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Samsung HW-Q60B Review: Surround sound at an attractive price

Samsung can be synonymous with quality and we are not saying it because it is a firm that we like (although ... Read more

Samsung can be synonymous with quality and we are not saying it because it is a firm that we like (although we must accept that we tend to prefer it on many occasions) because also when they have released not so good products we say it without any problem, but usually the same thing happens. contrary.

Samsung HW-Q60B Review

That happens in all their equipment, so we can say that it is a trusted brand. Today we want to talk about the Samsung HW-Q60B/ZF, a sound bar that works quite well, in addition, it has an affordable price, which suggests that it is a mid-range model, so don’t expect impressive quality or technologies either. of a higher level.

Exterior design of the Samsung HW-Q60B/ZF

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We are facing a model that looks good from any angle, so we only have to worry about giving it a correct placement

The Samsung HW-Q60B physically seems attractive to us, and it does not have many details that we can analyze, in fact, its simplicity in construction makes its design something that we consider positive. We emphasize this because perhaps for many users it is not something special, but everyone has their own tastes.

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This bar implements materials of an acceptable quality, which ensures that it can last us for several years with due care . Its completely black chassis offers a certain elegance, although that also depends on the environment where it is going to be placed. We must say that it is somewhat large and requires specific spaces.

Its weight also makes it not so comfortable to move, so from the beginning we must be sure where we are going to place it, to avoid moving it frequently and thus avoid an accident. Its appearance seeks to give a different impression, something closer to the minimalist . To tell the truth it combines quite well with any television.


It implements the essential connectors for a good user experience, we are talking about an HDMI input and output that will be very important, since these will allow connecting external devices to send or receive the audio signal. The advantage is that its compatibility is extensive and it can work with various devices.

One disadvantage is that it does not include an optical input, which does not seem so necessary when having the connectors that we mentioned above, but it is always good to have this possibility, since many users prefer it or allow them to have more devices connected at the same time. . But as we say, it does not become a major problem.

What it does integrate is a USB port that allows you to use storage units and play the audio files that are on them. The advantage is that this bar has compatibility with a good variety of formats. Another attraction is its Bluetooth 4.2 connection that allows the operation of the aforementioned connectors, but wirelessly.

Sound quality and functions in general of the Samsung HW-Q60B

In terms of quality, the Samsung HW-Q60B/ZF is a good option, obviously the experience will not be incredible as it happens with high-end models, but it defends itself well and is perfect for low- and medium-range televisions. To begin with, it has a total power of 340W , yes, including the subwoofer, which is wireless by the way.

It is a 3.1 channel sound that helps to improve the dialogues, since in general they are the ones that suffer the most and sometimes not even a good power makes them heard clearly, so this is great for it. It seeks to cover even the minimum space in the room and bedroom, so that the experience is completely enveloping.

It works under several decoders to make the experience even better, here we highlight the presence of Dolby Atmos , DTS Digital Surround and DTS Virtual:X . Another attraction is that it interprets the intelligent sound, that is, it analyzes the acoustic signal and automatically offers an optimized sound based on each scene that is played.

Through Q-Symphony technology, it synchronizes perfectly with Samsung televisions and they will just be able to generate clear and realistic sound. Game mode allows you to connect your console and obtain excellent effects, here noise cancellation is also in action, which is capable of eliminating interference so you don’t get distracted.


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It will not be the most equipped sound bar in terms of features, but it does include some that are essential to enjoy full sound

As you can see, the Samsung HW-Q60B seems to be a good option, although it also has its respective disadvantages. So we could say that it is well balanced. But speaking more seriously, it is a sound system that we recommend exclusively for televisions or devices of a medium and low range.

Obviously you can use it for any other category, but the improvement is not much, since generally these teams already integrate superior technologies that resemble the experience. Also mention that it does not have Wi-Fi , so you will not be able to use streaming applications, at least directly with the sound bar.

Samsung HW-Q60B: Pros and Cons


  • Elegant design
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • acceptable sound
  • enhancement features
  • Price


  • Does not include optical input
  • Does not offer Wi-Fi
  • Could include some extra technology



Make model Samsung HW-Q60B/ZF
audio output channels 3.1 channels
RMS estimated power 340W
Total number of speakers 7
subwoofer included Yeah
RMS power 160W
Supported audio formats
  • CAA
  • AIFF
  • FLAC
  • MP3
  • ogg
  • WAV
  • WMA
  • 2xHDMI
  • 1x USB2.0
Bluetooth yes, 4.2
Sound Bar Dimensions (H x W x D) 57 x 1030 x 105mm
Sound bar weight 3.5kg
Subwoofer Dimensions (H x W x D) 343 x 184 x 295mm
Subwoofer weight 5.5kg


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An excellent choice for anyone looking for a real gaming monster that can handle any modern games.