The best Google Extensions of 2021

The best Google Extensions of 2021

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Chrome has a ton of useful features integrated, making it the most popular browser in the world in part. Nevertheless, installing some extensions can make the Internet even easier and more convenient. If users have not yet formed their own ideas, they can use the list proposed by Google itself – the Google development team published a selection of the best extensions on the official blog that helped people stay connected, achieve results and have fun using the Chrome browser in 2021. They are all divided into 4 categories.

The list includes various useful add-ons that simplify work or study, as well as utilities that in one way or another improve the browser’s performance. In general, despite the fact that the list is focused on the Chrome browser, all of the extensions listed below can be used on almost all popular browsers, since now many of them are based on the Chromium engine.

Communication and cooperation:

Loom is a service for screen recording, as well as the exchange of the received material on the network. It can be used to record screen, voice or video from the integrated camera to send short messages instead of text.

Loom for ChromeVideo messaging for work.

Mote – Helps users to give quick feedback on projects through voice comments and transcripts. It can be used to record and add voice messages to Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Classroom, and Gmail, as well as other apps and third-party sites.

Mote: voice notes & feedbackMote – fast, friendly voice messaging

WordTune is an artificial intelligence- powered writing assistant that helps you rephrase sentences and correct typos in emails and documents.

Wordtune – AI-powered Writing CompanionYour thoughts in words.


Forest is a motivator extension. Allows you to create a black or white list of sites. In the process, the user plants trees in the virtual garden, which gradually grow. If the user is distracted from the workflow and decides to visit a blacklisted site during work, the tree dies. Over time, the user forms a garden showing productivity statistics in the form of successfully grown and dried trees.

Forest: stay focused, be presentStay focused in a pleasant way.

Dark Reader is an extension that generates a dark theme on almost any site. Intelligently inverts the light colors of the page into dark ones, and also gets rid of bright shades of the color palette, replacing them with dull counterparts.

Dark readerDark theme for each site. Protect your eyes, use the Dark Reader for night or daily web browsing.

Tab Manager Plus is a tab manager that allows you to quickly find open tabs and their duplicates, view all windows in one view and limit the number of tabs in each window.

Tab Manager Plus for ChromeQuickly find open tabs, see all windows in one view, find duplicates and limit tabs per window. The best Tab Manager for Chrome.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorde r is a handy screenshot manager with the function of recording screen to video.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video RecorderTake screenshots of the entire page or just a part of it. Edit screenshots. Record video from your screen.

Distance learning:

Kami – Creates an interactive online space for students and teachers.

Kami for Google Chrome ™World’s # 1 digital classroom tool with complete assignment workflow. Annotate and transform any document.

InsertLearning – Helps you take notes easily and integrates with Google Classroom. Can turn any website into an interactive tutorial.

InsertLearningInsert instructional content on any web page

Toucan – helps you learn a foreign language by simply browsing the sites you already know. Automatically translates individual words in sentences on the site, allowing you to learn a language, taking into account the context, almost imperceptibly.

Toucan – Language LearningLearn a new language just by surfing the internet

Rememberry – helps you learn foreign words and phrases by highlighting and translating individual fragments of a foreign text. Unfamiliar words can be saved to create special flashcards for later repetition.

Rememberry – Translate and RememberTranslate words and phrases while browsing the web, and learn foreign languages ​​with ease with double-sided flashcards.


Stylus is a popular extension for creating and installing author’s themes on various sites.

StylusCustomize website styles with Stylus Style Manager. It makes it easy to install themes and change the look of sites …

Rakuten is a service for automatically searching for coupons, discounts and other cashback options on various online trading platforms.

Rakuten: Get Cash Back For ShoppingThe best coupons and the most Cash Back. We do all the work. You just shop and save.


Several extensions that are not included in the top Google, but which we recommend to pay attention to:

Return YouTube Dislike – relatively recently, the popular video hosting YouTube decided to abandon dislikes on the platform. Formally, they remained, but their number is now known only to the authors of the video and is no longer available for viewing by ordinary users. Return YouTubeb Dislike returns the dislikes counter back as it was before. The extension uses an archived database retrieved from the YouTube API prior to its closure on December 13, 2021. At the moment, the user data of the add-on owners is used.

Return YouTube DislikeReturns ability to see dislikes

Tampermonkey is an extension for various custom scripts. This “add-on for add-ons” – the craziest and most unusual things that cannot exist in the official Google directory are possible thanks to Tampermonkey.

TampermonkeyThe world’s most popular userscript manager

SessionBox – are you familiar with the situation when there was a need to log in to two accounts at the same time? Usually, a private browser window is used for this, but with the help of this extension, you can forget about these complexities, because it adds the multi-stake function to the browser.

SessionBox – Multi login to any websiteIt is now easy to use sites by several users at the same time. Create independent tabs with the click of a button.

SaveFrom Helper is an extension for downloading content on popular sites. With it, you can download music from VKontakte, YouTube videos, Instagram photos and much more in one click.

SaveFrom HelperDownload from Vkontakte, TikTok, Odnoklassniki and 40 more sites in 1 click.


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