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The best wireless speakers right now

The best wireless speakers 2023
The best wireless speakers 2023

The segment of wireless speakers has showed a rapid growth – and, finally, Hi – Fi and High End playback quality has come to the segment of such acoustics.

We have compiled for you a rating of the best models this year, as usual, sorting it in order of increasing cost of the presented equipment. So, let’s go to the world without wires!


7. Revox StudioArt A100

This wireless speaker works with PCM 24/192 streams, can work both from the mains and from the built-in battery, and offers ergonomic control not only through the app, but also through the touch panel. The 1.1-kilogram speakers are well made, and the 2.8” full-range drivers placed on board play surprisingly confidently. So, the declared cutoff frequency of 52 Hz does not seem like a joke.

Pros: Good sound, decent build

Cons – timbres are slightly smoothed

Verdict: Revox StudioArt A100 will not disappoint you


6. Paradigm PW 600

The Paradigm wouldn’t be itself if it hadn’t achieved record-breaking bass output from a compact speaker – the speaker’s sound is simply blown away. The brand new PW 600 wireless audio system plays from 40 Hz and weighs 3.4 kg! The design is excellent (two inch tweeters and a 5” driver work here), and the power of the built-in amplification reaches 200 watts. DTS Play-Fi support is also not forgotten, as well as ARC room correction, which is beloved by the company.

Pros – a small step forward for Paradigm – and a huge leap forward for the industry

Cons – none

Verdict: Brilliant value for money


5. Devialet Mania

Already 30 Hz of the lower cutoff frequency – Devialet Mania continues the attack of the French company on the market. The model weighs 2.3 kg, is equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 modules and is capable of developing 95 dB of sound pressure. Two push-pull woofers with 100 mm polymer cones and four full-range aluminum drivers are powered by an array of digital amplifiers (2 x 38, 4 x 25 W) controlled by SAM technology. It turned out very well – the muscular sound, which the fans of the company so loved, is right there in the palm of your hand.

Pros – signature meaty sound, small size

Cons – slightly lacking resolution

Verdict Rethinking wireless speakers


4. Cabasse Rialto

It seems that with the Cabasse Rialto, the French company set out to completely disturb the upper Hi-Fi segment. The speakers can play in halls up to 50 m2 (their sound pressure reaches 121 dB), have built-in band-by-band amplification for 300, 300, 450 W, weigh 9 kg and reproduce notes from 30 Hz. In addition to the 13 cm BCI coaxial assembly, there are also 17 cm HELD (High Excursion Low Distortion) woofers at the back of the speaker cabinet. Streaming is possible up to PCM 32/764, and the sound leaves no stone unturned from much more expensive competitors.

Pros – High End for Hi-Fi price

Cons – slightly raised treble

Verdict: Price looks more like a holiday sale


3. KEF LS60 Wireless

Floorstanding loudspeakers traditionally offer a larger sound – and the trendy slim KEF LS60 Wireless are no exception. The model has a grand amplification of 500, 100, 100 watts in each speaker, which weighs 31 kg and plays at 26 Hz. Everything here is top-notch – the twelfth generation of proprietary Uni-Q speakers, woofers from the famous Blade model (Uni-Core Force Cancelling), amplification in class AB at high frequencies and extensive streaming capabilities (from AirPlay 2 to Roon 24/384). The sound is fantastic, bravo!

Pros – large-scale and confident sound, a lot of possibilities

Cons – nothing major

Verdict: KEF is back on horseback


2. Linn Series 3

Only 2 x 100W of power, only Wi-Fi streaming, and the model itself is already several years old – why is the Linn Series 3 back in service? It’s all about sound. The Series 3 set the industry standard for years to come with sound that’s hard to believe but best heard once. As with vinyl, the British company has once again outdone itself.

Pros – Refined and ultra-detailed sound

Cons – bass could be more extended

Verdict: Linn Series 3 has been on the top for several years


1. Goldmund Pulp

Goldmund’s intrusion into the compact wireless speaker segment was hardly anticipated. We’ve become accustomed to astronomically priced branded mastodons with all sorts of streaming options, but it’s the Goldmund Pulp that’s become the company’s iconic model in 2022. Goldmund’s entry into a much more “budget” sector than the company’s usual ultra-expensive products turned out to be exceptionally successful – there is Bluetooth / WiSA, and from 43 Hz, and a pair of chic 175-watt branded Telos amplifiers on board, and, of course, luxurious texture sound.

Pros – “shock and awe”, not sound

Cons – very high price

Verdict Goldmund confirms leadership

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