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Sony HT-A3000: Immersive experience in any content

Sony HT-A3000
Sony HT-A3000

Sony is almost always synonymous with quality in its sound systems, in fact, on this website we have analyzed many of its products and in most cases they have left good feelings both for us and for users who have decided to purchase a system of this kind. firm. Today we bring you the Sony HT-A3000 that seems like an attractive proposal due to the different features it integrates, which are recent so that you can get the most out of it. It may seem like it comes at a high price, however it seems to be worth it.

Exterior design of the Sony HT-A3000

You will see a good construction that ensures a good quality team that you can adapt to any environment

We are facing an elegant sound bar that integrates perfectly into any space, although the recommendation is to have it under the television so that the visual and performance experience is the best possible. Its black color enhances its presence and allows it to blend better with the environment in general , which makes it quickly attract attention.

Surely it has similarities with other models that we have already analyzed, a normal detail in this type of equipment that does not vary much in its aspects. Therefore, the changes are not so obvious. Where we do notice an important difference is in its construction , since the materials used are of good quality, which ensures that the bar lasts many years.

An important detail is that this system was created with an omnidirectional block design. This is achieved thanks to the rounded edges that represent a solid block in order to achieve surround sound . All this also through incredible textures that accentuate its affinity with any environment.


As it happens in many cases, the available connectors are few, yes, they will be essential to get the most out of the sound bar. Here you have an HDMI output that allows you to connect televisions or other devices that are compatible. As if that were not enough, it will be compatible with some formats that help give devices a better experience.

Likewise, it has an optical audio input and USB type A , two very useful connections as needed. Note that it has wireless connectivity, which makes many things easier, to begin with, it will not be necessary to use cables, since if the device allows it, you can connect it via Bluetooth . It also works with Wi-Fi for other types of functions.

Audio quality and features in general

The Sony HT-A3000 delivers really good quality, and you’ll notice it more if you’ve already used another external sound system. To begin with, we are in front of a bar that offers us 3.1 channels through three front speakers that, thanks to digital sound processing, reproduce surround audio, achieving a cinematic experience.

The central speaker is designed to improve the dialogues, that is, that the voices are heard clearly. You will also notice it when listening to music, since an experience full of details is guaranteed . Now the integrated dual subwoofer ensures us to hear deep bass. These details combine so you can hear clear, spacious sound throughout the room.

It can work with any television, however, from my own experience you can get the most out of it if you have a BRAVIA TV , since this guarantees an immersive audiovisual experience with the best possible image and sound. Obviously we are referring to a current television because these integrate an exclusive user interface for the sound bar.

The different technologies that are integrated make the final quality improve even more. For example, Acoustic Center Sync allows you to hear character dialogue from wherever you are in the scene, resulting in perfect alignment of action and sound . It includes other features that we didn’t mention because they do a similar job.

Performance and more notable features

Due to the different functions that integrates the experience when using this system is very complete

Thanks to the fact that the Sony HT-A3000 allows you to connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you have many more advantages. For starters, it offers compatibility with Spotify Connect , obviously we recommend having a premium account to get the most out of it. This application allows you to play music directly and you have complete control from the remote control.

Another function with a similar job is Chromecast built-in that allows you to send music, online radio and podcasts from a smartphone, tablet or laptop in a simple way, since you only have to press a button to transmit. This can also be achieved for Apple devices thanks to its compatibility with Apple AirPlay , which makes it a very complete bar.

You can control certain functions of the bar using only your voice. Thanks to its compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa . Finally, mention that it includes a night mode , a function that optimizes the sound balance so that you hear everything clearly even if the volume is low. We really are facing a system that is very worthwhile.

Sony HT-A3000: Pros and cons


  • Elegant design
  • good connectivity
  • audio quality
  • enhancement features
  • voice control
  • integrated chromecast
  • Apple Air Play


  • Could include some extra port
  • The rest of the speakers are sold separately.
  • Price