Perhaps the biggest announcement of WWDC 2021 was macOS Monterey. And despite the fact that visually again we saw nothing visually new. That being said, we have a big cosmetic update. Basically, the new macOS will improve interaction within the ecosystem as it should be completely seamless. Also macOS devices Monterey gets SharePlay and an updated FaceTime, a new version of Safari, and so on.

From interesting and important, now in Safari it will be possible to combine tabs into groups and, for example, when going on a trip, you can simultaneously open a city map, sites for attractions, local cafes and restaurants, hotel aggregators and airline pages – prepare one large group of sites … At the same time, it will be possible to name it! Tab groups sync across Mac, iPhone, and iPad, allowing you to continue working on your project on any device and easily share those tabs.

There will also be shortcuts on Mac to help users automate everyday tasks and get the most out of their iPhone and iPad.

The most interesting innovation seems to be Universal Control. At one time, we saw SideCar – a feature that allowed the iPad to be used as an external wireless display for the MacBook. The new feature is called Continuity and will allow you to freely navigate between your Mac and iPad using your mouse and keyboard without any prior setup. You can even drag and drop content from one device to another — for example, draw something with Apple Pencil on iPad and add the drawing to a Keynote presentation on Mac. But most importantly, all this happens absolutely seamlessly and wirelessly.

The developer beta is available to Apple Developer Program members today at developer.apple.com. A public beta for all Mac users will be available next month at beta.apple.com. MacOS Monterey will be available this fall as a free update. Visit apple.com/us/macos/monterey-preview for details, including supported Mac models. Features are subject to change. Some features may not be available in all regions and languages.

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