Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Kids Edition Review • The perfect tablet for kids

Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Kids Edition
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Modern gadgets make life easier not only for adults, there are educational applications and cartoons for children. And the younger generation needs to be introduced to the Internet. But giving a slippery, fragile device in the hands of a small child is scary: it will break the glass and cripple itself. Special children’s tablets in massive rubberized cases with bright design come to the rescue.

Unboxing and First Look

A large bright box with funny characters attracts attention and will certainly be a good gift. It is interesting to unpack: I open the main box, inside is a children’s case and a bunch of promotional codes from partners. And underneath is another box with a Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 tablet and all the accessories it relies on. It turns out double joy!

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The key feature of the special edition is the shockproof case, which is designed for the existing Samsung tablet. This approach has several advantages at once. Firstly, the soiled cover can be washed with soapy water and dried without worrying about the electronic “core”. Secondly, when the child grows up, it will be enough to buy an ordinary “adult” cover-book and you can continue to use it. And finally, even if the tablet doesn’t survive, the standard 2019 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is widely sold.

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In addition to the children’s cover, the special edition is supplemented with promotional codes from partners.

Features of the children’s tablet

The massive shockproof case solves the fragility of the base tablet and gives it a kid-friendly look. My nephews, boys and girls, played with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Kids Edition. The reaction is always the same, a smile and a strong interest in bright coloring.

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The cover is molded not just from rubber, but from a pleasant to the touch semi-matt EVA foam material, which does not smell at all of chemicals, does not collect dust particles and does not slip out of your hands. Such a thing can be safely given into the hands of a small child, since a thick layer of foam material perfectly absorbs shocks. The case provides cutouts for all connectors, buttons and speakers.

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And a stepless tilt stand built into the back cover keeps the tablet horizontal for watching videos. And it is a comfortable handle, thanks to its rounded shape, like a rattle.

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The shell is adapted for children using the Samsung Kids shell. It is woven from large elements and does not abound in text, that is, it is suitable for children who still cannot read. The environment is a kind of sandbox that is completely isolated from system settings, applications and other content. When an attempt is made to log out, a PIN code is requested, the status bar is hidden. Inside – only parent-approved apps added via settings. By default, special versions of the camera, gallery, voice recorder, a safe browser and a set of developmental applications are installed. Four heroes accompany the child in the virtual world: crocodile Crocro, beaver Bobby, sloth Cook and bird Lisa. I supplemented the standard set with YouTube kids and timeless hits like Fruit Ninja and Cut the Rope.

Built-in parental control allows you to limit the time of use separately on weekdays and weekends, study usage statistics and actions taken, and add media files to the child mode. The system allows you to add profiles for several children with individual restrictions for each.

Among the built-in applications there is a coloring book, a drawing book, a simulator with different sounds, and other training programs. I especially liked the puzzle in which you have to specify the order of actions for passing obstacles – a kind of first dive into algorithms. Most importantly, the learning process takes place in a playful way with colorful characters.

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The technique must meet the needs of the users. Children need bright and easy-to-use devices that will not have to worry about their safety. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Kids Edition is fully compliant with these criteria! The company has worked not only on the supply and hardware, but also provided the tablet with convenient software with parental control. Given its uniqueness, the special children’s version definitely deserves attention and 6 stars out of 6.

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