Samsung HW-Q60R Review: Affordable Q-class soundbar

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Samsung HW-Q60R is the entry-level variant of the Q-class soundbar line. It is very similar in circuitry to the HW-Q70R with the main difference that it does not support Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Instead, a simple 5.1 circuit is used. However, there are a number of other perks, including the same nice solid chassis, separate subwoofer, Harman Kardon involvement, and adaptive sound.

The panel also supports the Samsung Audio Remote App and lets you add rear speakers. Dropping support for object-oriented audio helps keep the price down. So the question is, is this soundbar enough to justify its place in Samsung’s lineup, or is it better to buy the HW-Q70R? We’ll answer these and other questions in Samsung’s HW-Q60R review.

Samsung HW-Q60R review


The Samsung HW-Q60R soundbar looks identical to the more expensive HW-Q70R , with the exact same main unit. The build quality is quite good and the low form factor won’t block the screen. The Spartan design uses a black finish with metal accents. On the front right, there is a small display that shows basic information such as the selected source or volume level.

There are some simple controls on the right sidebar. The HW-Q60 soundbar comes with additional holders for more stable support. But if you prefer a wall mount, then brackets, screws and a template are provided for this.

The soundbar comes with a subwoofer. The bass reflex hole is located on the back of the case, and the 6.5-inch driver is on the side. According to Samsung, the lower frequency of the subwoofer can be as high as 42Hz. The sub is made of MDF, well glued and finished in matte black.

Samsung HW-Q60R interfaces


The Samsung HW-Q60R can transmit the highest quality signal through its HDMI input. It’s a shame it only has one such port. Alternatively, you can use the analog input to connect older devices. You can play music stored on USB media via the Micro USB port.

Through the HDMI ARC port, this soundbar supports the most common Dolby Digital and DTS soundbar formats. You can enjoy 5.1 surround sound from any content encoded in these formats, such as Blu-ray discs or streaming media. Unfortunately, due to ARC limitations, there is no way to play formats over this connection losslessly.

Dolby Digital and DTS content is usually found on Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and streaming platforms such as Netflix. The HW-Q60R panel offers surround sound using any of these formats through an optical digital port (cable included). The Samsung HW-Q60R soundbar only supports Bluetooth for wireless playback. The lack of Wi-Fi, Chromecast built-in, and Apple AirPlay may disappoint some users.

Additional functions

The HW-Q60R’s interface consists of a small screen behind the front grill on the right. It is convenient to use and can display the volume level and input source. Due to its small size, sometimes you have to scroll the text to display the entire message.

The buttons on the side allow you to perform basic operations such as controlling the volume, turning the panel on or off, and selecting an input. The style of the remote is traditional, like the latest Samsung TVs. All functions of the soundbar can be controlled, but unfortunately it cannot work as a universal remote.

Samsung HW-Q60R review

The Samsung Audio Remote app that works with the Samsung Soundbar HW-Q60R is the same as most modern Samsung home appliances and TVs. It doesn’t completely replace the remote, as it lacks a settings button and lacks a Bluetooth pairing button.

The Samsung HW-Q60R, like all other Q series soundbars, can turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity. HDMI ARC supports HDMI CEC, so you can use your TV’s remote control for basic panel tasks.


The Samsung HW-Q60R soundbar has good stereo sound and a fairly flat frequency response. The overall sound palette of this panel is great and sounds neutral, accurate and clear.
The soundbar also uses acoustic beam technology to expand the sound’s panorama.

The speakers utilize wide directional tweeters designed for a more enjoyable listening experience from anywhere. Although acoustic beam technology adds side channels, there is no surround sound. However, you can purchase wireless speakers separately (SWA-8500S) by creating a 7.1 system.

The Samsung HW-Q60R does not have upward-firing height speakers and does not support Atmos or DTS: X. Depending on the type of content, the panel adapts the sound using all available channels to provide the best performance in each scene.

In other words, if it is a news or documentary program, the central channel emphasizes the speech more clearly. Conversely, the left and right channels have priority for music, and together the channels will be used for stadium or movie effects.

Samsung HW-Q60R design

Setup and operation

The Samsung HW-Q60R Soundbar is easy to install: place it on a flat surface in front of your TV, make sure it doesn’t block the screen, and that there are no obstructions to the front or side of the drivers. All you need to do is position the subwoofer to the front, left or right of the TV. The subwoofer should automatically connect, although this can be done manually if needed.

The HW-Q60 is easy to operate. You can use the side controls, the supplied remote, the TV remote, or (if you have an Android phone) the Samsung Audio Remote app. In most cases, a soundbar remote will be the best choice.


The Samsung HW-Q60R is a great soundbar with an attractive design, great build quality, and great sound quality. If you are looking to improve the sound quality of your TV, then this soundbar will fit the bill with a wide, well-defined front soundstage and plenty of bass from a dedicated subwoofer.

It’s also a good choice for gamers. The lack of built-in Wi-Fi comes as a surprise and significantly reduces the HW-Q60’s feature set. As a result, better alternatives can be found, making it difficult to fully recommend the HW-Q60R soundbar.