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LG NANO77 Review: Powerful TV with more than acceptable image quality

We continue to analyze the new models from LG , which are quite interesting due to the number of improvements that they include, in addition to being more equipped in terms of features. Today we will talk about the LG NANO77, an option that seeks to have a balance in each of its aspects to give greater performance.

As expected, it will have a somewhat high cost, however, we believe that it may be justified by the quality offered, in addition, we are talking about a new equipment, so it is obvious that its value increases at the moment. However, before thinking about acquiring the LG 43NANO77 it is vitally important to know more about both the good and the bad it includes.

Exterior design of the LG NANO77

A subtle design that seeks to give us comfort at all times

Normally in this range we are not going to see such elaborate designs, but apparently that changes with the LG NANO77 that implements a different aesthetic than the ones we are used to. To begin with, we note that a more modern environment is being sought, likewise, its size allows us to place it in rooms  or small rooms .

The interesting thing is that its appearance usually fits perfectly with the environment where it is located regardless of the decoration and those aspects. We will find its true beauty through the front that implements thin bezels that expose the television to greater elegance, likewise, we will obtain a greater useful space on the screen .

With this we achieve that the content we see has better dimensions to be reproduced and in this way avoid interference or cuts in the image. The rear part presents an elaboration that is typical of this firm , therefore, we will not find great changes. The only thing we can say is that it gives a view of cleanliness and accommodation.


We are going to have the essential connectors to receive a good experience, for example, we find three HDMI 2.0 inputs that are the main ones used, since they allow us to connect different external devices and send their signal to the TV. Likewise, we will have two USB 2.0 ports that offer the possibility of transmitting content from external sources or if you prefer, we will also be able to record from the television.

The rest of the connections are not so relevant, but they can still become important at some point. Here we have an Ethernet port, a satellite input, an audio output and an RF type antenna. We will also have an interesting variety of tuners for channel scanning. At the wireless level there will be no problem and we have the most important thing as its Wi-Fi Direct connection , Bluetooth 5.0 and DLNA for transmission.

Image quality and general functions of the LG NANO77

We arrive at what is possibly the most important aspect of any television, and in the case of the LG NANO77 we have a really pleasant visual experience that is achieved by the inclusion of different enhancement technologies. But before talking about them you should know that we have a 4K resolution for more realistic details .

If we are looking for a specific disadvantage on this section, we must consider that its panel is Direct LED, therefore, we will not receive a very powerful backlight, in fact, this is noticeable a little more in very dark or bright environments , so, what it is better to find a suitable location where both details do not harm too much.

Now let’s talk about the functions that give greater value to image quality, here we highlight Advanced Color Enhancer that seeks to give us more natural colors that are seen in a more vivid and intense way to achieve more realistic tones. The contrast also wins a lot with LG Local Contrast that seeks to expose it in a sharper way.

We cannot forget that it offers NanoCell technologies, which in this model are the most important to achieve near-perfect image performance. Technologies are also offered that improve our experience when it comes to watching movies, series and video games such as Filmmaker Mode , HDR10 Pro and HLG that give a level closer to reality.


The audio quality is not bad, on the contrary, it seems acceptable to us for certain content, in addition, it includes an impressive number of technologies for its improvement . However, the main problem we find is that it only has a power of 20W that is transmitted through its two speakers and it becomes insufficient.

It may be a detail that you do not notice so much, however, it exists and can cause certain difficulties at certain times. Therefore, we can choose a sound bar that gives us the power that we really require. The good thing is that there are functions such as Clear Voice , Dolby Digital and Ultra Surround for a better experience.

LG NANO77 software review / Smart TV and more

The latest version of webOS is included that we love for the new functions it integrates

The LG NANO77 already has the most recent webOS update, therefore, we are going to enjoy the improvements made, especially in terms of optimization and security . As if that were not enough, we will also have a more extensive catalog of applications that adds more options for our entertainment or other activities to perform.

Here we can highlight the inclusion of Netflix , Prime Video , Movistar + , YouTube , Disney + and Apple TV . Another benefit we receive is having virtual assistants that make it easier for us to use the television to a certain extent. Obviously there are the most popular ones such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to control certain functions with your voice.

Thus we get a better order of the LG 43NANO776PA.AEU , in addition, it also includes Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple Homekit that allow us to transmit photos, music and videos from an iPhone, iPad or Mac more efficiently. It is a television that we can use to play thanks to its Game Optimizer function that considerably reduces Input Lag.

LG NANO77: Pros and Cons



  • Good design
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Acceptable image quality
  • Offers HDR10 Pro and HLG
  • Variety of sound enhancements
  • webOS 6.0
  • Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple Homekit


  • Speaker power
  • Price

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