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Polk Audio MagniFi MAX Review: Delivers a wide and immersive soundstage

Polk Audio has unveiled the MagniFi MAX three-channel home theater speaker set, consisting of a soundbar and a subwoofer. The…

Polk Audio has unveiled the MagniFi MAX three-channel home theater speaker set, consisting of a soundbar and a subwoofer. The new Polk Audio MagniFi MAX soundbar features a particularly wide and immersive soundstage.

Polk, according to own statements, was able to achieve such a result due to proprietary technologies, including SDA (Stereo Dimensional Array) and Voice Adjust.

The latter allows you to adjust speech to the desired parameters – voices become clearer and louder. The soundbar has several drivers: 4 broadband on the sides, two tweeters, one 1-inch speaker in the center.

The system is complemented by an 8-inch woofer to enhance the bass. According to the manufacturer, the soundbar delivers “10 times more bass than conventional TV speakers.”

Polk Audio MagniFi Max 1.jpg

The included wireless subwoofer is relatively small, making it easy to place in a room. The Polk Audio MagniFi MAX comes with two external AC power supplies, one for the subwoofer and one for the soundbar. As noted, both the soundbar and subwoofer are of the highest quality workmanship and high-end finishes.

For signal transmission MagniFi MAX was equipped with four HDMI ports with HDCP 2.2, AUX, Ethernet. You can also stream audio to the soundbar via Bluetooth.

The soundbar has separate amplifiers for HF and LF speakers (four amplifiers in total), the signal to which comes from the DSP. This model features Virtual Surround, enhanced playback of Dialogue Enhance Mode dialogs, and limitation of the dynamic range of sound for late viewing of Night Mode movies.

Polk Audio MagniFi Max 2.jpg

The initial setup of the soundbar is only a pairing with a wireless subwoofer, which is done literally at the touch of a button. When connected via HDMI, the Polk Audio MagniFi MAX delivered a very dense and rich sound, with a picture well-spaced in depth and width.

Taking into account the stereo configuration, the soundbar is not designed to generate surround sound, however, turning on the Virtual Surround function allows you to add additional dimension to the picture.

The subwoofer was well integrated into the overall sound, and, accurately responding to the low-frequency component of the signal, was practically not identified as a sound source.

The presence of Chromecast support deserves special attention. Such a function will allow the MagniFi MAX to be integrated into the Google Home system and, accordingly, the user will be able to launch the content with a voice command. Chromecast also expands streaming capabilities

Polk Audio MagniFi Max 3.jpg

Polk Audio MagniFi MAX features Polk Audio’s signature sound – assertive and dynamic – for both movie and music tracks. This is one of the rare soundbars in its price range that is perfect for party scoring.

In terms of the reliability of the transmission of music of most genres, it can well compete with a pair of speakers of comparable cost – and this is taking into account the fact that in this case you get all the necessary electronics.

Of course, we could not deny ourselves the pleasure of testing the Chromecast in action, and its work was also beyond praise. Songs recorded in lossless format on a phone used as a remote control sounded energetic and generally neutral, with good treble detail and focused bass.

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