The 8 Best Wireless Soundbars 2023-2024
The 8 Best Wireless Soundbars 2023-2024
The 8 Best Wireless Soundbars 2023-2024

The Best Wireless Soundbars 2023-2024

Technology is constantly evolving, technology changes generations – the latest generation of soundbars just hitting the market offers a lot of possibilities. Those that we could only dream about before – wireless connection, no external subwoofers, modest size and affordable price.

And, at the same time great sound! It is from these soundbars that our new rating has been compiled.


8. Yamaha SR-C20A

Pros – clear sound, relatively low cost

Cons – lack of support “from below”

Suitable for – those who want to buy a versatile and inexpensive soundbar

The tiny Yamaha SR-C20A offers exceptionally rich surround sound – the company’s proprietary technology works wonders. Of course, there is no full-fledged “piercing” bass here, such is physics, but the capabilities of the device, taking into account the price, are pleasantly surprising. The Clear Voice movie dialog enhancement technology is also not forgotten, there is a game mode and an application for controlling the Sound Bar Remote. The model is perfect for both desktop installation under a PC monitor, and for a TV set.


7. Sonos Ray

Pros – Compact size, Sonos ecosystem

Cons – I want more bass extension

Suitable for –  Video game lovers

Sonos wireless products aren’t ultra-low-price, but the Sonos Ray is the exception to the rule. For the specified amount, you will be offered a modern soundbar and all the delights of the branded ecosystem – from streaming via the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect to voice control, multi-room capabilities and easy expansion by adding branded rear speakers. Trueplay’s auto-calibration for the room also deserves special praise – the sound, as a result, turns out to be very effective and balanced. And the chic dynamics are great for video games.


6. Denon Home Soundbar 550

Pros – Overwhelmingly powerful sound

Cons – sometimes not enough biting

Suitable for – choosing the best in terms of “price / quality” ratio

As usual for Denon products, the Home 550 soundbar is more like a steel fist in a velvet glove. The device is capable of producing exceptionally “strong” sound, easily pumping even large rooms. The Denon Home Soundbar 550 is just as good in terms of ergonomics (HEOS ecosystem) and wireless expandability (by adding rear speakers and a subwoofer). Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, streaming Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music HD and Tidal? Also “on board” – in general, a fairy tale, not an apparatus.


5. Samsung HW-LST70T/R

Pros – perfect intelligibility of dialogues, all-weather protection

Cons – detail could be better

Suitable for – those who are always on the road

The Terrace is Samsung’s new HW-LST70T/R all-weather soundbar that performs equally well indoors and outdoors. More than two hundred watts of power, four woofers, a special algorithm that provides surround sound even in the open air, proprietary Samsung Distortion Cancelling technology and transferring music from a smartphone to a device by touching the body – this is exactly what the device of tomorrow should look like.



Pros – Amazing Streaming Features

Cons – for the scale being created, the sound seems a little expensive

Suitable for – music lovers

Before us is a soundbar and a full-fledged streaming player – Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR PLUS supports Dolby Atmos, plays Hi-Res 24/192 both through network streaming (TuneIn, Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify, Tidal), and from external drives, UPnP servers and mobile devices! Moreover, how it plays – a seamless and very natural reproduction simply caresses the ear. BluOs seems to be one of the hottest music streaming platforms out there today, and 120W of power is more than enough to power most modern rooms.


3. Loewe klang bar3 mr

Pros – Great expandability, decent sound

Cons – price…

Suitable for –  film buffs

Loewe klang bar3 mr comes with 3.1 configuration with Dolby Atmos, DTS HD, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X and support for Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and DTS Play-Fi. 360 watts of power literally pierce through, and through the Loewe Wireless Digital Audiolink protocol, the system is easy to expand. In every sense – before us is a unique device.


2. Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bar

Pros – equally good for melodies, and for movies, and for games

Cons – nothing major

Suitable for – connoisseurs of the English school of sound

Sound, sound and more sound – British manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins knows how to do it, and its latest Formation Bar is a wireless soundbar that takes the stars out of the sky in any of its incarnations. The device looks great, sounds great, produces a furious bass and literally envelops the viewer with its sound field. Branded Formation Flex speakers and subs easily connect to the Formation Bar – the system can always be expanded to 5.1-format. AirPlay 2, Roon and Spotify are on board, plus 24/96 streaming via Formation Wireless’ proprietary technology.


1. Canton Smart Sounddeck 100

Pros – the “Swiss knife” for sound

Cons – none

Suitable for –  those who want the soundbar to work out every penny invested

Canton Smart Sounddeck 100 is most like an alien from the future. One list of soundbar features can take several pages of text – there are Dolby Atmos, DTS-HD, and Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and the Canton Smart Multiroom extension in a 7.1.2-kit or multi-room configuration, and voice control, and 300 watts of power with 4 x 100mm woofers, a pair of 50mm midrange drivers and two 19mm tweeters. The sound is just wonderful.