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LEGO White Noise Playlist: Listen to the playlist here

According to Lego representatives, each cube has a unique sound, so the creators of the playlist experimented with more than 10,000 different elements, trying to find the most relaxing sounds.

Together with the sounds of clattering cubes, you can hear how the pages of assembly instructions are flipped, cardboard boxes knock, from which bags with parts are taken out, and how the cubes fit together. As a result, the playlist includes seven songs – each half an hour long.

Like any other white noise, the Lego playlist is designed to help you unwind during or after a hard day. The release of the playlist is timed to coincide with the release of the Botanical Collection series, created to help adults not be ashamed of their hobby Lego, “comprehend Zen” in the process of assembling a set and get a cute model that can be displayed for all to see.

The Lego playlist is available on 15 streaming services including Spotify , Apple Music, and Deezer .

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