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Sony HT-NT5 Review: Complete immersion

Sony introduces the Sony HT-NT5 Soundbar, featuring a Multiroom function to control your speakers from anywhere in your home. Sony HT-NT5 supports 4K Ultra HD...

Sony introduces the Sony HT-NT5 Soundbar, featuring a Multiroom function to control your speakers from anywhere in your home. Sony HT-NT5 supports 4K Ultra HD video, and HDCP2.2 will allow you to transfer data through the soundbar without degrading image quality. The S-Master HX digital amplifier will minimize noise and interference, even when listening to highly compressed MP3 tracks, DSEE HX and DSEE technologies increase the sound quality to the level of Audio CD.


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The Sony HT-NT5 soundbar can be used both horizontally (under the TV) and on the wall. To give more elegance in use, the panel is made in a rectangular shape and as flat as possible. It looks equally great both on the wall and under the TV. Panel material, plastic, stylized as polished metal. On the front, along the edges, there are speakers – 3 pieces on each side: high-frequency super-tweeters (small speakers) – provide reproduction of the highest frequency range, the center speaker reproduces low and medium frequencies of the audio range. The end faces are made of glossy plastic. From the front, only the edges are visible, which together with other design elements creates an even “thinner” silhouette.


There is a USB connector on the right side, which is covered by a cover. Also next to them is the NFC point for one-touch wireless connection. On the left side, there is an advertising sticker listing some of the features and instructions for starting the demo mode. Between the control buttons and the sticker there is a small display, it is so skillfully inserted into the body that it is completely invisible when turned off. In active mode, the glow is dim enough not to be distracting, but at the same time, it is clearly distinguishable.

A metal grille is included to protect the soundbar speakers. It is up to everyone to decide whether to install it or not. Installation is very simple – the grille is mounted on magnets, the efforts of which are quite enough for confident operation, both in the floor and in the wall configuration.

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The rear of the Sony HT-NT5 soundbar (which becomes the top when mounted on a wall) contains the connections, vents and the power cord. The power cord is not removable. The cord socket is located in a special niche, which ensures its convenient use in any of the soundbar placement options. Closer to the niche where the connectors are located, logos are applied indicating the supported technologies. The connectors themselves are hidden in niches, and they are separated into two groups – this provides a more ergonomic connection, the wires will not interfere and get confused. The bottom of the soundbar contains rubber feet for stability, access holes for ventilation, and a device label.



Complete immersion with virtual surround sound. S-Force PRO Front Surround technology simulates neural processes for immersive, lifelike sound with delayed sound and a wide range of sound waves – achieved with just left and right sound channels Simulating the natural sound of a 3D sound field allows you to fully immerse yourself in surround sound without installing a full-fledged speaker system.

Enjoy unmatched sound quality with Dolby TrueHD, which preserves the finest sound details for movies and music. Support for studio-quality audio playback ensures unmatched fidelity for Blu-ray Disc playback and downloaded content.


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Clear home audio in high detail. With the DTS-HD Master Audio Decoder, you can experience the original soundtrack while watching your favorite uncompressed Blu-ray Disc movies and fully immerse yourself in the director’s vision. In addition, the DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio decoder also allows you to hear the music in the smallest detail and make the sound as close as possible to the studio, making every note shimmer with all shades.


Add impact to your videos with rich, powerful bass. Place the 19 cm (5.7-inch) wireless subwoofer anywhere and experience rich bass with a passive radiator speaker. Compact, stylish body will fit into any interior.

Enjoy the clarity of high-resolution audio in the smallest detail. The USB port provides a stable connection when playing back uncompressed files, including DSD and 24-bit / 192 kHz audio formats. Just plug in your laptop or portable audio device and enjoy the high-definition audio quality. Many additional audio formats can also be played, including MP3, AAC and WMA.


With three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, you can connect your TV to an Internet TV box, Blu-ray disc player, game console and more. All home theater viewing options are now gathered in one place. You no longer need a separate receiver.

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Keeps 4K quality from source to TV screen. 4K support means the receiver is capable of receiving a 4K signal from a 4K source and transmitting the signal to a 4K TV or projector without degrading image quality. Providing a unique 4K experience, this soundbar works perfectly with 4K TVs and players and will be the centerpiece of the home entertainment system of the future.

Great sounding high-resolution audio with the S-Master HX digital amplifier. The S-Master HX amplifier uses a simplified digital signal path and precise high frequency noise detection algorithm, so you get the purest sound from both music and movies. It also includes high-resolution audio formats, so you can experience the true sound of music as the musician intended it.


Enjoy the rich sound of your favorite music with High-Resolution Audio. High-resolution audio formats are recorded at a higher sampling rate than CD audio, which improves the quality and bit rate in each frequency range for great sound. Plunge into the exciting world of emotions, feeling every breath and movement.

LDAC is a new codec from Sony that allows you to achieve the highest quality Bluetooth audio streaming. The stream rate is three times faster than conventional Bluetooth streaming, the sampling rate is now 96 kHz, and audio encoding is more efficient. Result? Outstanding audio quality with minimal compression enables wireless transmission to deliver better sound quality than CD quality.


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Stream audio from soundbar to headphones via Bluetooth for comfortable wireless listening. With support for LDAC, SBC and AAC codecs, this function is perfect for situations where you want to watch TV in silence. Putting on the headphones, you will instantly immerse yourself in viewing on the big screen in any situation.


With built-in Wi-Fi support, you can watch and play music and movies from your smartphone, tablet and laptop. Connect to your home network and listen to music from your personal music collection. Or enjoy streaming audio from popular online music services directly from the soundbar.

Thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, no wires or complicated connections are required. Just touch your smartphone or other NFC-compatible device * to the N-mark on the body, and music playback starts immediately. No NFC? Nothing wrong. Pairing can also be set manually in Bluetooth® settings. *Cm. compatible devices


The HT-NT5 Soundbar has built-in Google Cast ™ support, so you can stream your favorite music apps from your personal device to your speaker through your favorite music apps. Just tap the Cast button in your favorite music app on your Android ™ smartphone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows laptop or Chromebook, and select your home audio device or device group.

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To wirelessly transfer your mobile device’s screen to a large screen TV connected to a video device, simply touch the NFC-compatible smartphone or Xperia tablet to the N-tag on the device. Experience the new joy of connecting with friends and family by sharing videos and photos and choosing the route for your next trip. No NFC? Nothing wrong. Pairing can also be done manually.


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