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Comparison: iPad Mini vs Amazon Kindle Fire

With so many great deals and discounts going on right now, many users are wondering which tablet will go to…
Comparison iPad Mini vs Amazon Kindle Fire

With so many great deals and discounts going on right now, many users are wondering which tablet will go to your home for a discounted price?

With the iPad Mini and Fire, both are great tablets in their own right, but their applications vary, which might make them better than some of their larger counterparts. Mini-tablets are more like color e-books, but with the potential to be used outside of reading when the need arises.

In anticipation of the Prime Day discounts, we would like to tell you about the benefits of tablets so that you can choose the most suitable one.


When we look at Amazon and the company’s devices, the first trait is Alexa, as well as the myriad variety of smart devices, from the Echo Dot to the Echo Show.

An entire ecosystem is built on voice control, but with Fire tablets Amazon was able to occupy a niche that made mini tablets affordable and most attractive to most.

They have evolved into an ecosystem of their own, powered by Google’s Android operating system, but with Amazon’s personal touch to their tablets, including an orange design.

In search of the most affordable price, you can buy a tablet with ads that appear every now and then during the tablet’s use, which can make things a little difficult. But if you buy it just for reading books and watching movies, it’s a reasonable price to pay for the savings.

IPad Mini Tablets

Pictured: iPad Mini and numerous features. (Image courtesy of Apple)

And while Apple’s iPad Mini tablets are designed not only for content consumption, but also for creating it, especially since the tablet supports the Apple Pencil, which is especially useful for artists who can use the tablet as a digital album.

The iPad Mini has been around since 2012, but the tablet hasn’t made any compromises – everything you know about iPadOS you get with it, but on a 7.9-inch screen. There are no ads in the OS, you get access to all the software updates that Apple launches every year, including iPadOS 15 , which is expected later this year.

If you already have an Apple device, be it an iPhone or Mac, you can log in with your iCloud account and Apple ID to access your favorite apps and other information, and your tablet is ready to go right away.


It doesn’t matter because Amazon and Apple offer a huge amount of content, especially when it comes to TV shows and movies. There’s Apple TV +, an exclusive service for storing TV shows and movies, and Amazon also has its own studio, recently adding to the MGM roster, the studio that gave us James Bond.

When it comes to apps, however, Apple wins, but with one caveat. Amazon relies on its own app store, but there are still ways to enable the Google Play Store, which will open up the Fire HD to a huge number of apps, albeit against Amazon’s will.

But with Apple, you get a huge selection of apps, many of which are adapted for the iPad. Most of the others, meanwhile, work on iPhones, other iPad models, and MacBooks with an M1 chip. You will also be able to sync your app / game progress between iPhone and iPad Mini.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus Android Tablet

Amazon Fire 8 HD Plus.


Here Fire wins, no questions asked. If you’re looking for a basic tablet that can be used by more than one person and needs to be stored in one place, then for $ 80 (RUR 6000 + VAT) you won’t find a better device. The tablet offers a variety of applications, all of which are useful.

This is a tablet for consumption of content – that is, it is designed so that you can watch content on the screen.


It all depends on why you need a small tablet.

If you already own multiple Apple devices and are knee-deep in an ecosystem from iCloud to Apple TV +, iPad Mini will make you feel right at home with its 7.9-inch screen.

But if you’re deeply rooted in the Amazon ecosystem, with Alexa-powered devices and awesome Amazon Prime subscriptions, the Amazon Fire family of tablets is probably your best bet, especially on a tight budget.

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