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Samsung HW-S40T Review • Soundbar with built-in subwoofer

Most potential users face the problem of buying a soundbar and a separate subwoofer, even if the sub is from another manufacturer. The soundbar reviewed...

Most potential users face the problem of buying a soundbar and a separate subwoofer, even if the sub is from another manufacturer. The soundbar reviewed in the Samsung HW-S40T review contains a built-in subwoofer, and this solves the problem of choice. Is the Samsung HW-S40T worth the money?


Samsung HW-S40T: Design

The developers of the Samsung HW-S40T model tried to combine the maximum possible radiators in one soundbar, so that it would be convenient to place the soundbar almost anywhere.

In fact, the HW-S40T soundbar has two built-in woofers and two tweeters. Both of these layouts are contained within a small frame that is hidden by the exterior decor. The design is made of Kvadrat textiles, which adds an extra elegant style to your interior. According to the manufacturer, the finishing materials “are durable”.


Samsung’s HW-S40T Features

Samsung HW-S40T design

Sound quality

At first glance, the Samsung HW-S40T Soundbar is a soundbar with good sound quality. In music mode, the soundbar can automatically optimize the sound based on what is currently being played. This allows both vocals and instrumental tracks to sound pretty good. In the expert laboratory, this was confirmed during testing of the Samsung HW-S40T.

Audio mode

The Samsung HW-S40T Soundbar has intelligent selection and optimization of the sound mode to suit your setup. Despite such statements, the user has the ability to use only two sound presets, not counting the “Standard”. The first mode is Musical. This option provides automatic sound optimization. That is, we get the best sound from the input content at the output.

Another mode is “Smart Sound”. In this case, the built-in artificial intelligence is affected by the optimization of the sound settings. The HW-S40T sacndbar can significantly improve the sound transmitted by the TV, ensuring clarity of sound no matter what level (loud event or quiet dialogue) will be at the input.

Wireless connection

The Samsung S40T soundbar has some wireless features. Bluetooth connection is possible in two ways. Bluetooth “Multi-connection” can be used. This mode allows you to connect two devices at the same time to the soundbar and simply switch between the two devices (sources).


Another option that is often used is the “Bluetooth TV” connection. Here the TV connects to the soundbar without any cables. Unfortunately, Bluetooth is the only wireless connection to the soundbar. Another possibility to connect “physically” the bar is the optical input.


The HW-S40T soundbar has only a couple of interfaces. You can connect a smartphone to the soundbar via Bluetooth. Or, using the same interface, we connect the TV.


To connect to the TV, the Bluetooth menu on the TV is required. However, using the “Multi” mode for TV and smartphone will not work. To connect a pair of smartphones, disconnect the connection in the menu of the previous paired pair. Moreover, this is done on the terminal devices, and not on the soundbar itself.

The Samsung S40T soundbar has an AUX cable connection. Most users think this is the preferred option. There is no HDMI support.


Samsung HW-S40T interfaces


Soundbar Samsung HW-S40T does not require any complicated installation, especially if the connection is made via wireless network. However, one outlet is required to power the soundbar.


Soundbar Samsung HW-S40T includes a remote control. With the help of the remote control, you can somehow manage the bar without getting up from the sofa, but its functions are so scanty that a separate section in the HW-S40T review is not required.

Samsung HW-S40T specifications

  • The total output power is 100 W.
  • Number of speakers 4.
  • Sound scheme 2.0 .
  • Dolby 2.0 Ch.
  • Panel-mounted subwoofer.
  • Sound modes: Standard, Music, Smart.
  • Optical input.
  • Bluetooth AAC.
  • Remote control.
  • Dimensions 938x138x220 mm.


According to experts, the Samsung HW-S40T is one of the best soundbars for its price. Although the “experts” can be wrong here. There are several JBL soundbar models that surpass Samsung.



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