Sony SA-RS3S Review: Compact speakers that deliver a punch

Sony SA RS3S
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Sony has always been a trusted firm when it comes to sound, in fact, we have created very comprehensive reviews of sound bars or systems that bring incredible power. For this occasion we are going to analyze some rear speakers that also become an excellent option due to the quality they deliver. We refer clearly to the Sony SA-RS3S model .

Sony SA-RS3S Review

At first glance, they may seem like simple speakers, but we took the time to analyze them in more detail, especially because of their price, which, to be honest, is not low, for this reason, we also dared to know in depth if they are really worth it.

Exterior design of the Sony SA-RS3S

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Due to the small space of these speakers, their construction will not have many details to highlight, however, a good placement helps to improve their appearance.

It seems that there will not be much to talk about in this section, but we must look carefully, since sometimes the details are somewhat hidden or simply do not become noticeable until after a while. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be anything outstanding regarding the design, but we must say that its construction is nice .

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It would be the correct word if they ask us how to define their appearance. It is difficult to work in such a small space, but this itself causes them to integrate into any environment . In addition, they will not be very exposed considering that they are from the rear, but if they are visible, they will offer an even striking view.

This is mainly achieved by the matte black chassis that provides purity and elegance in a certain way. We can even say that it has a minimalist look . To notice each of the details that we mentioned, you will have to live with the speakers for a while. As long as they have the correct placement they can contribute.


It is a totally wireless model, that is, it does not have any input to connect the devices to be used, which simplifies its use and avoids excessive use of cables. In a few words, it allows your space to be better organized, especially if you already have other devices connected to each other. Can it be a disadvantage? In principle, knowing that they are wireless creates a good feeling, since it is always more enjoyable to use something via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, there are devices that will not be compatible, so you should take a good look if they really work for you. The advantage of this is that you can take them with you and connect it easily.

Sound quality and functions in general

To find out if the Sony SA-RS3S is really worth it, we will have to delve into its audio and everything it gives us. For starters, these speakers work seamlessly with Sony’s latest sound bars, creating a unique experience. We are even going to enjoy a sound field optimized for any content.

This causes you to hear each sound with great intensity, which does not mean that the audio will be bad, on the contrary, with due attention you will be able to perceive even the smallest detail . Both speakers include a woofer and a tweeter that are responsible for producing a rich and wide soundscape at the same time with great clarity.

Each one delivers a power of 50W that ends up almost perfectly complementing your sound bar in order to further improve the experience when watching movies, series and video games. Its omnidirectional block design means that no matter how you place it, it maintains a wide sound without interruption.

Other notable features

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It has an acceptable quality without being the best, but they are very helpful for surround sound regardless of the content

Thanks to the optimization that we already mentioned, the Sony SA-RS3S allows you to enjoy a more authentic cinema experience. It really is the perfect complement to low to mid-range sound bars. Of course, the sum of prices is already somewhat high, so perhaps it is better to save for a high-end television .

Good in case this system is used for your TV. Otherwise, well, it depends more on your tastes. It includes a couple of technologies that improve the experience a little more in search of achieving a surround and precise sound . Nor is it full of improvements and that will be a detail to consider returning to the issue of price.

There is not much else to mention about these speakers, which can be counterproductive, since for value you surely expected something more incredible, but remember that Sony inflates the prices of its products a bit due to the quality of construction and the security that they will mostly be teams with which there will be no problems.

Anyway! Marketing stuff, but we try to expand the explanation about what these speakers can offer you. In our case we would think a little about acquiring them. Not because they are bad, on the contrary, they provide a very good quality , but they will be worth it if you know how to use them correctly and if they can really give you something different.

Sony SA-RS3S: Pros and Cons


  • minimalist design
  • totally wireless
  • good sound quality
  • enhancement technologies
  • Perfect for use with current bars


  • Could include more improvements
  • Price



Make model Sony SA-RS3S
Total speaker size (H x W x D) 187 x 100 x 100mm
amplifier type
  • digital amplifier
  • S Master
Output power (full) 100W (L: 50W + R: 50W)
amplifier channels 2 channels (R&D)
Energy consumption 11W
standby mode on 1 minute
Weight 3.2kg


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