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Hisense A6140 Review: Good picture quality and ease of use

You don’t have to sacrifice all the features and picture quality of a 4K TV, even if you don’t have the money to spend on a solid purchase. To do this, you just need to pay attention to the Hisense A6140 series. This is a line of inexpensive but functional TVs.

It is equipped with a set of intuitive intelligent features supported by the Vidaa U3.0 user interface. The picture is more than decent for a mid-range TV. We present our review of Hisense H50A6140 TV 4K HDR as a representative of the series.

Hisense A6140 Design

The discreet, modest design of the Hisense H50A6140 TV should not have problems with fitting into any interior. The bezels on the top and sides are thin (about 0.5 cm) and dark in color. The one at the bottom is thicker and painted in gray-silver metallic, as is the one-piece stand. The body is made of plastic, the stand has a metal frame. The design is no different from the Hisense H50B7500 TV .

Hisense H50A6140 - design

The back panel is also all dark and mostly expressionless. The protrusion at the top is the only significant decoration besides the eye-catching 200 x 200 mm VESA wall mount holes. Keep in mind, however, that the TV in the “thickest” place has a depth of about 8 cm. Plus, some of the connectors come out back. Therefore, it will protrude slightly from the wall if you follow this path.

Image quality

For a TV in this price range, the H50A6140 offers above average picture quality, which is especially noticeable in color processing. In normal mode, it covers over 99.9% of the Rec.709 color space. You will also see accurate colors in Movie mode.

Colors drop slightly with HDR on. In HDR Normal mode, colors were less saturated in both Rec. 709 and Rec. 2020, and color fidelity dropped in all directions, though not too much. Rec. 2020’s coverage isn’t as wide as you’d expect from an inexpensive TV.

TV colors look best when viewed from a direct view of the screen. When viewed from a large angle, colors are quickly washed out and take on a distinct gray tint. This is due to the use of a VA matrix, which has good contrast ratio (4000: 1) and deep blacks. But unlike IPS, the matrix does not look so good from an angle.

The A6140 is compatible with two key HDR formats, HDR10 and HLG. But besides switching between supported picture modes, you have no control over it – HDR is activated automatically when the corresponding content is played.

Hisense H50A6140 - overview

You can switch between HDR modes, but it is better to stick to Night HDR or Day HDR. Dolby Vision support is mentioned. But to find clear confirmation that in this case the TV is indeed in DV mode, it has not yet been possible.

Fast movements on the screen look consistently crisp with minimal smearing. A6140 TVs have support for MEMC dynamic compensation technology. 24p movies play reasonably smoothly and without obvious jerks. The picture on the A6140 looks good under various lighting conditions.

In laboratory tests, the TV shows peak brightness values ​​ranging from 300 to 320 nits in normal mode. This is, of course, underpowered for HDR content. Doesn’t play into the hands of normal HDR display and lack of local dimming. Although using direct backlighting, it would not be difficult to implement the function.

Not all TVs are perfect for gaming, and the Hisense A6140 is no exception. Its output latency in game mode is less than 50ms. Therefore, you can hardly call a gaming TV. The usual recommendation for this is to have a latency (input-lag) of 20ms or less.

Smart TV features

The Linux-like operating system Smart TV Vidaa U3.0 is mastered in the shortest possible time, since all unnecessary and complicating things have been removed from the interface. The home screen presents multiple tile strips containing movie theater tiles such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MEGOGO, and favorites and system tiles.

The line of icons is an ordinary menu. You can either turn on the home screen, select a source, or switch to settings. There are not so many preinstalled applications, of course, you cannot compare with Android. But you can always go to the APPS Store to find what you need. There is no voice control.

VIDAA OS has a built-in Seraphic 4.0 Internet browser. With the Anyview Cast app, you can view your smartphone media on the big screen. The built-in player supports many video and audio formats. These are AVI, MP4, MKV, TS. As well as FLAC and MP3.

The remote control is conventional infrared. No frills. There are number buttons, a joystick for menu navigation, volume control buttons and channel switching. Present on the remote and dedicated buttons for streaming services Netflix and YouTube.

Hisense H50A6140 - interface


Consider that even higher-end TVs go out of their way to sometimes produce killer sound. Unsurprisingly, audio is often a noticeable sticking point for cheaper TVs. Hisense A6140 is no exception. For a 20 watt system (2 x 10 watt), it’s not all bad, of course.

The treble and mids are quite expressive, but its bass presence is absent. In other words, we will hear the dialogues adequate and clear, and the sound effects of films will be completed by the imagination. Or alternatively, you can connect a soundbar. Better if it comes with a subwoofer. Then you can listen to music without any problems.


Seen from the rear, on the left is the connector for connecting the power cord. All other ports are located on the right. There are 3 HDMI connectors (one with ARC support) and 2 USB 2.0 connectors, digital optical audio output and two antenna jacks.

Composite audio / video input and LAN port are looking right at us. The Pay TV card slot is located above. For wireless Internet connection, there is Wi-Fi that supports standards up to 802.11bgn 2.4 GHz. There is also support for Bluetooth 4.2. There is no headphone output, but you can always pull out analog audio from the digital outputs through an appropriate adapter.


For a conventional TV, Hisense A6140 has important advantages: good picture quality and ease of use. You won’t get everything from it that you can get from a more expensive machine. But you also won’t feel that something significant is missing from this TV. So, due to its cheapness, this series definitely deserves a choice.

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