iFFALCON Q72 Review: A good budget QLED TV

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iFFALCON Q72 is a series of 4K QLED TVs from TCL’s sub-brand. The company’s strategy is to produce low-cost TVs that are not inferior in parameters to much more expensive models. The new series is based on a VA matrix with a refresh rate of 50 Hz. Q72 runs on the Google TV platform, allowing you to download and install numerous apps and games on your smart TV.

Q72 series TVs traditionally support all HDR formats, including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. And this ensures good adaptation to the content of various streaming services. As for sound, the iFF Q72 is omnivorous here too, processing both DTS codecs and Dolby Atmos. In the iFFALCON iFF50Q72 4K HDR review, we will tell you how the image quality corresponds to the declared characteristics of the TV.

iFFALCON Q72 review


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The iFFALCON iFF50Q72 TV has a virtually bezel-less design on three sides. The metal gray lower bezel has a slightly elongated chin in the center, above which the company logo flaunts. The TV is not bulky, but not as thin as the Samsung Q60C , for example. The metal feet holding the TV can be installed in two positions – closer to the edges or closer to the center.

The necessary screws and fasteners are included in the package. Thus, the problem of the size of TV furniture is solved. The legs in the extreme position allow you to install a soundbar between them, unless its height will block the chin with the remote control receivers and the hands-free voice control microphone. There is an option to hang the iFF50Q72 TV on the wall using a VESA compatible bracket.

The hardware unit, which protrudes quite strongly relative to the rear panel, gives the total thickness of the 50-inch model about 8 cm. Therefore, the screen will also be noticeably farther from the wall. All switching connectors of the Q72 model look sideways. For wall mounting, it is very convenient. The only obstacle is that they are located far from the edge.

As such, the TV does not have cable management, but there are a pair of hook-latches in order to assemble the wires into at least one bundle. The frames are narrow, do not distract from the image. Only on the matrix itself there are small areas around the perimeter that are not used for imaging. The remote is the same as TCL TVs like C735 . It has an IR channel, as well as Bluetooth for voice control of the TV.


If the remote control’s batteries are dead, or you cannot find the remote control, use the TV’s on/off button. It can display a special menu containing virtual buttons for switching channels, adjusting the volume, and selecting a signal source.

Image quality

The iFFALCON iFF50Q72 QLED TV has a good native contrast ratio of 5000:1. Therefore, black color looks very good in a dark room. Dark scenes look slightly washed out when bright highlights are present due to the lack of local dimming. This is because the TV cannot make bright areas brighter without affecting the rest of the picture,

The iFF50Q72 model, as already noted, is based on a VA matrix with a layer of quantum dots. The panel delivers 300 nits of brightness and supports all popular HDR standards such as HDR10/10+, HLG and Dolby Vision. Unfortunately, the peak brightness level is not enough to highlight the bright highlights in the HDR image, so support for this mode is rather nominal.

For SDR content the peak brightness is quite good. The TV is bright enough to handle glare in a moderately lit room, and the brightness doesn’t change in most scenes. However, it should be noted that the iFFALCON 50Q72 TV screen itself glares due to the glossy surface. Therefore, it is better to position the TV so as to avoid direct light.


In this regard, it should be mentioned that, unlike IPS matrices , the VA matrix used in the TV has narrow viewing angles. Those. when the gaze deviates from the center, the saturation of colors and the contrast of the picture change. In other words, for a home theater this TV is a good choice, but for viewing by large companies with a wide seating arrangement – not quite.

In general, the image displayed on the iFFALCON Q72 TV screen is excellent. Especially if you keep in mind the price of TV. Yes, and image processing by a processor that implements the AiPQ algorithm is up to par. Upscaling regular content to 4K is a joy. Motion compensation is closer to TCL C645 . On the contours of fast moving objects, you can notice small dips.

Gray uniformity is decent. There are some highlights around the edges of the screen quadrants, resulting in a slight dirty screen effect. Basically, it distracts when watching sports programs. Almost dark scenes look much better, without significant problems. This is also due to the good uniformity of black.

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Game Mode

The iFFALCON 50 Q72 TV’s impressive performance extends to gaming, delivering a worthwhile experience with its Game Master suite of options. It includes a Game Bar, an ALLM option, and an aiming assistant. The game panel displays the game parameters, allowing you to quickly reconfigure them.

ALLM automatically puts the TV into gaming mode when a compatible set-top box is connected. Any additional processing of the image is disabled in order to ensure the least delay in displaying it on the screen. The crosshair will help you more accurately aim at the enemy. Input lag in game mode is approximately 10ms.

Smart TV

The outstanding feature of the Q72 QLED TV is its integration with Google TV OS, which enhances the entertainment experience with personalized recommendations. The interface is based on Android TV 11. The home page occupies the whole screen and has rows of tiles – with recommended content, current browsing, installed applications.

The OS also has a Google Watchlist and Google Photos, further enriching the user experience. A watchlist helps you save interesting content you find (whether it’s a movie or even a TV show) in order to watch it later. Google Photos helps bring a room to life while you’re not watching TV by displaying pretty pictures or photos of yourself.


The TCL Home feature allows users to seamlessly manage iFFALCON devices and TCL Wi-Fi enabled devices with smartphones, creating an intelligent interconnected living environment. The MagiConnect option (something like Chromecast) displays the contents of the small screen of a smartphone or tablet on a large screen.

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The iFFALCON Q 72 TV audio system consists of two full-range speakers, signed by the ONKYO brand, with a power of 2 x 10 watts. The sound turns out to be unpretentious, although the dialogues are reproduced clearly, the stereo base is felt well. But the lack of rich basses affects, without which you can’t get a decent immersion in what is happening on the screen. The conclusion is simple – this is the acquisition (if necessary) of a sound bar.


In the port list of the iFFALCON Q72, we can see three HDMI ports, one of which supports ARC , two USB 2.0 ports, optical audio output, A / V input (mini jack with adapter), headphone output and a LAN port. All, as we said, are located along the right edge of the rear module. Wireless connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting to wireless speakers or headphones and dual-band Wi-Fi.


At this price, you’re getting a TV that’s clearly a cut above conventional LCD TVs. This is a good budget QLED TV that raises the performance bar in the affordable TV segment. It represents a good stepping stone for people looking to move into QLED territory on a reasonable budget.


iFFALCON Q72 Specifications:

Permission 4K UHD 3840×2160
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Diagonal size 50 inches, 127 cm
Update frequency 50 Hz
HDR HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+
Contrast 5000:1 (typ.)
Brightness 300 nits (max)
Backlight Direct Direct LED
System 2.0
general power 20 W
Number of speakers 2
Dolby Atmos Yes
Smart TV
operating system Google TV (Android TV 11)
CPU 4 core
Operating memory 2 GB
Hands free voice control Yes, depends on the region
Google Assistant Yes
MagiConnect (Smartphone Screen Casting) Yes
game center game master
Game options Game Bar, ALLM
DLG 120Hz No
HDMI 3 x
USB 2×2.0
CI slot Yes
Audio output digital optical
Analog video input Yes, via adapter
Headphone output Mini jack 3.5 mm
LAN port Yes, RJ-45
WiFi 5 / 2.4 GHz + WiFi6 802.11 ax / ac / b / g / n
Bluetooth v5.0
Dimensions and weight
Dimension with stand (WxHxD) 1112 x 700 x 290 mm
Dimension without stand (WxHxD) 1112 x 636 x 79.5 mm
Weight with stand 10.76 kg
VESA mount 300 x 300