Samsung HW-Q60C Review: Affordable and feature-packed soundbar

Samsung HW-Q60C Review
Samsung HW-Q60C Review
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Soundbars have always been the best way to improve the audio of our televisions or other compatible devices. There are an impressive number of models, obviously new alternatives continue to emerge every year that seek to adapt to new technologies and user needs.

However, previous models are still competing today, therefore, finding the ideal model can be a little difficult, but we precisely seek to help you choose the one that best suits your needs. Samsung is one of the firms that has the best options. Today we want to talk about the  Samsung HW-Q60C/ZF , which is located in the initial range, but for its price it seems excellent to us due to the performance it provides and the quality it offers.


Q-series 3.1 ch. Soundbar Q60C
Q-series 3.1 ch. Soundbar Q60C

Aesthetically, the Samsung HW-Q60C will not be something incredible, in fact, it is quite similar to other models that we have already analyzed as well. We usually see slight changes, but in higher-end models. Here we find a simple construction that does not mean that it is bad, on the contrary, a good placement can make it look better and combine well with the environment.

Likewise, the quality of its materials is acceptable, therefore, with good care it will be a product that can last several years. We like that its chassis is completely black, since it is a color that improves presence. It does not offer a minimalist appearance, but it does feel a slight elegance that allows it to integrate well into different environments . Remember that placement is important.

If you need to move it constantly there will be no problem, since it is not such a big bar, in addition, it has a weight of just 3.5 kg which makes it certainly portable. Not to take it anywhere, but to move it around comfortably. As can be seen from the appearance, we have a nice soundbar.

It has a good construction that allows it to integrate correctly into any environment
It has a good construction that allows it to integrate correctly into any environment



From the connectivity offered we can see that it is a basic soundbar. Because it has an input and output, HDMI. It also offers an optical input for connecting external devices. This in physical connections, since it does improve due to wireless connectivity. But this connector is designed to emit sound when the content we are watching works with digital audio.

The problem is that some devices will not be compatible, therefore, it is best to use its Bluetooth connection , which expands the possibilities, although perhaps the experience in terms of quality will drop slightly, since I know the sound will not be transmitted via cable, which is always better. It also includes a USB port that allows direct playback and supports various playback formats.

We cannot forget that it offers compatibility with NFC that allows us to pair our mobile phone. This detail stands out a lot because even more expensive models do not include it. Here the disadvantages are obvious, for example, the lack of Wi-Fi that can be used to use certain functions seems to be a problem because for the price of this bar we have seen some models that do include said connection.

Audio quality and general functions

The Samsung HW-Q60C/ZF is focused on improving the sound of the television, especially those that are low and even mid-range. This soundbar includes a woofer that stands out for offering superior bass. Likewise, it has Surround Sound Expansion ( SSE ) technology that offers compatibility with One Remote Control that improves the experience by covering more areas.

Several speakers are offered with the necessary power for a good experience that also add Dolby technologies that are usually common in this type of device. The reality is that you get deeper audio, although it is not as enveloping as we would have liked, but it defends itself well, especially if we consider its current price, which can be considered economical.

The advantage is that we find other technologies that will also provide a significant improvement. For example, Voice Enhance Mode , which is responsible for optimizing the equalizer in order to make the dialogues clearer, something that we highlight in its entirety, since it is usually the main problem in televisions of the ranges that we mention. With this we ensure that it is not noticeable.

We will even perceive this improvement when the volume is low. It also integrates a night mode that when the volume is activated it is automatically lowered and the bass is compressed so that it is less annoying without losing so much audio quality. With all these improvements we are going to ensure that movies, series and television programs can be heard deeply.

Is this soundbar worth purchasing?

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It offers good audio quality that is correctly accompanied by the different technologies it offers for a better experience

The Samsung HW-Q60C offers other features that improve the experience, for example, for video it works with 4K Video Pass and HDR10+ . In the case of sound, we also find compatibility with Q-Symphony technology that will combine different sound channels, with this we obtain amplified and more enveloping audio throughout the room. It also offers Tap Sound .

With everything mentioned, it seems to us that this soundbar is acceptable to provide a good experience in general terms, obviously we recommend it for low-range, medium-range televisions and some high-end entry-level models. It meets its objective. In any case, there are many options with better quality that may be a better alternative depending on your needs.

Samsung HW-Q60C: Pros and cons


  • Design
  • Connectivity
  • Sound
  • Enhancement Features
  • Price


  • No Wi-Fi


Samsung HW-Q60C Specifications:

Make model Samsung HW-Q60C/ZF
Number of channels 3.1 channels
Subwoofer type Wireless
Number of speakers 7
Audio Features
  • Dolby
  • Voice Enhance Mode
  • Night Mode
  • Sound modes
  • Multi channel
Video Features
  • 4K Video Pass
  • HDR10+
Decoding format
  • AAC
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • OGG
  • FLAC
  • HDMI input
  • HDMI output
  • Optical audio output
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
Special features
  • Q-Symphony
  • Tap Sound
Dimensions of the main speakers (Height x Width x Depth) 57 x 1030 x 105mm
Main speakers weight 3.5kg
Subwoofer Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 343 x 184 x 295mm
Subwoofer weight 5.5kg

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