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Blaupunkt 65UN265 Review: Affordable Android TV

Before us is a fairly typical model of a modern TV: a thin (about 12 mm on the sides and top and ~ 15 mm – on the bottom) frame made of black glossy plastic, and the same small legs that do not go beyond the screen on the sides. On the lower frame in the center there is a noticeable manufacturer’s logo, under it is an activity indicator that glows red in standby mode and blue during operation.

The case is not the thinnest: about 3.5 cm at the top and about 6.5 cm at the bottom. The back of the case is metal, the lower part that covers the electronics unit is plastic. All connectors are located in two blocks facing down and to the side. The first contains three HDMI 2.0 inputs, USB 2.0 and Ethernet (100 Mbit / s) ports, optical audio and three tulips: composite video input and analog audio. In the second – one more USB port, a card reader for microSD memory cards, a mini-jack for connecting wired headphones, a slot for a conditional access module, a component video input in the form of a mini-jack (a corresponding adapter for standard “tulips” is included in the package), a fourth port HDMI 2.0 and two antenna jacks (one for cable or digital terrestrial television and one for satellite signal). Besides Ethernet.

Remote control

The TV set comes with a traditional remote control: it is quite large, with a large number of buttons, including a digital block. The surface of the back is very good at copying the texture of the skin – both visually and to the touch, so it feels rather unusual in the hand.

The Android TV interface is standard, without any special changes from the manufacturer: the search menu at the top, the system menu in the upper right corner, a list of applications and a feed of recommended content in various streaming services. If desired, the user can edit the content of the main screen by removing or adding these or those services.

There are a minimum of preinstalled applications – apart from the “standard” clients of YouTube / YouTube Music, Netflix, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Prime Video, after the first launch, the user in the Applications menu will find only the Live TV client, the MEGOGO service and the built-in media player. The latter supports 10-bit video, h265 codec, shows text subtitles, is able to decode audio in Dolby Digital and DD + formats, and in the test for the maximum bit rate it easily reproduced a file with a bit rate of about 160 Mbps.

In addition to the complete remote control, you can control the TV using a smartphone by installing the standard Android TV utility on it . Also, this TV supports the Google Cast protocol, so that the user can send audio, photos and videos from his smartphone to it – for this you need the Google Home application.

This model uses a 50-inch, 4K-resolution IPS LCD panel. Also in the UN265 lineup there are models with screen sizes of 43,50, 55, 58 and 65 inches.

As for a budget model, BLAUPUNKT 65UN265 boasts a fairly high-quality picture, with natural color rendering, good contrast and a very decent black color by IPS standards.

Measurements in Film mode show a standard color gamut, roughly equivalent to sRGB, with a maximum brightness of 270 cd / m² and a static contrast ratio of 800: 1. HDR support is declared for the TV, the built-in video player is able to correctly reproduce such a video – with normal contrast and color saturation, but of course, we are not talking about a full HDR effect with such screen parameters.

Other modes (Sports, Music, Power Saving, etc.) offer different settings for brightness, contrast, gamma curve and sharpness. For cinematography, we would recommend using “Film” as it offers the most pleasant “cinematic” picture with soft shadows, albeit with a slightly colder tint, for connecting to a PC it is better to use Standard mode “- it gives a brighter and more contrasting image, better suited for use as a desktop monitor (brightness in this case rises to 345 cd / m², contrast – up to 1020: 1). By default, the gamma value in this mode is quite underestimated, to 1.9 (with the default value of 2.2), so we would recommend switching this parameter in the advanced settings from “medium” to “dark”. And at the same time – and manually lower the color temperature,


Blaupunkt 65UN265 is an affordable 4K TV with a relatively small diagonal by today’s standards. Its compact size makes it a good option as an additional screen in your home. Well, a full-fledged Android TV with support for voice search and Google Cast broadcasting will save you money on buying a separate media player.

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