AOC U6085 Review: 4K TV at a budget price

AOC U6085
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AOC brand 55U6085 TV is another version of a budget 4K TV set. Like similar models in this segment, the AOC TV has almost all the attributes of a modern Ultra HD model with smart features.

Of course, this is implemented at the initial level. Therefore, the image quality is largely determined by the matrix used. In the proposed review of the AOC 55U6085 / 60S, as a representative of the U6085 line, we will get acquainted in more detail with its characteristics and functionality.

AOC U6085 review


Outwardly, the 55U6085 TV does not differ from the many 4K counterparts that flooded the shop windows. The black plastic case has already become familiar rather narrow frames, so that in front of you you can see almost only a television panel. The V-shaped metal legs are well spaced apart.

This gives the device stability, but also imposes certain restrictions on the width of the TV bollard. It is impossible to use narrow furniture. You can also do without furniture by hanging the TV on the wall using the VESA mount. There is no cable management.

But almost all the connectors go sideways and down, so when mounting on a wall, you can install the TV as close to the wall as possible. This will give it extra grace as a piece of furniture. The TV remote control U6085 is normal with IR control. It does not support voice functions.

AOC 55U608 4K TV design

Image quality

As noted above, the parameters of the picture are mainly determined by the panel used. But there are a number of other factors that affect quality. Let’s start with the panel. This example uses a VA matrix with vertical alignment of liquid crystals. Hence the characteristic features of displaying images on the screen.

Compared to IPS matrices, this is a good contrast, but the loss of color saturation with an increase in the angle from which you look at the TV. In other words, in a large company sitting in front of the U6085 TV on a wide sofa, not everyone will feel equally satisfied with the perception of a movie or TV show.

AOC U6085 TV adopts direct LED backlight LCD panel. This slightly thickens the overall design, but provides a more even distribution of backlighting, which is clearly visible on a gray or black background. Despite the lack of local dimming , the TV has acceptable black levels thanks to the matrix used.

In principle, the TV is capable of providing a good picture when viewed in a darkened room. Although, if you increase the brightness to eliminate uneven backlighting. then the black color will already be perceived as grayish.

The image of the U6085 is vibrant and vibrant. Enhancers in the form of an extended color gamut, HDR, etc. absent. There is also no ability to scale standard video content to 4K. Therefore, we can say that the TV is almost a “naked” monitor for video output.

Smart features

The AOC U6085 runs a Linux-like Xmart operating environment. The hardware is based on a quad-core processor. It is also equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, which allows you to connect to the Internet or work as a multimedia device on your home network.

The response speed of the interface is a bit sluggish. Pages in the built-in browser are loaded with slowdown. But what else can you expect from a budget device? Streaming is available from many online services like Netflix, YouTube, Megogo, Okko, etc.


The AOC U6085 TV uses a standard speaker system for devices in this price segment. It is built on the basis of a two-channel amplifier with a power of 2×10 W with two emitters. The low-frequency range sounds very “lightweight”, which does not add charm to music content and audio accompaniment of dynamic scenes.

Dialogue is legible and reproduced without distortion. For better immersion in what is happening on the screen, it is better, of course, to get an external sound system – a soundbar or a receiver with speakers.

AOC 55U608 4K TV review


Here, too, the U8085 TV has a standard gentleman’s set. Wired digital switching is represented by three HDMI connectors, a USB connector, and an RJ-45 LAN port for connecting to the Internet. There is a digital audio output and a headphone jack. Video playback from analog sources is possible via composite / component video input.

As noted above, the wireless connection is provided by the built-in Wi-Fi. There is no Bluetooth on board.


The AOC 55U6085 TV is a typical budget device for 4K content playback. This is its limited functionality. No modern image enhancement technologies were noticed in it. Therefore, it is difficult to assume that 6085 will have a significant customer niche. But as a “summer cottage” option is quite suitable for a purchase.

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