Hitachi 65HAK5751 Review: Affordable TV with great image quality

Hitachi 65HAK5751

Hitachi is a firm that has been competing for a long time to enter the television market. It is true that they have given priority to their low-end models. However, this time we will talk more specifically about what the Hitachi 65HAK5751 offers usa complete television in several aspects, which integrates great features in our opinion .

In fact, we consider this team to be one of the most interesting for the current mid-range, obviously it is just starting this year and new models will be released. However, while this is ideal if you decide to change your old television . Best of all, it’s a very affordable value for those on a lower budget.

Hitachi 65HAK5751 Exterior Design

Hitachi 65HAK5751 design

We have an acceptable appearance that usually looks good in almost any environment

We are not facing the least design that we can have, however, we have been able to observe that its simplicity usually combines well with different environments . To begin with, it is presented in black that always gives a better impression no matter what angle of view we have. In addition, its size turns out to be more striking because you have a large television.

If we continue looking for positive points, we must talk about its front that is quite attractive, and this is achieved by implementing thin bezels that fit perfectly to the screen. This generates a greater elegance that is quite enjoyed . In addition, we achieve that the useful reproduction space is greater to see all our content.

Now let’s talk about the details that we do not like about its aesthetics, firstly, in the back we will see that it has a greater thickness, in addition, its elaboration does not end up being very clean. We must also consider that its construction materials are weak , therefore, we must be careful when placing it because an accident would be fatal.


At the connective level we have also had a good surprise, since the necessary connectors are included. For starters, we have four HDMI 2.0 to connect all kinds of compatible devices. If you have a memory or hard disk with content we can make use of its two USB 2.0 which also offer us the benefit of being able to record directly from the television. Other useful physical options are its D-sub port , its AV component, and its RJ45 Ethernet .

Another benefit that we cannot miss is that there are a variety of tuners to search for channels, obviously DVB-T2 is integrated . At the wireless level we are not bad either and we find great options. In the first place, there is Wi-Fi that allows us to use the internet, for its part, Bluetooth has similar functions, the advantage is that to connect devices it is not necessary to use cables. Finally, there is also DLNA .

Image quality and features in general

The Hitachi 65HAK5751 has a great image quality, in fact, we can almost consider it as its strongest point, and it is no wonder taking into account everything that is added to give us a great display in almost any content. To begin with, there is a 4K resolution that will allow us to see images with more realism .

This definition is accompanied by a Direct LED panel that in our opinion could be the weakest in this section. We say this because the backlighting offered does not become as powerful if we are in bright or dark environments. Therefore, we may feel losses in image quality , so the location of the TV turns out to be very important.

We should be grateful that despite being a not so expensive TV, it includes improvement technologies that will be ideal for a more pleasant experience. We highlight the implementation of Wide Color Gamut that seeks to offer us more vivid and intense colors that will give us greater detail in each image seen, so we will not miss anything.

To obtain a sharper contrast, Micro Dimming and Ultra Contrast have been integrated that will give greater optimization, so we will appreciate better images regardless of the lighting. In case of having content in lower definitions we have UHD Upscaler that increases their quality to keep them close to 4K at all times.


You can see that this firm wants to compete a lot in the market, we have already analyzed the same version in other sizes and we find a 20W sound, however, for this model it has been decided to integrate two 24W speakers , which does not seem like much , but it can give us a slight difference when listening to the content.

To make matters worse, some enhancement technologies are also provided that will give an even more accurate experience. Here we highlight the inclusion of Dolby Audio , DTS HD and Sound Master Plus that try to generate a surround and clean sound that is usually very helpful when listening to dialogue. Or you can also buy a sound bar.

Software review / Smart TV and more highlights

Hitachi 65HAK5751 Smart TV

We have one of the best systems that we can use today

If the Hitachi 65HAK5751 is worth anything for, it is for including one of the most requested systems today. We are talking about Android 9.0 Pie that gives us great benefits, for example, it is an intuitive platform that any user can use , in addition, its optimization is acceptable and in theory we will have a fluid navigation system.

There may be certain delays in the response, but that already depends more on the processor that is integrated , which is not as powerful as one would like. Another advantage that we find is that we have a really extensive catalog of applications thanks to the addition of the Play Store, so we can not only install apps but also download games and music .

To enjoy better control of certain functions that this television allows us to perform, we must know that it works with Google Assistant that makes it easier for us to control certain actions by being able to perform them only with our voice. We also have Chromecast which is great for streaming movies , videos , music, and images from a smartphone.

Hitachi 65HAK5751: Pros and Cons


  • Front with reduced frames
  • Recording via USB
  • Bluetooth
  • Acceptable image quality
  • More acceptable sound
  • Includes HDR10 + and Dolby Vision
  • Android TV
  • Price


  • Rest of the design
  • Construction materials
  • A not so powerful processor

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