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Samsung HW-Q930C: Might just be the soundbar you should buy this year

Samsung Hw Q930c Review
Samsung HW-Q930C Review

Samsung HW-Q930C is a premium soundbar with 9.1.4 sound, released in 2023. This is the next generation of Samsung HW-Q930B with almost the same features and slightly better sound. There are plenty of options to control the panel’s sound with SpaceFit Sound’s room correction tool and 7-band graphic equalizer.

Built-in Alexa support lets you control your device with your voice. The included rear speakers give multi-channel content a more immersive feel, while its blockbuster subwoofer adds plenty of rumble in the bass. It remains to be seen how good this soundbar is, and is the HW-Q930C worth buying? In our Samsung HW-Q930C review, we will try to answer these other questions.

Samsung HW-Q930C review


The Samsung HW-Q930C soundbar has a similar design to its predecessor, the Samsung HW-Q930B . Both acoustic panels have beveled edges, giving them a hexagonal shape. There are metal grilles on the top, front and sides of the soundbar. As in last year’s model, the speakers are placed at an angle.


There are metal grilles on the top and front, and the sides are made of plastic. Cable managers are located underneath the speakers to keep wires neatly organized. The speakers are the same size as other premium devices, including last year’s Samsung HW-Q930B.

They connect to the bar wirelessly. The acoustic panel is quite wide. It probably won’t fit between the legs of a 55-inch TV stand. On the other hand, she is not very tall. Therefore, if the TV is on a table, the panel will not block part of the screen. It is possible to mount the bar on the wall.

The subwoofer is also very similar to the one used in the Samsung HW-Q930B model. It is made from a wood-like material that feels strong and durable. However, the fabric covering on the side of the subwoofer can collect dust and pet hair over time.

You should also be careful when moving it to avoid tearing the fabric. The subwoofer is comparable in size to an average desktop computer. It’s wireless, so you don’t have to physically connect it to the panel. Samsung Q930C has excellent build quality. The bar and subwoofer are made from premium materials.


The package includes a wall mounting rail, as well as brackets and screws for mounting. The product also comes with a user manual, four power cords for the subwoofer, soundbar and rear speakers, a remote control with two batteries and a one and a half meter HDMI cable.

Samsung HW-Q930C design


The HW-Q930C soundbar is equipped with many sound enhancement features. This room correction tool is called SpaceFit Sound. It is designed to optimize the panel’s output based on the unique acoustics of your room. If you prefer to adjust the sound manually, there is a 7-band equalizer, as well as preset modes.

These are Standard, Surround, Game and Adaptive Sound. It’s also worth noting that the treble adjustment tool doesn’t work when the panel is in “Standard” mode, at least for the model in question.


You can also use the Voice Enhancer tool to, as expected, improve voices, or Night Mode to even out volume levels between different programs. In addition, there is a Q-Symphony feature that is available to owners of compatible Samsung TVs. Q-Symphony synchronizes the panel for improved sound.

Many of the listed functions are accessible through the gear button on the remote control. On the front of the panel there is a four-character display that shows several different settings, such as volume and input. Longer messages are subject to scrolling.

To show which format is being played, press the “i” button on the remote control. The controls at the top of the panel allow you to control some basic settings. You can change the input, adjust the volume, and turn the microphone on and off. The remote or app is required to access additional features and sound enhancement tools.

The remote control allows you to control the functions of the bar. You can also download the Samsung SmartThings app to customize the panel settings from your smartphone. Built-in Amazon Alexa allows you to control the panel using your voice. For more private moments there is a microphone mute button.


Sound quality in Stereo mode

Samsung HW-Q930C has excellent stereo frequency response. Its Standard preset is ideal for music. When this mode is enabled, the user receives a fairly neutral and balanced sound. Voices and lead instruments are reproduced clearly and accurately.

The bass sounds a little more punchy, which brings genres like EDM and hip-hop to life. You can also customize the sound using a graphic equalizer and presets, including an Adaptive Sound mode that makes the sound brighter than the Standard mode.

If the user prefers a more neutral sound when listening to stereo content, then it is recommended to use the panel with default settings in “Standard” mode. This soundbar has many customization features, including a graphic equalizer, as well as bass and treble adjustments.

The sound stage in the bar is very decent. In standard mode, it is perceived to be slightly wider than the bar itself. Switching to Adaptive Sound mode doesn’t actually increase the width of the soundstage, but rather adds a bit of artificiality to the sound. This mode moves vocals and instruments to the rear of the TV.


In any case, focusing is good, especially in the middle of the soundstage. The Samsung Q930C Soundbar gets more than loud enough to fill a large open space with sound. However, when reaching maximum volume, there is some compression in both the low and high frequency ranges.

This is especially noticeable on bass-heavy tracks. Distortion is within acceptable limits when listening at normal volume levels. This ensures clean and clear sound reproduction. When the volume is set to maximum, there is a slight jump in distortion, which is considered quite normal. In addition, this jump is quite difficult to hear.

Samsung HW-Q930C review

Surround Sound Quality

The Samsung HW-Q930C 9.1.4 soundbar features a dedicated center channel to enhance vocals in the mix. The channel’s frequency response is very smooth and balanced, especially in the midrange where most voices are heard. As a result, on-screen conversations are easy to follow.

The Samsung Q930C Soundbar features two separate speakers that deliver clearer, more realistic sound from surround sound formats such as Dolby Digital. As a result, sound effects are stretched across the space around the seat and appear to be precisely placed in the sound stage.

The frequency response of these channels is a little warm due to the rich bass, while the rich treble provides some extra brightness. However, the sound effects in the mix are clear. The upward-firing speakers on both the bar and speakers are designed to bounce sound off the ceiling and create the illusion of height with content such as Dolby Atmos video .

Overall, these channels have a fairly balanced sound, so sound effects are reproduced clearly and accurately. However, slightly underestimating the high frequencies makes them a bit dull and veiled. Overall, the panel handles Atmos content well. The subwoofer brings strong bass to fast-paced scenes and dialogue is clear in the mix.

The soundstage extends to the sides and overhead. This is great for scenes where helicopters are flying overhead and cars are speeding by. The result is immersive sound with crisp detail. In “Standard” mode, the placement of sound effects in space is more precise.

The Adaptive Sound mode adds a bit more detail, although some scenes sound a little brighter and others sound more artificial. Therefore, it is advisable to always switch between modes to select the most suitable sound.

Samsung HW-Q930C interfaces


The HW-Q930C soundbar connects to your TV via HDMI or optical connection. Additionally, the soundbar has an HDMI In port, so it can be used as a hub between devices for high-quality data transfer. There is also a service entrance for firmware updates.

The Q930C soundbar supports a variety of audio formats used on both streaming platforms and Blu-ray, including Dolby Atmos. It is possible to enjoy surround sound such as Dolby Digital, as well as lossless and object-based formats such as Dolby Atmos.

Optically, this soundbar can play Dolby Digital content, which is more common in streaming services, as well as DTS content, which is more common in Blu-ray viewing. Synchronization works very well. The viewer will not notice a delay between the sound he hears and the image on the screen.

There are also no problems with lip syncing. However, some apps and TVs compensate for latency differently. The Audio Sync feature allows you to manually adjust the delay if any problems arise. It can be accessed using the gear button on the remote control or through the More Settings tab in the app.

In addition to physical connections, the Samsung HW-Q930C soundbar allows you to transmit sound from various devices to the panel wirelessly through many different connections. If the user has a Samsung phone with Android 8.1 or higher, then you can use the “Tap Sound” function to transfer sound from the phone to the panel.


This 9.1.4 soundbar delivers balanced sound right out of the box, making it suitable for listening to a wide range of different audio content.

Voices and lead instruments sound clear and precise, and dialogue from your favorite TV shows and movies is easy to follow. In addition, the subwoofer of the Samsung Q930C soundbar brings a strong rumble in the bass. The panel supports many different audio formats common to streaming platforms and Blu-ray.

Samsung HW-Q930C Specifications

Brand Samsung
Series HW-Q930С
Type Soundbar (soundbar)
Sound scheme 9.1.4 CH
type of instalation Shelf/wall-mounted
UltraHD (4K) support Yes
Rated power 540 W (total)
Soundbar power 340 W
Impedance 6 Ohm*
Wireless subwoofer Yes
Acoustic design Bass reflex
Power 200 W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 210 x 403 x 210 mm
Weight 9.8 kg
Wireless Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Physical Optical, 2 x HDMI input, 1 x HDMI output
Audio decoders Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby MAT, Dolby TrueHD
Control Remote control with Alexa
Dimensions (WxHxD) 1110 x 60 x 120 mm
Weight (total) 15.2 kg
Color Black

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