Hisense U7HQ Review: More than capable mid-range 4K TV

Hisense U7HQ
Hisense U7HQ

Hisense has begun to release its new televisions, which have left a good feeling, however, we want to talk more about their characteristics, since they apparently seek to better combine the quality-price ratio, which ends up being favorable for consumers. users. The Hisense 55U7HQ belongs to the mid-range, however, it integrates some functions that we already see in slightly more advanced televisions, so we have created this article to talk more specifically about everything it has to offer us.

Exterior design of the Hisense 55U7HQ

At first it seems like a simple design, however, it has some details that we can take advantage of to improve its appearance

We must mention that it does not stand out much for its design, especially because it maintains the style of other models that have come out in previous years. Therefore, there will be no drastic changes in terms of details , however, we can take advantage of some that we already have .

To begin with, we have the 55-inch version that, due to its dimensions, allows us to place it in both medium-sized and slightly larger rooms or halls. If we decide to acquire the VESA support, we receive total dimensions of 767 x 1233 x 307 mm , more than acceptable.

We can place this TV directly on the wall, and get more out of the front that gives us slim bezels, which allow us to enjoy an elegant style because we have a better exposure of the screen, so we also enjoy more screen space .

The rear part has a somewhat bulky space at the bottom, however, it does not bother at all and we continue to enjoy a slim appearance that combines and integrates well with any environment, yes, we feel that the construction materials are a bit weak .


We can make use of two HDMI 2.0 (CEC) inputs that provide compatibility with devices such as consoles, computers, laptops and players. The performance seems acceptable to us in terms of signal transmission, in addition, it also works with ALLM and VRR formats .

The most attractive thing about connectivity is the inclusion of two USB ports , which have a dual function of playing photos, music and videos from compatible units or if you prefer to record content. Here the attraction is that a port is version 3.0 improving the experience.

It seems to us an adequate television in terms of connectivity, since it integrates several useful physical connections such as an Ethernet port , a satellite input , an optical audio output and a side AV . Regarding the tuners, it presents compatibility with second generation DVB-T2/C/S2 .

Now let’s talk about the wireless issue that seems to us to be another strong point of this television, since it has dual-band Wi-Fi , yes, the speed depends on the package that we have contracted. It also includes Bluetooth that allows us to connect the TV to various devices.

Image quality and functions in general

The Hisense 55U7HQ  will not be a very equipped television in terms of image, which could mean a slight disadvantage, especially considering that it is the most important aspect. Now it delivers a  4K resolution  that tries to improve details for a better display.

However, it offers a  Direct LED backlight  that seems regular to us mainly due to the lack of local dimming, which is quite important, since by not having it we will notice slight quality losses in very dark or bright environments. So placement is important.

To avoid these difficulties a bit, yes, it also delivers a VA panel that stands out for improving brightness and contrast, which show sharpness. However, it presents low quality in terms of contrast and brightness levels, likewise, there will be some light leaks from the sides.

It is also not a television that integrates many enhancement technologies, in fact, it only offers  4K Upscaling  and  Digital Noise Reduction . It also features  HDR10 ,  HLG  and  Dolby Vision support , though we noted that it only works if the content offers support.

It’s clocked at up to 120Hz, so there will be fluid movements, which will also be precise, especially in the most action-packed content. As can be seen, the image is average , but enough to view our favorite content without spending too much.


The audio will not be so good either, since it only integrates two speakers that together reach a power of 16W, something that is below other mid-range models. Really the best thing is to buy a sound bar , even if it means an extra expense, but it is worth it.

In addition, there are many cheap models that will be enough to improve the experience. It is true that it offers good technologies such as  Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio that seek to deliver an immersive and precise experience, however, the quality continues to fall short.

Analysis of the software / Smart TV and more notable features

It uses its own system that improves compared to previous versions, therefore, now we are going to enjoy better performance

Let’s talk about the system that includes the Hisense 55U7HQ , which is owned by the brand and is known as  VIDAA . This seems acceptable to us, especially because of the improvements they have made in this new version, despite this they still have work to do to compare it to others.

We have better optimization and security that allow you to enjoy a more fluid system, likewise,  they have improved their application store by adding the new platforms that have been coming out . Thus we have an acceptable level of entertainment, although it could improve.

Another attraction is the compatibility with  Alexa  and  Google Assistant , two assistants that allow you to control certain functions using your voice. Finally, mention that this TV seems like a good option for gaming, especially since it works with  AMD FreeSync Premium and Game Mode Pro.

Hisense 55U7HQ: Pros and Cons


  • connectivity
  • Picture quality
  • enhancement technologies
  • voice control
  • Includes AMD FreeSync Premium
  • Cost


  • regular design
  • LED backlight
  • Sound
  • Improvable system