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Pioneer Club 7 Review • The ultimate party speaker!

Pioneer Club 7

Good and expensive speakers and Hi-Fi systems but when it comes time to party, all that matters is good company. It is certain that you will use your sound system for the party, instead you will hide it somewhere to save it from mischief.

Fortunately, there are systems like Pioneer Club 7 that are and will be aimed mainly at young people where the blood is still boiling and the thirst for a party is turning red. The XW-SX70, which Pioneer fortunately named the Club 7, is an all-in-one portable audio system whose only requirement is an electrical outlet. Despite its brave size, height 68cm. and depth 34cm, weighs just 18kg and is easy to transport from room to room or by some means of transportation to another house.

It also has a handle to hold it. It has the most common connection methods for such events, such as USB, Bluetooth and mini jack. We will select them from the “Input” key. Without being mandatory, there is the “Club Sound” application of Pioneer, to adjust remotely volumes, inputs, etc. The application is simple with a nice design and has six presets to store favorite services like Spotify. The USB port is on the back and only takes sticks (in FAT16 / FAT32), which it reads and plays on its own without us having to select folders or songs. On the surface it does not say much.

techweekmag Pioneer Club 7 XW SX70 Review •

It is black with the company logo and has a “professional” size. But in party situations you do not care about the appearance but the lighting. And that’s exactly what the speaker covers. It has two LED lines on the front (one up and one down) and another eight LEDs on the back. In low or no lighting the two modes it has, “Rave” and “Chill” give different colors to the space making the living room look like a club.

Modes are selected by the application and the “Light” key. There is no waterproofing certification, so do not put it near drinks. If we connect our mobile phone with Bluetooth we can use the speaker for our calls and talk to our voice assistant. All this with the “Voice” button, next to which is the microphone.

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To be heard, the Club 7 has two 7-inch woofers, two 2-inch tweeters and two “duct ports”, ie two low reflection slots. These numbers outline a speaker that can reach high volumes. With the 200W it has, this is becoming a reality.

With the two bass and treble equalizers we will adapt the sound to our taste and space. If the company and the pieces demand it, pressing “S.Bass” we will enjoy a boost to the necessary lows. Pioneer has also equipped it with “Kick Enhance” technology that gives air to the boot attack, in addition to the bass. But even without these treatments the speaker has low scales, it is made to fill the space and push air.

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But if we do not have enough we can put whatever we want to play, either as a system or in a solid layout. For the first it is enough to connect them via Chain In / Chain Out with RCA and select “Chain”.

For the second we have to play via Bluetooth and press “Stereo Pair” on both to connect wirelessly. With Club 7 the space will really become like a club, with full, dynamic sound and satisfying tensions for a strong party. Even at high intensities it manages to remain confident without becoming aggressive and intolerant of medium-high and tall.

For best results we suggest you place it so that it has some height from the floor. And if you find it heavy or large there is the smaller Club 5. A speaker for party animals.

Pioneer Club 7: Specifications

  • SPEAKERS: 2xGoufer 7 inch (180chlst.) 2xTouiter 2 in (50mm.)
  • INPUTS: 1xAux, 1xUSB
  • LINKS: Bluetooth
  • REPRODUCTION: Mp3 to 320kbps (USB)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 327x682x341 mm .
  • WEIGHT: 18 Kg.