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Samsung HW-A450 Review: Loud enough


The Samsung HW-A450 is a 2021 budget soundbar with a 2.1 sound scheme. After unpacking and without additional settings, it has a neutral sound profile with a certain shade of bass. If the user prefers a different sound, then the soundbar has quite a few functions to improve the sound. For example, graphic equalizer and presets.

But whatever you say and no matter how you tune, this acoustics lacks low bass, even after tuning and calibration. Consider a review of the Samsung HW-A450 soundbar, which sounds loud and without jamming too much.

Samsung HW-A450 review

The HW-A450 bar model has a simple structure with optical input and USB port. The predecessor is the Samsung HW-T450 , which has a similar design. The speaker supports Bluetooth for wireless streaming from a mobile device. However, the model in question does not support Dolby Atmos. Therefore, the surround sound quality is poor.


The new Samsung A450 is very similar to the Samsung T450. The bar has the same rectangular design. The front and top sides are covered with a thin, slightly shiny cloth. The material on all other sides is black plastic. Wooden subwoofer. Its front side is covered with a thin cloth that can easily get dusty or dirty.

The Samsung Soundbar HW-A450 does not come with satellites, but satellites can be purchased separately as a Samsung Wireless Rear Speaker Kit. The Samsung A450 is relatively long, although it should fit between the legs of most 55-inch TVs. Soundbar dimensions 86 x 5.3 x 7.6 cm.

The back of the Samsung A-450 is very simple. There are only two connections. On the left side, the power is connected, and on the right side there are additional interface inputs. On the underside of the bar there are universal holes for wall mounting.

The Samsung A450 subwoofer is the same size as a regular desktop PC case. Since it connects to the bar wirelessly, it can be placed anywhere in the room, as long as you need to provide a power outlet. Its dimensions are 18 x 34 x 27 cm.

The back of the sub is straightforward. The bass reflex output is located at the top. At the bottom is the power cable inlet and the wireless button.

Samsung HW-A450 interfaces


The Samsung A450 soundbar has a very good frequency response for a stereo system. The sound profile is thought to be fairly neutral, though, with some bass tinge. Perhaps, this is enough for watching ordinary films with various sound effects. However, to reiterate, the soundbar lacks loud bass.

This can be frustrating if you want to feel the deep rumble in heavy bass music. But on the other hand, this soundbar comes with various sound enhancement features including graphic equalizer and various presets. Unfortunately, the HW-A450 soundbar is a typical stereo system that will fail to expand the soundstage.

As it follows from the 2.1 sound scheme, the A-450 does not have a separate center channel. Instead, the bar uses left and right radiators to create sound in the center. As a result, this “imaginary channel” sounds more scattered and less clear than other discrete center speaker systems.

The Samsung A450 soundbar in question has various sound enhancement features. For example, a graphic equalizer. Various presets help you customize the sound to your liking: Standard, Surround, Bass Boost, Game, and Adaptive Sound Lite.

As a reminder, the Adaptive Sound Lite preset acts as a dialog enhancement feature. If you press and hold the Sound Mode button while the soundbar is off, you can turn auto volume mode on or off.

Connections and management

The number of ports in the A450 soundbar is limited. There is only optical audio input and USB input. Since the soundbar does not have a full-fledged HDMI interface, you will not be able to use the device as a hub. Samsung HW A450 supports Dolby Digital and DTS content on optical audio input.

These are usually Blu-ray discs and some streaming platforms. But how can you enjoy it, knowing that content is turning into 2.1 sound? The acoustic panel HW A450 has a simple interface made in the form of a small screen located in the middle of the body behind a fabric cover. It can display no more than six characters at a time, so it uses a creeping line.

When the user is not configuring anything, the screen is dimmed. The soundbar has four buttons at the top of the case. They can be used to turn the panel on or off, adjust the volume and switch inputs. The remote control is designed in the same style as the Samsung HW-T450. It allows you to manage all the soundbar settings.

Samsung is touting a “One Remote Control” feature that lets you use the soundbar’s remote control to control compatible Samsung TVs. However, there is currently no positive feedback that this works correctly.

Graphic Equalizer and Presets.
Loud enough.

No Wi-Fi, Chromecast and Apple AirPlay support.


The Samsung A450 acoustic panel is adapted for music. It has a neutral sound profile, well suited to many genres and a decent soundstage.

It can be loud enough for a house party and fill a large room. However, despite the lack of low-frequency components in its sound, the soundbar lacks low bass.

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4.1 / 5. 49

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