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Samsung HW-S67T Review • Powerful soundbar with impressive sound

The Samsung soundbar catalog has a fairly large number of similar models that don’t differ much from each other. This time we will try to consider in the Samsung HW-S67T / HW-S66T review a simple soundbar and its differences from the older version of the HW-T550.

Design and connections

First of all, it should be said that the design of both versions of the Samsung 5 Series soundbars is the same. Both bars are finished in black aluminum. The front part, where the speakers are located, is covered with a metal grill. As a reminder, the bars of the 4 series use fabric as a decor.

This design makes the speakers more protected and easier to clean. The body of the Samsung HW-T530 soundbar is 86 cm wide, the height of the bar is only 5.5 cm. This size can easily fit between the legs of the TV stand with a screen diagonal of 40 inches. When placed at the bottom of the TV, the soundbar does not obscure part of the picture or block the infrared channel for the TV remote control.

The interface is on the back of the Samsung HW-S67T / HW-S66T It has an HDMI input port, an HDMI output port, an optical audio input and a USB input, with a built-in music player. In addition to physical connections, the Samsung HW-S67T / HW-S66T has a Bluetooth wireless connection.

Samsung HW-T530 design

Samsung HW-T530: Sound

In terms of sound, there are some important differences between the two soundbars, the HW-T530 and the HW-T550. First, the HW-T550 series comes with DTS Virtual: X support. This audio format simulates a three-dimensional effect, so the sound will come not only from the front, but also from the top.

Thus, with a stereo system such as the Samsung HW-T550 Soundbar, you can recreate a surround sound effect without the need for more speakers. However, the manufacturer recommends using the optional SWA-8500S rear speaker set for a more realistic effect. The Samsung HW-T530 does not support DTS Virtual: X.

These rear speakers connect wirelessly, so there is no unnecessary wiring in your room. However, do not forget that the rear radiators need to be powered separately, so 220 should be somewhere nearby. So by adding the SWA-8500S speaker set we get a 4.1-channel system .

Additionally, we note that one of the differences between the HW-T530 and HW-T550 is the presence of a game mode in the latter. So, when using a game console, the sound will be automatically optimized for the perfect accompaniment of video games.

Of course, the main difference between the two panels is the power output. The Samsung HW-T550 has a high power output of 320W, while the Samsung HW-T530 only has 290W. Although for a simple 2.1 CH system, this may not be very relevant.

The difference between Samsung HW-T530 and HW-T550

Summarizing the above, here is a comparison table, what is the difference between the performance of both soundbars.

Samsung Soundbars HW-T530 HW-T550
Number of channels 2.1 2.1
Number of emitters 5 5
Power 290 watts 320 watts
Wireless subwoofer Yes Yes
Virtual DTS: X no Yes
Game Mode no Yes
HDMI connections 2 (1 in and 1 out) 2 (1 in and 1 out)
USB player Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes

Samsung HW-T530 interfaces


  • Power 290 W.
  • System 2.1 CH.
  • Number of radiators 5.
  • Wireless subwoofer.
  • Compatible with SWA-8500S Wireless Rear Speaker Set.
  • Dolby Digital support.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Interfaces: 1 HDMI input, 1 HDMI output, 1 optical output, 1 USB.
  • Remote control included.
  • Bar dimensions: 860x55x85 mm.
  • Subwoofer dimensions: 200x353x290 mm.
  • Weight: 9.3 kg.


Despite the fact that it is indicated on the package the presence of an HDMI cable, it is not included in the package. The soundbar only comes with an optical cord. The power supply for the bar is separate, that is, it is not built into the case. On the one hand, maybe this is a good solution if it breaks down – you don’t have to change the entire soundbar.

Connecting and pairing a subwoofer is not difficult, everything is set up within five minutes. When connected via HDMI, everything is detected at once, and works with a bang. The small display in the central part of the soundbar is barely noticeable behind the decor, after a while it goes out – this is how it should be.

One of the advantages is the volume control of the subwoofer via the remote control. Another bonus is the built-in 7-band equalizer. You don’t have to look for Surround sound – it is not, apparently, a marketing ploy. When this mode is turned on, the middle frequencies change slightly and nothing more. The soundbar is designed for rooms up to 30 sq. meters. If you buy rear speakers Samsung SWA-8500S, the sound coverage is much better.


Of course, the 2.1 sound scheme is not for those who love great sound. But on the other hand, after buying a 4K TV, you always want to improve the soundtrack.

It is with this desire that you should consider a simple speaker system if you have never had additional acoustics. Even with 290W of sound power in the Samsung HW-S67T / HW-S66T the sound coverage of video content is clearly transformed.

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