Despite its small size, the Samsung HW-S60T still manages to reproduce high power 4.0 sound without a separate subwoofer. In terms of design, Kvadrat’s rounded shapes and fabrics mean a complete break with the techno design we’re used to seeing from Samsung.

The HW-S60T as well as the HW-Q800T are part of the Cinematic series, which should offer the best audio reproduction Samsung has. Unlike the Q800T, this model does not have built-in Q-Symphony technology. In this Samsung HW-S60T review, we’ll take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of this soundbar.


The appearance of the Samsung HW-S60T soundbar is very similar in design to the Harman Kardon Citation Multibeam 700. The size of the HW-S60T is a small soundbar that tries to squeeze too much in terms of sound reproduction. The bar is supplied without a subwoofer as standard.

Apparently there are people who want to improve the sound of the TV, but do not want to have a large soundbar and a separate large subwoofer. Minimalism is the essence of this model. Those looking for more can expand the HW-S60T with the SWA-W500 Wireless Subwoofer and SWA-8500 Wireless Rear Speakers.

This modular approach does not oblige the buyer to purchase additional channels, and this is the positive side of the soundbar in question. Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat has been a well-known name in the field of designer furniture for many years. With its original design and the use of beautiful fabrics from Kvadrat, the HW-S60T looks very fashionable and fits well with modern interiors.

According to Samsung, the fabric is easy to wipe and clean. The HW-S60T is a compact unit with a width of 76.4 cm, a height of 6.8 cm and a depth of 12.5 cm. There are soundbars in smaller sizes, but this format can still be called small. Symmetry lovers would prefer a soundbar that’s exactly this width.

Samsung has resolutely adopted a minimalist approach in all areas. Looking at the controls on the soundbar itself, the HW-S60T has only a few buttons. They are very discreetly located on top. The model has no display. How do you know which sound mode is selected, or how do you change the settings?

– The HW-S60T itself reports both the mode and the settings. It is possible to choose the language in which these comments will sound. Original version: English. You can also switch to French or German. So, rusish nicht ferstein. The modest 6.8 cm height initially seems ideal.

However, on some TVs, the HW-S60T soundbar will overlap the bottom of the screen by no more than 2 cm. This issue is not limited to the soundbar in question. Sound bars with a height of only 1-2 cm are extremely rare. Samsung is an exception to this trend because most of its TVs have enough free space to properly position the soundbar under the screen.

In any case, when shopping for a soundbar, it is important to make sure it is not high enough to “rise” above the screen. But with wall mounting, you can easily adjust the height of the screen. The HW-S60T soundbar comes with everything you need for wall mounting (except screws and wall plugs).

Samsung HW-S60T design

Samsung HW-S60T and HW-S61T differences

It should be noted right away that there is also a Samsung HW-S61T model. How does it differ from the HW-S60T reviewed in the review? This is exactly the same device, but instead of black, this soundbar is covered in light gray cloth. Thus, there is practically no difference between the HW-S60T and the HW-S61T.

Samsung HW-S60T review

Sound quality

Although the S60T soundbar is a relatively simple device, it uses some technologies to expand the soundstage. Two side speakers, for example, guarantee good separation between left and right channels. Therefore, moving sound effects are reproduced well.

When the car drives across the screen from left to right, the effect of movement is really felt. But if you put this soundbar in a niche of a television cabinet, the effect will disappear immediately. Therefore, it is best to place the Samsung S60T soundbar separately from the TV. The Samsung S60T soundbar has another trick.

To create the impression that the sound is coming from the screen, the sound from the tweeters is distributed through 56 holes that run the entire width of the top. This is the method Samsung calls Acoustic Beam. The user cannot see these holes, which push some of the sound straight to where the TV screen is.

Therefore, hanging the S60T over a screen is not a good idea. With this placement, you simply allow the sound to separate from the screen. It should also be noted that the S60T soundbar exhibits good sound separation in Stereo mode. The HW-S60T reproduces a fairly wide soundstage in front of the TV, but lacks a center channel.

Top tweeter holes ensure that all small details are clearly audible. But these holes are not technology for displaying Dolby Atmos content . When selecting modes, it is recommended to turn on adaptive sound mode because it sounds much better than standard mode.


Samsung has been promoting SmartThings as a remote app for its soundbars for years. Thanks to this option, you can control and connect all possible smart devices, both from Samsung itself and from other companies. By clicking on SmartThings, the user gets all the settings that can be changed using the remote control.

Samsung HW-S60T interfaces


As already mentioned, the HW-S60T can be called a mid-range model. Therefore, you should not expect an extensive set of connections from the model. There is only one HDMI input, which is used to connect the TV. It is ARC compatible only . Despite the lack of eARC, there is the ability to handle Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS DS 5.1. DD 5.1 is the mode most often used when watching movies.

This standard is used by Netflix, Amazon and Disney +. Optical input provides an alternative way to connect to a TV or other source such as a console or CD player. That’s all for physical connections. Listening to music can also be streamed via Bluetooth.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that some music services already release apps for smart TVs, so you can send music to the soundbar. However, the panel does not have Chromecast or Airplay streaming . The HW-S60T is equipped with an Alexa function that only “understands” French, German and English.


To conclude our review of Samsung’s HW-S60T, it should be added that die-hard movie fans may prefer the more expensive Atmos model with more dynamics. The speaker panel in question is recommended for those looking for a compact soundbar that can still create more ambience and drama than a conventional TV.

Also, the HW-S60T doesn’t have a lot of gadgets and streaming options, but it’s a solid device that performs well and offers good sound for a relatively low price.

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