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Steljes Audio SA60 Review • Multi-talented Portable Radio


We all like audio gadgets, even if we have a serious system of many thousands of euros. They represent the carefree version of listening and the convenient solution of soundproofing, without the stresses of our hobby. Bad lies, however, a gadget must have all the above, that is, be ergonomic, trouble-free and resistant to harsh use, but at the same time must be quality.

The market is of course full of various portable and desktop systems that cost from a few tens of euros and up but these are usually “consumable” devices, without quality and personality. To find these we have to pay something more. One such case is the wireless system SA60 of the British Steljes Audio, a member of Premier Group Ltd that has been operating since 2002.

Steljes offers a small but highly targeted range of five devices, including the test model, two active stereo speaker models, a streamer and a complete 30W hybrid amplifier with USB DAC, phono stage and Bluetooth. The ambition of the company, which of course manufactures in China, is to create devices that provide excellent quality in construction and sound at good prices.


The SA60 is one of the most complete monaural systems we have tested, equipped with a quality 2.8-inch color LCD screen and a 3-inch full-range speaker with a 7W amplifier. It has a very nice, simple design and is produced in white, black and wood imitation finish, with the front and the multi-button always white.

It has a rechargeable battery lasting 10 hours (with an indication on the screen and a switch to turn off its use), a large FM antenna and an impressive handle for our trips.

Outside, we can listen to the built-in radio, play with Bluetooth from our smartphone or connect a DAP without BT from the auxiliary line input. Many Bluetooth speakers do this and that completes their mission. On the contrary, as its relatively large size and weight and the absence of waterproof IP specifications imply, the SA60 is dominated by the home mission that is even richer.

It can become part of a multiroom system and network both wired and wireless (UPnP and WPS), gaining direct access to Spotify and Internet Radio and of course to the files we have on our local network. Software updates can be done automatically but he always asks us before doing them.

There is also a special Prune Servers function, which clears the list of servers that are no longer available since the “travel” SA60 will logically connect to many friends networks. Our files are displayed in the correct order in the folders we have organized, with codec and bit rate elements (plays up to 1411kbps-WAV) and to see them, we can use both the on-screen menu and the extremely detailed application UNDOK.

The operation is equally good in both ways and we do not need to have the mobile phone next to us unless we want a remote control, because there is no conventional one that accompanies it. However, the screen has very nice graphics and the multi-button at the top is very convenient, providing access to all functions.

There are several ready-made equalization curves and a custom position, where we adjust the bass, treble and activate the loudness, which work perfectly. The receiver provides RDS and ten memories and FM scanning can be done in many ways, with the extra option for tuning only on stations with a strong signal.

The alarm clock can be conventional, FM, DAB or Internet Radio and provides day / week and volume adjustment, but the snooze on the center knob of the multiplayer opposite the mute is not as obvious and you can look for it if you do not you… morning guy.

There is a sleep function with setting for 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes and a line out output for use as a source in our audio system. All this rich equipment is highlighted by the solid construction and the extremely balanced and clear sound that it delivers. The SA60 has great voices, vibrant microdynamic contrasts, excellent focus accuracy and great sound.

In the flat position it has no program below 80Hz but the eq comfortably “lifts” the bass to satisfactory levels close to 50Hz (we set it to position 8 with the treble lower) and if you put it in a corner it will fill the room comfortably, reaching and at satisfactory levels.

It is one of the most sound portable that exists but of course it is mainly desktop, where again it stands out for its elegant sound. The SA60 states in every aspect that it is an audiophile delicacy of the British school and not a consumer consumable and in our opinion it fully justifies its price.


  • TYPE: wireless monaural loudspeaker
  • SPEAKER: 3 inches wide range with bass reflex
  • RECEIVER: FM, DAB, DAB + (10 memories each)
  • CONNECTIONS: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, line in, 3,5 lines, ac.
  • POWER SUPPLY: external 14VDC
  • MAXIMUM BATTERY TIME: 10 hours (with on / off switch)
  • STREAMER: Spotify, Internet Radio, UPnP, WPS
  • EXTRA: UNDOK app, multiroom, eq bass / treble / loudness

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