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Polk Audio S35E: Perfectly balanced

Polk Audio is an audio brand mainly known in the United States, but you can also get some of its best products in Europe, and such is the case of the Polk Audio Signature E Series family, a mid-range line Upgraded that sits between the brand’s entry-level and high-end T-series.

This is where the Polk Audio S35E comes in , which becomes the center speaker of the lineup, and which is characterized by its 150W output power and the presence of 5.1 sound channels.

This center speaker is made to be accompanied by one of the three floor standing tower speakers of the E Series, specifically the S60e, S55e and S50e, but nothing stops us from putting it together with a lower or higher category tower speaker, such as the  Polk Audio T50  that we talked about the other day. And unsurprisingly, the Polk Audio S35E complements the S20e, S15e, and S10e bookshelf speakers.

Polk Audio Signature E Series

Either way, all the speakers in this range use the same high-resolution Terylene tweeter and patented Power Port technology, so the only difference lies in the size of the mid-bass drivers.

A small but powerful center speaker

The Polk Audio S35e is a dedicated center speaker and in terms of aesthetics it is exactly what we would imagine from a speaker designed by this particular company. The S35e uses six 3-inch mid-bass drivers with mica- reinforced polypropylene cones and the same 1-inch terylene tweeter as the S50e.

It has dimensions of 61.98 x 15.49 x 10.48 cm and a weight of 6.35 kilograms, which is a great advantage, since we can place it in sound configurations where space is a limitation, such as for example in front of / below the TV, this without interfering with the screen display.

Not only does it look chic in its two color presentations (black and white), but it is also ideal to accompany home theater setups with little space , which is why it earns a few thumbs up in this section. When compared to its predecessor, the Polk Audio S30, this speaker’s low-end extension has been sacrificed in favor of a height of just 105mm, which should make installation easier.

To top it off, the speaker features low-distortion cones for crisp bass , improved linearity, and increased dynamic midrange to ensure rich, clean, full-range sound that’s perfect for enjoying movies, TV shows, and music alike.

Additionally, we have the option to remove the grilles to give the speaker body a retro look and to mount it on the wall easily thanks to the included template.

How about the sound?

First of all, we are in the presence of a soundbar with a 150W output power that provides 5.1 channels of sound . In addition, it has a sensitivity of 89dB and a frequency response of 70Hz-40kHz, which is why it receives the Hi-Res Audio certificate.

As with the S50e, the S35e uses the Dynamic Balance driver design and rear-facing bass ports; It is also equipped with anti-fracture cloth magnetic grilles and gold-plated five-way binding posts at the rear.

Without being anything to write home about, the Polk Audio S35E more than delivers in its respective sector of the market, where it can enable any set of loudspeakers it accompanies to reach its full potential. In this sense, it can be used as a center speaker in a 5.1 surround sound system or as a left and right channel in a stereo setup.

In another vein, it would be a sin not to mention the exclusive Polk Power Port technology for bass enhancement; although where it really shines is when it comes to reproducing highs and mid frequencies. In fact, the Polk Audio S35 has better bass based on the experience of various users.

The sound of the Polk Audio S35E itself is crisp and clear with mid-range sounds and voices. There is no indication of distortion at higher volume levels and it should be noted that it does a good job with clarity of voices, but again the S35 is ahead of it on this last point.

When you combine the Polk Audio S35E with the other speakers in the lineup, the result is a cohesive and tonally balanced system that delivers deep bass and dynamic delivery, making for a refined multichannel system.


Polk Audio S35E is a very complete and balanced center speaker in terms of sound, not to mention that it is thin, so it can go in spaces where other center channels do not fit. If it were not for the fact that it lacks a bit in the deep bass and in providing greater clarity in the voices, we would give it a perfect score, but unfortunately that is not the case.


  • Good quality of mids and highs
  • Good design and compact size
  • Can be used as a center speaker or in stereo configuration


  • Leave to be desired in the deep bass
  • A little expensive

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