound for stunning soundscapes. 5.1 sound is now available no matter your position or size of the room, without complicated installation, lots of speakers and tangled wires.

With three main benefits – psychoacoustic phenomenon, vector processing and precisely directional radiators – Ambisound creates a 5.1 surround sound experience with just one flat soundbar.


In most soundbars, center channel sound is downmixed to 2.1 channel, which does not affect the clarity of the voice in the best way.

Philips Fidelio B8 is equipped with two dedicated center channel emitters; each of them is equipped with an amplifier and processes audio signals in a special way. Speech in a TV program, movie, or news program sounds with increased clarity.

Premium soft dome tweeters deliver incredibly clear and undistorted high frequencies thanks to increased spatial dispersion. The Philips Fidelio B8 has two 45-degree side tweeters that channel sound to the sides for a wider treble soundscape. The combination of frontal radiators, precision-guided tweeters and Ambisound technology enables the B8 to create an immersive, surround sound experience.


Philips Fidelio B8 with simple and elegant shapes, complemented by finishes and materials of the highest quality, will fit perfectly into your home theater environment. Crafted from premium materials – a premium one-piece metal grille on the top and front panels creates a clean look, complemented by jewelery-cut aluminum details.

Due to its small thickness (52 mm), the soundbar looks elegant and harmoniously combines with any multimedia systems and interiors, while not taking up much space under the TV.


HDMI connections are required to take full advantage of Dolby Atmos® and get the best picture quality. The Philips Fidelio B8 is equipped with two HDMI inputs, allowing you to connect video sources such as Blu-ray players or game consoles directly to the soundbar. For simplicity and ease of use, the B8 connects to your TV with a single HDMI ARC output.

In addition, the new Philips Fidelio B8 has two digital audio inputs and one AUX for analogue sources in the form of a 3.5mm stereo mini jack.